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  • Katrina Julia

What I Learned from Losing Millions of Dollars in Proposals

Losing millions of dollars in proposals? Yes, I am talking about losing millions of dollars in proposals to normalize the journeys many have. Many times, before we get to the million and before you see the people that are creating six figures, there have been so many times that they have fallen down flat on their faces.

Overnight success often takes years. Read that again.

Of course, sometimes things may happen seemingly quickly aka overnight. Reflect or remember all the actions that had to happen to get to that moment. There are all kinds of possibilities, limitless possibilities for that to happen. The journey is filled with what I call winning or learning...a lot.


When we are children ourselves, or when we watch little kids walking or trying to walk, we show joy and cheer on others. I've got pictures of me stumbling around on my little fat legs running around places. When my parents and I were in a refugee camp in Italy, everyone cheered me on as I learned to walk (from what my parents told me!). They would say - que bella bambina in Italian. Translation - what a beautiful baby girl.

Somewhere along the way, when we are teenagers or adults, we sometimes lose our childlike selves. Life happens in an imperfect world. So many times as we grow older, we or others out of their lack of faith, insecurity, fear, and belief in their life and world, try to keep us small.

We may be guilty of those behaviors as well.

Let's stop pointing fingers. Let's celebrate when we try something new, just like a baby learning to walk.


The World Hits a Pause and Shifts with the Global Pandemic

Hello, Pandemic! 2020 was undoubtedly challenging for me in every single direction. Sometimes, we feel like we have faith, take action, and yet things are not changing as fast as we like. I am learning to trust that every action leads to long-lasting transformation over time.

Years ago, I cast a vision to travel the world full-time, and never imagined it would be in the midst of a pandemic. I decided to leave to travel for years of full-time travel at the end of 2020.

So, what did I learn from losing millions of dollars in proposals? If you rather tune in and see all the behind-the-scenes, watch my YouTube video.

At a glance, the priorities I have focused on within the last 90 days include Chief Marketing Officer, Influencer Management, and Online Course Launches.

As of the video, within the last 90 days alone, I pitched ongoing Chief Marketing Officer work totaling over $7 million dollars.

Full disclaimer: No, I'm not at six or seven figures yet. I am at five figures right now, like many of you out there.

I am a Limitless Global Girl who has limitless faith and action.

Run Your Business Like a CEO

To go from Creator a CEO, running our business like a CEO changes everything. It is about prioritizing purpose and impact. One of the ways I shifted from a Creator to a CEO includes using ClickUp, a project management tool.

In ClickUp, I created two dashboards (and teach others to do it in my courses and Lifestyle Brand Like a Boss program!). The dashboards I created include a 90-Day Plan and a Creator Dashboard.

Dashboards for Your Business

The 90-Day Plan includes tracking my 7 Steps to Success including financials.

My financial key performance indicators include everything from opportunities to lost proposals.

Dashboards for the Creators to CEOs

The financial metrics include B2B2B - business to business to consumer. The metrics include proposals, online launches, and travel and. media opportunities.

I constantly challenge myself on what I am learning from the insight from the data and the dashboard. Then, I adjust, scale, and teach.

I ask myself all the time,what am I learning from this?

What am I learning from this opportunity?

What am I learning from this platform?

How may I help others shorten the learning curve?

How may I make it simpler and faster?

I have learned over and over to whom much is given, much is required.

I get excited wondering if a situation is this challenging, what is on the other side?

In my entrepreneurial journey, I have put in more mentally, spiritually, and practically than I did years ago in corporate. I trust it is all unfolding in the perfect way and timing for my journey.


5 Things I Learned from Losing Millions in Proposals

There are many lessons I have learned from the millions of dollars in proposals. The five lessons I want to focus on include identifying who you serve, how you want your community to feel, persistence, simplify to amplify, and automation and delegation.


1 Identify Who You Serve

The clearer we are on who we serve, the easier it is to communicate with them online and in real life. For example, I serve two primary communities.

The first community includes mission-based women entrepreneurs who are 9-5 ers with and without side hustles, with and without extensive social media presence who want to create a scale that they love with freedom.

The second community includes mission-based brands in wellness, marketing, business, and travel who desire to have a strategy, marketing, financials, and operations to increase their purpose, people, and profits.

Getting to this level of clarity is a game-changer. There is an overlap between the two communities. At the same time, shifts in communication are required too.

For example, how I communicate on a proposal to a cryptocurrency company for influencer management is from a different position from how I communicate to influencers seeking ongoing influencer management.


2 Create a Feeling with Experiences