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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Content is King, or so you've heard. A lot of your favorite authors, influencers or brands have a blog or podcast that you love. Yet, you don't know where to start. Maybe you have a website or blog already, and you know you may do more to repurpose your own content.

Building a brand like a boss takes it further than your own website or Instagram. Have you thought about LinkedIn, Medium and/or Bloglovin' to start your blog or repurpose your content? If you have a blog already, having your content on these blogging platforms will help you create and increase your community by reaching their audience, as well as increasing searchability back to your website.

Did you know that over 300 million people are now on LinkedIn alone - with a focus on professional connections? It is easier to focus on your ideal community since networking is the focus on LinkedIn.

The increase of website and blogging tools like LinkedIn, Medium, and Bloglovin' make it easier than ever to start a blog, or repurpose your own content to create community.


Until several years, I did not have a clear path like I do today. I didn't even have a consistent blog until about two years ago. In 2018, is when I got really clear on. content and topics. At the same time, I am always learning and growing. This year, we have expanded quite a bit with article length, SEO, and/or podcast. We've increased our blogging and podcasting platforms to over 7+.

None of this happened overnight. It is important that you understand where I am now vs. where we were last year is night and day. The same will follow into next year. I am and we are focused on growth, That is what I want you to focus on with this post. Take a step, and take action. It will shift into clarity.

With each and every step, I got clear on what I am truly driven by - what I believe we are all driven by as humans - freedom. I got clear on my passion and purpose. I started to go after a life and a business with freedom of expression, creativity, voice, time, location, and financial freedom.

I knew that unlike many other coaches, entrepreneurs, and brands, I wanted us to include health, wealth, and business tools in each and every experience.

I decided I wanted to create a lifestyle brand combined with a social enterprise that would include influencers, influencer marketing, and fundraisers all in our community. The intention and vision to create authentic relationship, learning experiences with lifestyle entrepreneurship, giving back, and sharing stories.

As a result, I knew that being clear on who we are, who are community is and will be, visuals, communication, and education to share all of this is and will always be very important.

With any service or business, it doesn't matter how incredible you are if no one knows about you. We all start at the same place. It is our responsibility to share our story and what we offer to. transform people's lives. I believe our life is a gift from our Creator, and what we do with it is our gift back.

Sharing your story and what type of transformation you offer is essential to increasing your community (and your traffic to you and your business). That's why I love blogging and social media platforms that offer the. ability to create content.

It can be simple to start your blog on free blogging platforms like LinkedIn, Medium and/or Bloglovin'. If you have a blog or website already, you may want to. consider repurposing your content on these platforms.

So, let's get into:



1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a network for entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees to build their careers and businesses. You may share content, find your community, and scale your team with people via Linkedin. In fact, that's what they are looking for.

So, if you have content to share that's valuable you may start your blog with over 300 million users via Linked or repurpose the blog you have.

For an example, visit my LinkedIn articles here. They show up directly on my profile once you scroll down a. bit.

Posting articles is as simple as going to your LinkedIn feed and clicking "write an. article".

If you haven't heard of apps, Grammarly and Hemmingway they will help you refine your grammar and readability of your content. We typically update on LinkedIn at least weekly. I started getting leads within <2 months of sharing content consistently related to lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship.


2. Medium

Medium is a blogging and content syndication model. You may post stories, articles, and how to's. You may tag them to your own publication and categories to help members with searching your content. There is a free option to post. There is also a $5 monthly fee to be a member on Medium.

Like any content campaigns, it takes some time to create a community. Based on who you are, what you share, and time, you will create a community. The key is to create community and share consistently. Medium pays writers based on stats of claps for your articles and other factors off their platform.

I found this out after I started writing on the platform in May 2019 so you can see its very new to us as well. We update this platform weekly.

My recommendation is you share for the love of content and community, review Medium's guidelines, and be patient. The same like with any content creation or blogging. What is neat about Medium too is that you may re-publish articles with an input tool from other publications. For example, I recently published this article on Thrive Global and was able to import it easily into Medium. It adds a line for you "originally published at Thrive Global."

Here is an example of our publication and my profile on Medium.


3. Bloglovin'

Bloglovin' originally launched in 2007 and helps you curate your favorite blogs and write your own. I first discovered them a few years ago. We started adding content last year by repurposing our existing blog to increase community.

I got reminded about Bloglovin' when we. also launched lifestyle transformation influencer marketing campaigns on their influencer marketing platform,

It's a simple tool to use as well.

My recommendation if you are just starting, start a blog with Bloglovin or Medium. If you have a strong following on LinkedIn, start there first.

Then, consider setting up your entire website and blog, and repurposing your content on Bloglovin, Medium and/or Linkedin. It takes <15 min each to repurpose by copying and pasting the content.


Blogging Platforms and Tools You Will Love

Blogging platforms and tools continue to grow. Take it step by step on what's the next best step for you. Is it starting a blog with LinkedIn, Medium, and/or Bloglovin'? Make a decision and start.

Perhaps you are ready to repurpose your existing content and blog via these platforms to increase visibility and searchability for your entrepreneur, blogger, or brand website.

What did you get from this, and what will you take action on in the next 90 days or less?

If you want more insight, we have more on lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship on Websites. If you would love to jump start with our Creation Club: Monthly Mastermind and Free 14 Day Challenge on Health, Wealth, Business visit our transformation freebies library.




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