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  • Katrina Julia

5 Tips to Create and Cultivate a Website to Build a Lifestyle Brand

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

You have a website or a blog, but have you considered how to continue to create and cultivate?

You run your business on Instagram like a boss, but have you considered building a brand?

You see some people offering freebies, selling online courses, running retreats, yet you don't know where to begin with creating a lifestyle brand that has it all?

It can be simple to create and cultivate a website to build a lifestyle brand.


Create a Website
Create a Website

Until several years, I did not have a clear path like I do today. It took time, investment, and action to get to where I am and we are today.

I started to research, follow, and learn from those that not only had the social media following, but that had a business that included online courses, live events, and a community like Chalene Johnson and Brendon Burchard. I invested in their programs, and attended events with intentions of getting exactly what tips + tools were needed to create and cultivate a website to build a lifestyle brand.

With each and every step, I got clear on what I am truly driven by - what I believe we are all driven by as humans - freedom.

I got clear on my passion and purpose. I started to go after a life and a business with freedom of expression, creativity, voice, time, location, and financial freedom.

I knew that unlike many other coaches, entrepreneurs, and brands, I wanted us to include health, wealth, and business tools in each and every experience.

I decided I wanted to create a lifestyle brand combined with a social enterprise that would include influencers, influencer marketing, and fundraisers all in our community. The intention and vision to create authentic relationship, learning experiences with lifestyle entrepreneurship, giving back, and sharing stories.

As a result, I knew that being clear on who we are, who are community is and will be, visuals, communication, and education to share all of this is and will always be very important.

Websites are the backbone of any business that wants to sell beyond social media. According to an article on Forbes, first impressions count, window shopping isn't what it used to be, and no website means no business.

So, let's get into:

5 Tips to Create and Cultivate a Website

to Build a Lifestyle Brand

1. Assess Your Website

It is key to know where you are to know where you have got to go. Do not think for even a second that this website as it exists today simply arrived in my lap. This website is roughly version 10.0. With each and every action step, new action steps get revealed. In this article, I reveal even more on the website journey.

With today's visibility online via social media and the digital economy, personal branding is more important than ever.

The Foundation to Create and Cultivate a Website

a. Who is your ideal community?

This is clear for your writing and copy on your website.

For example, I am and we are clear our targets are:

a) Women typically 32-45 who want all in one

health, wealth, business and love the online aspect especially.

b) Influencers, bloggers, entrepreneurs who have an amazing social

media, blog, and press preference and want to have stability with making

money via their own platform with online courses, events,

retreats, or community beyond social media like we have and each.

c) Brands that want to create and cultivate with us via wellness,

press, placement, and hospitality.

This did not happen overnight. It took time.

b. Does your website tie to your social media?

See an example of ours via instagram

c. How does your personal social tie to your business?

See an example of mine via instagram

You may also explore my personal site via bio.

d. Do you have a home page with video testimonials?

e. Are you adding new content to your website consistently?

When we update our website consistently, this will help increase exposure. Your existing and future clients will also create closer relationships with you.

Once you assess, put together a plan to take action on 1-3 things within the next 90 days or less.

To help you, we have amazing guides like our free website wonder and free 90 day guide!


2. Content is King

Content really is king. With content, you will share value. By sharing value, this increases communication with people. With consistent communication, relationship is cultivated.

Stability for a Creating and Cultivating a Website

a. Do you have a blog that you post regularly on?

We post a minimum of 3 times a week across our

12 themes in health, wealth, and business.

b. Do you have a podcast to connect with people?

We host and teach in our online and live experiences

how to set up and launch a podcast. We are on Podbean,

iTunes, and Stitcher to name a few!

c. Do you share your blog via Pinterest and other channels?

Pinterest is an incredible traffic driving channel with over 81%

women, over 72% that go to Pinterest before buying something,

and over 40% with incomes over $100,000 according to this recent


d. Do you use tools to repurpose content like those we share

in our free social media webinar?

We share our five step system, and tips and tools like IFTTT,

Hootsuite, Canva, and TailWind including trials!

e. Do you repurpose your blog on other platforms like Medium?

There are many platforms to create a free blog on and repurpose content

to increase visibility and SEO for backlinks and traffic. Medium is one of them!

So, you've gotten clear on where you want to increase stability on your content. Don't drop the ball.

Add in what you will do to your 90 day plan.