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How to Make and Manage Money Like a Boss (And What You Need to Know)

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Be honest. When you first read this title, how did you feel? What comes up for you when people say money? How do you talk about money? What is the first thought or feeling you have right after you think about money? Pay attention.

I am passionate about passion, purpose, and potential. It is my heart's desire that you choose to create a life and business you love for the internal and external benefits. This including ways that you may serve and impact the world. Yes, ways that you may make and manage money like a boss.

If you are holding back in any way, shape or form how could you be and become who you are created to me? If you don't show up fully for your life, how could you walk fully in freedom? I am not talking solely about financial freedom. I am taking about freedom of expression, location, time and financial.

This is the mindset I want you to think about as we walk into

How to Make and Manage Money Like a Boss

(and What You Need to Know)

What is your story with money? I want you to think about the experience you had with family and money growing up. Did you feel like there was more than enough? Was there a feeling of peace around money at home? These are important things to think about with your own thoughts, words, and deeds. Many people today choose to live life stuck in the past recreating it. Is that the story with your money?

Gut Check. How have you spent your time making money the last 5 years? Do you love it? What is the average amount of money you have made the last 5 years? How are you managing the money you have? Are you a faithful steward? Do you practice gratitude daily? Are you excited every day? Do you take action consistently towards creating a life and business you love?

Did you know that millions of Americans are one paycheck away from financial disaster? I believe the combination of millions of people doing something they dislike for money for years leads to capping themselves and their income. We fool ourselves into thinking what we do for money may be practical or safe.

However, what do you think it does to your ability to make money when you do something you dislike daily? That's the top side.

The flip side? It's easy to see why this often leads to impacting management of money. If you go to work daily being and doing something you dislike, it's easy to feel resentful. It's harder to look inside and change your choices. It's easier to spend the money in ways that don't equal managing like a boss.

It's important to be grateful for the money you do have. What if you faced fully how you treat your money? Do you respect it? Where are you directing it to go? Are you faithfully giving, saving, investing, leveraging, creating and spending what you DO have? Or do you spend money misaligned to time, location and financial freedom?

Are your actions and behaviors aligned with making and managing money like a boss?

I am here to wake you up and PUSH you. I will do my best to create, transform and inspire. At the same time, YOU GET to be and do and own your part. This is YOUR life. You GET to choose if YOU show up for YOUR life. You are the ONLY one who is with YOU 24 hours a day. Are you your own best friend?



I get it. I feel like I have lived countless experiences in life and with money. I'm sure just like you. Please know that my intention is to be your coach.

Here are some highlights of my story:

I went from:

Fear to Faith

Self Hate to Love

Corporate to Calling

Bondage to Freedom

In many ways, I feel like my "transformation story" is only beginning.

I am so grateful for all the mistakes and lessons learned because otherwise I wouldn't be who I am and where I am today. I am also exponentially grateful for each and every step.

With money, some of my experiences include:


  • Experiencing instability with finances as a child

  • Creating what I loved fully while I was in college

  • Choosing work with roles and industries I didn't love

  • Generating 6-8+ figure results annually for others

  • Serving entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies

  • Getting promoted regularly every year or so

  • Handing fraud, waste, abuse cases recovering millions

  • Creating partially and scarcely in what I did love

  • Being a side hustle queen until 8+ years ago

  • Overspending money for years while I did what I didn't love

  • Giving fully of time in areas I didn't love and scarcely in those I did

  • Saving little to no money for years and increasing debt

  • Decreasing investing in my own personal education for years

  • Fearful of creating community with like minded individuals


  • Creating what I love step by step with lifestyle, transformation, entrepreneurship

  • Choosing to innovate and create with intention and action consistently

  • Aligning to being, feeling, and doing what I love how I love all the time

  • Innovating and creating strategy, structure and systems to make money

  • Setting a clear profit path from freebies to courses to events for financial freedom

  • Executing on marketing and media with community with influencers and outlets

  • Going all in in every way on creating time, location, and financial freedom

  • Investing in countless teachers - with Herbalife Nutrition, Dani Johnson, Dave Ramsey, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Rachel Hollis, Strategic Coach, Bo Eason to name a few

  • Creating community in each and every way online and live and growing exponentially

Full disclaimer: I am not yet financially free. Due to my prior thoughts, words and actions for years, I have circumstances that I am dealing with with debt. I will not lie to you and say any of this transformation was easy. However, I have fallen in love with the journey, who I am becoming, and how i serve.

The same way that I transformed each and every area of life in mindset, health, wealth, business, time, location, I know that I will get to financial freedom.

As a result of my own transformation and inspiration, I am so passionate about you creating a life and business you love. That's why I am passionate about helping you make and manage money like a boss.

The mindset I practice with others, I have adopted to my own business.

What inspired me as well was a recent scripture I came across because of Dani Johnson, Deut 8:18.

Deuteronomy 8:18 New King James Version (NKJV)

18 “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may [a]establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

Am i the only one that finds it interesting that the majority of preachers and pastors don't talk about BOTH the power to create wealth AND being a faithful steward?

I believe there are god-given promises for each of us. In the pursuit of our promises, we become who we are created to be. Sometimes there is flow and sometimes there is a fight. Create it. I am grateful for every teacher from our Creator to my parents to countless others. Each and everyone has impacted and influenced me in profound ways.


1 Mindset

You may see how my mindset dramatically shifted in my transformation. For you to get to new levels with money, your mindset will shift. How far are you willing to go? What are you going to fight for? Your dreams? Desires? Freedom? Legacy? ALL of it?

In my free 14 day challenge, and webinar sneak peek to Money Maker, you may visit the overview that will help you dive deep with more questions.

I believe it is important to remain a teachable and humble student. I continue to immerse myself in education with our Creator, the Bible, Dave Ramsey, Brendon Burchard, Rachel Hollis, Jen Sincero, and Warren Buffett to name a few. I will also never stop learning. I recommend you do the same.

Just Hanging Around


2 Value

The more value we create and the more people we serve, the more money we may make. It is important to present valuable information in a relational manner. For example, with this blog post you are getting insight into my own story, transformation, and tips to apply for free. You or anyone may access countless episodes on lifestyle, health, wealth, business and travel both here on the blog, as well as numerous podcast platforms. That's just the beginning.

We offer a freebie library with transformation tools to create a life and business you love on lifestyle transformation, entrepreneurship and marketing for free. I am and we are always creating content, courses, and community.

This creates an avenue for people to continuously return to. Make sense?

I created this with the intention of value creation and community for those that want to create what they love at an all in one stop. We are also adding in features all the time of others on our blog, podcast, and in our books. Soon, we will be doing the same in our freebie library, courses, and events.

You may see how there are layers of value BEFORE we ever ask anyone for money. I set up the lifestyle brand intentionally like this because I never wanted anyone to feel like it was ONLY about the money. I know and we all know what that feels like and I want NO part of that. I want people to feel community online and live whether or not they EVER give us a dime of money.

I am extremely intentional about passion, purpose and potential; as well as time, location and financial freedom. As a result, over 75% of what we offer is online with social, blog, podcast, freebies, and courses. This was intentional as I wanted those that are self-sufficient and motivated to learn and love an online experience. I want and we want to help those that want to create the same online, as well as live experience.

That is where the 25% comes into play with our live lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship hands on live workshops, events and retreats.

It is important to create a community with relationship. The same way you would connect and create with your best friends you would WANT to be around with is what my and our intention is.

What is your intention when you create or share? How do you integrate service to others?


3 Service

Speaking of value creation, money comes from offering value and service to others. It comes from solving a problem for people. So, what problems do you solve currently for people? How could you solve problems you enjoy solving for people? Or, if you already enjoy what you do, how could you increase your joy?

In case you didn't realize it yet, I am BOTH a dreamer and an action taker. I often say "I keep my heads in the clouds AND my feet on the ground".

It's like a never ending dance of getting an idea aligned to passion and purpose. Then, seeing how it fits into the flow of everything else. Next, outlining the 3-5 steps to get the dream done. Finally, getting clear on the timing. You may see how each and every time, I learn and we learn as we go.

Before, I made countless mistakes in misaligning from passion and purpose. In the past, I overlooked steps to fit ideas into the flow. I missed steps and always get better. I've had experiences of either moving too fast or too slow. I've walked through taking on too little or too much. All of these behaviors tied to fear. There were times in the past where I tied my identity to status, money, people and performance. This is a recipe for disaster.

Think about it - if your status, money, people and performance ALWAYS grow - GREAT. However, the external may be unstable. In comparison, when we tie our identity to the internal and for me - our Creator, Son, and Spirit - it is STABLE. We flow from the inside out in all we are and do. It sets us up for peace no matter what the current circumstances are in our lives. I lived the opposite and far prefer living with faith.

I make it a point to stay in peace, calm, faith and joy no matter the energy of those around me.

How do you currently deliver your services and in what energy? How do you want to be?


4 Creation

Three of the words I reflect on daily to make sure I am in alignment are Create, Transform and Inspire. These words came to me several years ago to focus on. Every day that I am creating, transforming and inspiring, I know I am walking in passion and purpose. My other three words I think about are limitless, resilient and priceless.

So, what does this have to do with making and managing money like a boss? Well, a lot. When you create what you love sheerly for the joy of it, you transform and inspire. When you do, it impacts others like nothing else. Think about JK Rowling's rise from fear to faith and all her dreams coming true.

What do you create consistently? How do you transform? How do you inspire?

What do you offer others?

Do you reflect on knowing who you are and being limitless, resilient and priceless?

OR do you think and do the opposite? Thoughts become things.


5 Attraction

It is simple - attraction attracts. Whether it's a story, a brand, or a pair of Nike's, presentation matters.

Whether you work for yourself or a company, it is important to align your personal story and brand with your own brand. In aligning who you are and your brand story, you create brand integrity. When we do brand building in a way that is authentic and aligned, it is very attractive.

I look at life and business as sharing stories. When we share a transformation story. the people that want to create community with you come to you. It is attraction marketing at is best. There is no need to push or chase. In other words, PR doesn't have to be pushy.

Be yourself and create what you love. Share what you love with others and how you may help them in an aligned and authentic way, and people will be attracted to that and want to be a part of it.

For example, last year in our influencer marketing we have over 2500% ROI with lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship. This year, we've grown over 200MM in reach already. This is a direct result on focusing on story telling, authenticity, attraction, alignment and community.

Think about it - we are all always sharing stories on a daily basis. When, someone shares a story and invites you authentically into a valuable transformation experience they offer, aren't you much more likely to wan to create or buy? I know I like to think for myself and I don't like being pushed into anything. Anyone else?



6 6 Pack

How are you managing the money you have? Do you give regularly? Are you saving consistently? When is the last time you invested in yourself or your business? How do you consistently leverage? Is your spending under control?

These are the behaviors I call the 6 Pack of Wealth. They were born out of my before and after in mindset and wealth. It is a creation of value in my own journey of learning how to make and manage money like a boss.

Step by step, I realized how I mismanaged the money I had. I realized how I was not operating with spiritual universal laws like being a faithful steward. The first step is being self-aware then making a change in a habit step by step.

In my own journey, I've learned its important to initially focus on 1-2 habits to make momentum monthly. This help us get and keep results over time. It similar to the principal of compounding interest.

My first year changing my money habits, I transformed and reduced over 50% of my existing wealth. This led to focusing on giving, investing, and leverage. Then, step by step I shifted to saving and creating. I am my own student as well as we all are. I use the tools I create for transformation myself.

So, where's the next step for you to focus on in managing your money?

6 Pack of Abs? How About a 6 Pack of Wealth too?
6 Pack of Abs? How About a 6 Pack of Wealth too?


7 Vision

The practical senses we rely on the most is typically our eyesight. However, are practical eyes may solely focus on what we actually see. This only takes us only so far. With creating what you love or with making and managing money like a boss, vision is required.

One of my favorite bible verses is

Proverbs 29:18 King James Version (KJV)

18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

If you are I have nothing that pulls us to "spiritually see" or create the world we love to see, its virtually guaranteed we will create more of the same every day. Think about who you want to become, who you want to impact, or the legacy you want to leave.

The times it is hard, this is what will keep you from quitting on dreams and desires. Why do you want to create what you want to create? How does it ALL tie to your heart and soul? I believe each and everyone of us has a special purpose (or multiple purposes) that speak to us.

Are you tuning in and listening? Or are you solely tuning out and getting lost in all the external noise?

Make and Manage Money Like a Boss

What if you took on these seven steps to make and manage money like a boss? What if step by step you shifted managing the money you have first? What if you aligned to your vision and what is in your heart to create? Imagine your life 3 months, 6 months, a year from now.

Imagine if you got so clear and focused that you took on 1-3 actions in each of these areas every single day. Before you know it, you would be making and managing money like a boss.

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.



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