• Katrina Julia

How to Make and Manage Money Like a Boss (And What You Need to Know)

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Be honest. When you first read this title, how did you feel? What comes up for you when people say money? How do you talk about money? What is the first thought or feeling you have right after you think about money? Pay attention.

I am passionate about passion, purpose, and potential. It is my heart's desire that you choose to create a life and business you love for the internal and external benefits. This including ways that you may serve and impact the world. Yes, ways that you may make and manage money like a boss.

If you are holding back in any way, shape or form how could you be and become who you are created to me? If you don't show up fully for your life, how could you walk fully in freedom? I am not talking solely about financial freedom. I am taking about freedom of expression, location, time and financial.

This is the mindset I want you to think about as we walk into

How to Make and Manage Money Like a Boss

(and What You Need to Know)

What is your story with money? I want you to think about the experience you had with family and money growing up. Did you feel like there was more than enough? Was there a feeling of peace around money at home? These are important things to think about with your own thoughts, words, and deeds. Many people today choose to live life stuck in the past recreating it. Is that the story with your money?

Gut Check. How have you spent your time making money the last 5 years? Do you love it? What is the average amount of money you have made the last 5 years? How are you managing the money you have? Are you a faithful steward? Do you practice gratitude daily? Are you excited every day? Do you take action consistently towards creating a life and business you love?

Did you know that millions of Americans are one paycheck away from financial disaster? I believe the combination of millions of people doing something they dislike for money for years leads to capping themselves and their income. We fool ourselves into thinking what we do for money may be practical or safe.

However, what do you think it does to your ability to make money when you do something you dislike daily? That's the top side.

The flip side? It's easy to see why this often leads to impacting management of money. If you go to work daily being and doing something you dislike, it's easy to feel resentful. It's harder to look inside and change your choices. It's easier to spend the money in ways that don't equal managing like a boss.

It's important to be grateful for the money you do have. What if you faced fully how you treat your money? Do you respect it? Where are you directing it to go? Are you faithfully giving, saving, investing, leveraging, creating and spending what you DO have? Or do you spend money misaligned to time, location and financial freedom?

Are your actions and behaviors aligned with making and managing money like a boss?

I am here to wake you up and PUSH you. I will do my best to create, transform and inspire. At the same time, YOU GET to be and do and own your part. This is YOUR life. You GET to choose if YOU show up for YOUR life. You are the ONLY one who is with YOU 24 hours a day. Are you your own best friend?

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I get it. I feel like I have lived countless experiences in life and with money. I'm sure just like you. Please know that my intention is to be your coach.

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