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The Power of Story Sharing

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The power of story sharing. Sharing our stories is powerful beyond measure.

I'm an avid proponent of sharing your story. I've had to learn this massively from coming from a heavy corporate background in Strategy, Finance and Operations with industries like education, energy, and executive roles.

There wasn't a norm to share stories. It was more business business business.

So through working with people like Bo Eason, Brendon Burchard, and Charlene Johnson I've increased this skill set of story sharing and continue to do so. I've also learned from leader in Herbalife Global Nutrition from Garrain Jones, Celeste Richmond, and several people that I've learned the power of story and connecting that emotion.

Creating connection, sharing our stories makes magic manifest, share the journey, share the struggle and share the victory.

We'll chat about some highlights. Story outlines, sharing tying it to social media tying it to your content, tying it to your offerings and summary.


Who Are You

So who are you and who are you becoming? So this and the power of story outlines the attraction of authenticity. It helps humanize us. It helps connect us all in the fact that we all love certain things.

We've all overcome certain things. we all struggle with certain things and there's power and sharing that vulnerability because it makes us all relatable.

So you guys have heard some of my stories and you know, overcoming health challenges and weight loss. You may have heard how I lost over 55 lbs and kept it off with eating heatlhy, Herbalife Nutrition, and competing in fitness shows.

Money struggles. As a CPA I consistently made other seven to 9 figures per year. However, up until recently, I didn't see the possibility and creating my own income. In full transparency, you guys, I'm paying off debt currently, I'm working on my flow of income as well. I'm creating new habits of building that consistency muscle and massive action in realizing the power of our mindsets.