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The Power of Story Sharing

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The power of story sharing. Sharing our stories is powerful beyond measure.

I'm an avid proponent of sharing your story. I've had to learn this massively from coming from a heavy corporate background in Strategy, Finance and Operations with industries like education, energy, and executive roles.

There wasn't a norm to share stories. It was more business business business.

So through working with people like Bo Eason, Brendon Burchard, and Charlene Johnson I've increased this skill set of story sharing and continue to do so. I've also learned from leader in Herbalife Global Nutrition from Garrain Jones, Celeste Richmond, and several people that I've learned the power of story and connecting that emotion.

Creating connection, sharing our stories makes magic manifest, share the journey, share the struggle and share the victory.

We'll chat about some highlights. Story outlines, sharing tying it to social media tying it to your content, tying it to your offerings and summary.


Who Are You

So who are you and who are you becoming? So this and the power of story outlines the attraction of authenticity. It helps humanize us. It helps connect us all in the fact that we all love certain things.

We've all overcome certain things. we all struggle with certain things and there's power and sharing that vulnerability because it makes us all relatable.

So you guys have heard some of my stories and you know, overcoming health challenges and weight loss. You may have heard how I lost over 55 lbs and kept it off with eating heatlhy, Herbalife Nutrition, and competing in fitness shows.

Money struggles. As a CPA I consistently made other seven to 9 figures per year. However, up until recently, I didn't see the possibility and creating my own income. In full transparency, you guys, I'm paying off debt currently, I'm working on my flow of income as well. I'm creating new habits of building that consistency muscle and massive action in realizing the power of our mindsets.

Think about it - Why did I think it was stable to work for someone else and pursuing their dreams, getting a paycheck where they kept my income based on what they thought I was worth, versus realizing our own power to create wealth.

Wait a minute, I am and you are limitless, resilient and priceless. I can create endless income. I can set up a structure and a foundation for limitless potential and flow. I can give endlessly and help end homelessness, help battered women, help military vets, and help end cancer. Listen to me - THERE is no limitation. The only limitation is what we put on ourselves or what we allow others to put on us.

We get to choose to fight for our freedom in all forms.

So it's the power of helping people fight for their freedom, and get out of the matrix of the crazy things that people try to sell us on and convince us on its normal. That's actually insane.

So what could you share and what you love, share what you love. Unleash your inspiration tied into content with your story, add value into your offer. In the freebies library, you could explore my free video series on How Passion + Purpose = Profits related to the book as well.

It was actually filmed in Cuba during one of our retreats. So it was with a different energy, I did share different things I did highlight different things and I was actually also at a different place.


What You Overcome

You may have heard me talk about overcoming an abusive relationship in my early 20's. You know, I can't tell you and I know some of you maybe have faced that the struggle, the pain, the wanting to save him, the wanting to save us the believing in the power of love, and then wondering why it didn't work out.

Then, I got to realize we individually may help influence and inspire. But ultimately, each person has to make the decision to save themselves or to change themselves. We can't eat for someone else. We may help others make money and build brands, but they also get to do their part in the process.

If you are working for someone and helping them pursue their passions and their vision will they're reaping the majority of the rewards. They take the most risk for the most part so it makes sense.

If you're in a typical salary or hourly rate you're getting a very very small percentage of the value you create. It's less than 3% typically. I did a study on this and you can tune in on the blog and podcast on Employee v. Entrepreneur.

You can make choices to change the trajectory in your life. Share imperfect moments, you see how sometimes in my face to face videos when I'm talking to you guys also, and even here, if I laugh or stumble or do something, because I don't have a notepad in front of me ever, you see that I outline and my brain kind of, Okay, here's the topic. Here's the foundation. Here's what I have on the screen. This is what I'm going speak to, but everything else is from my heart.

Part of this is I've also spoken and been a public speaker for over 15 years, to companies and organizations all around the globe. And so once again, if I learned to be a public speaker, so can you.

What could you create next? What could you share?

Why are you the expert?

So what makes you stand out?

Or that's why you're the expert because you overcame XYZ.

The same way I'm sharing with you is the same way you share authentically and lead into what you offer of service. So that's authentic. So people connect, so it's relational. So it doesn't feel like selling it feels like sharing.

Well, that's how you're going to do that because you're the expert and you're simply sharing like a friend would to a friend, like Oh, hey, like, let me tell you how I did this. ABC 123.


Gifts, Talents and Abilities

What are you great at? What do people applaud you for? What did you learn easily?

What do you want to learn next?

Listen, number one I've been speaking face to face to organizations and companies since I was in college and high school. However, I was terrified to get on camera live in and you know, I talked about that earlier and no, one of my other modules in the academy if you're in that,

My first videos were tragic. I didn't like looking at myself on the camera. I felt so weird. I had to reframe like I was talking to an audience in my mind! It took lots and lots of practice to get better and better.

I know for many of you, this is going to be radically getting out of your comfort zone. And that's one of the things I love to do. I love to push people to their full potential. And I love to blow up your brain

in a great way.

So number one, what do you love recording yourself on video. Ask a friend for feedback or go live tag me tag us @KatrinaJuliafit or @FITLifecreation, that you're doing this that you're challenging yourself and tell people what connects with them or do a Live Q + A session.

What content could you create? So recently in the US about a month ago, I posted a live video of me sharing and I was crying like it led me to cry of me saying all the things that I want, you know, from spiritually to marriage wise to business wise and it was extremely emotional for me.

I recognized at that moment I was breaking through an invisible fear barrier of being afraid to publicly declare what I wanted because of fear that it's not going to happen.

Essentially, fear of what I want and on one side because there was so many things growing up I wanted that didn't happen. On the other side, I have a fear of getting what I want and it not being at all what I thought it was going to be. So another manifestation or something and that we create everything we create our own reality all the time.

Graduating from from college with my MBA, one of my main goals at the time, you know, was what was typical, you know, go get a great job, grow to six figures plus work for a great company, etc. Well, in a lot of ways, I like many of us. I took that literally and I mean pleasing people, my number one priority, followed by profits.

Well, that led me to make a lot of choices that now I would not make. I wouldn't have lined to certain companies, I would have said yes to different things. Now, I'm crystal clear on first, what are my passions? What's my purpose with the energy of people that I want to relate and connect with? And then the profits flow and they flow from a totally different energy in a totally different vibe.

However, because of consistently told different things weren't possible because people wanted to keep me in a box. I was consistently told something's not going to work or someone can't see how or what way and I would consistently prove them wrong. Because I'm extremely persistent.

I consistently check in with myself to make sure that I am in alignment with what I love, how I love, with who I love. I consistently reflect on Okay, am I happy in every area of my life? Do I need to tweak something? Do I get to tweak something? What do I want to tweak? How do I want to tweak it? How are my relationships going? You know, as far as with the different people that I interact with all of those things.

So with that in mind, you know, what could you share, whether it's again, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, any of the platforms, so jot down your ideas,

What sets your soul on fire? How do you want to elevate? What pain? Do you want to prevent going live on social engineering? And what blogs and guides could you create?

And so story sharing.

So start to think about all the stories that you have, because this is going to be super powerful and not only creating content, but it's also going to be super powerful and creating your offers your guides, your future courses, or retreats or academies that we'll dive into on moneymaker. But for here, and for now, I want you to think about the power of your story.










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