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5 Ways to Transform and Travel: London, England

Have you hopped across the pond yet to visit London? Are you absolutely in love with travel, culture, and community? Every time you travel, do you feel like you set your soul on fire? Have you thought about traveling and transforming at the same time?

There are so many hidden ways to transform and travel. With travel, we have opportunities to explore, learn and grow. When we act externally in line with faith, we transform into a new version of ourselves. Maybe you love solo travel? Perhaps you love to make travel a family affair? Do you love retreats? Maybe, you’re like me where I love to mix all types of travel up!

Choose what’s best for you now. Each and every time you travel, challenge yourself to experience not only a new city or country but a new type of travel experience too!

Have you been dreaming about traveling to London? I don’t blame you. I’ve been over three times now and I am sure I will go back again. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest flights from the USA and a great place to start to travel in Europe.

London offers something for everyone. You may experience culture and adventure to start.

It’s time to transform and travel.  Get your journal out to make a plan. It feels great to dream about traveling to London and transforming. However, putting pen to paper and acting wins each and every time.

You want to transform and travel to London, but you don’t want to break the bank doing it? Check out 5 Ways to Transform and Travel in London. It’s time to turn your life into your dream.

Photo by Shannon Tremaine on Unsplash

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Insight into London

London is mystical and magical and has so much to explore. It’s easy to see why so many people visit London. The country combines culture, experiences, and food in every way. 

It’s worth it to visit London whether you go for a day, a week, or a month traveling solo or with a group. After you read my recent experiences,  you will have more ideas than you know what to do with to transform and travel in London.

Photo by Lucas Davies on Unsplash

Highlights from London, England Travels

I love to visit London. It’s one of the easiest and most direct flights from the US. It has amazing connections all around the world. What’s not to love from the culture, language, food and so much more?

Did you know London is home to over 40% green space, over 1.2 billion people travel on London Underground every year, and London was the first city in the world to reach a million people in 1811?

I’ve gotten to visit London more times than I can count. My travels to London started well before travel blogging was a thing, or Instagram even existed. My brother, Alex went to school in London to the University of Warwick. The first time my Mom and I visited we went to see him. 

We did a double-decker tour in London the first time I visited in 2003, went on the London Eye, and visited Parliament. I highly recommend all three. A double-decker tour is a great way to see any city, especially for the first time and/or if you are short on time. I visited as well in 2009. 

I went with my Mom before we flew to India for an Indian wedding for my friend Sundeep. We wanted to break up our flight times for the long journey. We spent the day exploring the museums in London, which are mostly free, and incredible.

Recently, I visited London in 2018 again. Each and every time I go, its I love taking the tube aka subway, walking the streets, and seeing the sites. The Tower of London and the surrounding culture and history is absolutely breathtaking. The history in London reminds us of our humanity.

Photo by Robson Denian Mateus on Unsplash

When I visited London in 2018, I knew I would be in the city for a day, and creating content and hosting the mastermind event the remainder of my time. I planned the highlights of the day in London somewhat in advance and adjusted as I went.

I stayed at an incredible Airbnb outside the city with a Russian family. It was right along the water about 30 min outside the center.

Before we get into the 5 Ways to Transform and Travel in London, I want to share some of my stories. I am sure there are some travelers, adventures, and bloggers here (or those that want to be). I believe it’s important to relate so you know that I understand a variety of perspectives and experiences.

My Experiences with Transforming & Traveling

I was born traveling. My parents conceived me in Bulgaria, born in Poland, and in a refugee camp in Italy by the time I was six months old. I immigrated with my parents to the United States when I was a year and a half. At that point, I had traveled to over four countries.

Since then, I have traveled to over 27 countries. This includes a solo trip across the Atlantic with my brother at the age of 11, solo trips before “travel blogger” existed, and creating over 4 retreats.

My experiences include scuba diving adventures in Jamaica, and hot air ballooning in Spain. I love to give back everywhere I go. We did this recently on our retreat in Cuba with a photography school. I love to transform + travel and help you create it too!