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Top 10 Tulum, Mexico Things to Do

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Whether you will be spending One Day in Tulum, Mexico, week, a month, or 3+ months like I did, you will love the beach, nature, and bohemian vibes all around.

When I glanced at pictures on Instagram of Ven a La Luz, Azulik, or Kaan Luum, or learned via resources like Tripping with my BFF, I knew I wanted to stay in Tulum longer during my travel to 7 Continents.

From the moment I arrived at my Mayan Jungle Cabana Airbnb, I was blown away with the peace and quiet in the jungle, as well as the limitless adventures to explore all around me like the best Cenotes nearby!

My Top 10 Tulum, Mexico Things to Do includes Cenotes, Beach, Art Museums, Ruins, World's Best Gym, Ruins, and foodie experiences!


Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico surprised me in many ways during my three month stay! Tulum went above and beyond my expectations with what I saw online with blogs and Instagram in some ways.

I learned a lot about the history and growth of Tulum, Mexico from a small village of less than a 100 people in the 60s to a population of over 40,000 with millions of visitors from all around the globe in 2019.

It's grown tremendously in every way with people, tourism, experiences, and sustainability. If you want to learn more, I share more on the history of Tulum, fun facts, and what I like and don't like in my One Day in Tulum, Mexico Itinerary to Transform and Travel.

Ven a La Luz Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico Stay for 3 Months

For my visit to Tulum, Mexico, I stayed at a Mayan Jungle Cabana in the Jungle via Airbnb.

The peaceful stay in the middle of the jungle and the owner, Diana are amazing in every way!

Tulum, Mexico Jungle Stay

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 12 Mini or via Airbnb.

Tulum, Mexico in Under 60 Seconds

Yes, I may have spent 3 Months in Tulum, Mexico in 2021. At the same time, I may still condense the experience in under 60 seconds! You are welcome!

Top 10 Tulum, Mexico Things to Do

You will find limitless things to do in Tulum, Mexico. Originally, I envisioned hours on the beach. Like life sometimes, my plans with my time on the beach changed with the seaweed problem during my time in Tulum.

This opened up possibilities for more time in nature outdoors with Cenotes, Art Museums, biking around Tulum, Ruins and foodie experiences to name a few! I loved visiting world famous Ven a La Luz, Azulik Sfer Ik Art Museum, and the Worlds Best Gym - Tulum Jungle Gym! Not to mention, immersing myself literally in the Best Cenotes in Tulum and nearby!

I am sharing what I experienced, and logistical things to consider in planning your visit. This is something I keep in mind always to save time and money whether you are taking Collectivos or biking around Tulum, If you are in Tulum for a short stay, I would recommend renting a car over taking Taxis. Keep in mind there are no Ubers here as of July 21, and the taxis are more expensive than other places in Mexico. I share more insights on the One Day in Tulum, Mexico guide.

In putting together the Top 10 in Tulum, Mexico, I considered how I would experience the place knowing what I know now, and to make it easy, efficient and enjoyable!

1 Bike Around Tulum, Mexico

A great way to jump start your experience in Tulum is to bike around your first day towards South Beach. It is a great experience to have anywhere in the world plus it helps you get and stay healthy in Tulum like a boss!

I recommend you plan biking to South Beach in Tulum for a weekday. On the weekends, South Beach may get crowded with traffic especially on Sundays. From the center of town to exploring South Beach, you will bike 3 to 7 km / 2 to 5 miles ish one way. With stops along the way, it is easily doable!

On a weekend, you could bike from Tulum Center to Cenote Cristal, Escondido, Kaan Luum Lagoon to name a few!

My Mayan Jungle Cabana offered a bike with my stay. Whether you stay here or not, many places in Tulum include bike rentals. It is easy to rent a bike as well near Ado Bus Station in Tulum Center.

With that in mind, I recommend starting from either Mini Tulum if you stay here and/or from Tulum Center and going straight down the main road or a side parallel street to explore Tulum Pueblo. From there, you may bike to the main road that leads to North and South Beach.

Along your route, you will see Tulum Center, Tulum Pueblo, and Tulum Beach. From the center of town to the road to the beach, Tulum is shaped like an L. Once you realize this, it becomes easier to navigate. From there, you may continue further on to South Beach to the right or head to North Beach to the free beach or ruins to the left.

If you head towards the beach from the center, you will cross Instagram worthy spots like Eat at Liefs and Aloft Hotel and Atico Rooftop Pool. When you first get to Tulum, using Eat at Liefs for your navigation will get you to the main bike-able path to take to North and South Beach.