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Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala is an incredible cultural and colonial city to explore in Central America.

Whether you simply love bright and bold colors, or like to learn about historical and cultural cities, you will love Antigua, Guatemala!

While I was in San Jose, Costa Rica, I ended up deciding I would visit Antigua, Guatemala and Lake Atitlan for my next country on my travel to 7 Continents. When I read on various blogs and sites, my excitement for visiting Guatemala started to build.

From the moment I arrived in Guatemala, my awe increased. Antigua with it's walkable and colorful streets, limitless cultural and historical experiences, and incredibly warm Guatemalan people captured my heart!

My Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala includes city walks, church and historical sites, nature experiences, and foodie favorites!

Soy Chilero!

Antigua, Guatemala Choco Museo

Antigua, Guatemala Stays & Transportation

I arrived in Antigua, Guatemala on March 22, 2021 starting with my Airbnb Stay at Dido's colonial home in the center of the city.

While most travelers and tourists spend a few days in and near Antigua, Guatemala, I am taking a slower pace as a digital nomad and global traveler. I decided when I left Atlanta, GA the end of 2020, I wanted a slower pace of travel for safety and sanity.

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 12 Mini or via Airbnb.

For transportation, I arrived at my Airbnb in Antigua, Guatemala from the International Airport in Guatemala City for about $20. During my approximately two week stay, I spent approximately $12 in transportation with Ubers in and around the city. Keep in mind, I love to explore and Antigua, Guatemala is very walkable.

In addition, I typically love to stay grounded 2-4 days, and then go for an adventure. However, with how walkable Antigua, Guatemala is, I found myself exploring Wednesday - Saturday afternoons. In addition, this was my first place with about 8 10 people in and out of the colonial home every day. I definitely felt a shift in my energy on Saturday through Monday. I unplugged Sunday and Monday. I increased my space for both alone and work time for the following week.

If you are coming in and near Antigua, Guatemala for a short stay, I recommend you check out my One Day in Antigua, Guatemala and how I spent my time creating what I love during my first week in Antigua.

Top 10 in Antigua, Guatemala

You will find culture, history, nature, and foodie favorites, and adventures including Santa Catalina Arch, La Merced Church, Cerro de La Cruz, Street Markets and much more!

I am sharing what I experienced, and logistical things to consider in planning your visit. This is something I keep in mind always to save time and money whether you are walking in a city like Antigua, or traveling with a car and paying for gas, or with taxi's/Uber's.

In putting together the Top 10 in and near Antigua, Guatemala, I considered how I would experience the place knowing what I know now, and to make it easy, efficient and enjoyable!

1 Santa Catalina Arch

You can't visit Antigua, Guatemala without seeing the Arch! It is not only stunning, but has historical significance as it originally connected the Santa Catalina convent to a school, allowing the nuns to pass from one building to the other without going out on the street.

Whether you spend One Day in Antigua, Guatemala or longer, this is a MUST!