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  • Katrina Julia

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: Antigua, Guatemala: Week 12

Join me on One Week: Creating a Life and Business I love being in Antigua, Guatemala! The last 11 weeks have flown by, and my time and travel to Costa Rica ended last week. I am coming back in July 2021 to Puerto Viejo, Nosara, and La Fortuna, and Costa Rica for our Retreat in case you want to join any of our transformational global retreats!

During this week of my travels, I left Costa Rica and headed to Antigua, Guatemala. During my last week in and near the area, not only did I create and scale a life and business I love, but I walked the colorful and colonial streets of Antigua, Guatemala. In case you are thinking of visiting, you will love a my One Day in Antigua, Guatemala guide!

I continued to create, transform and inspire during my travel to 7 Continents.

Visiting Antigua, Guatemala Central Market

Creating a Life and Business I Love:

Antigua, Guatemala

In Week 12, I continued my experience and stay with my Airbnb in Antigua, Guatemala with Dido Jamas near the center of town.

I picked Dido's colonial and cultural Antigua family home because of her amazing outdoor space, private rooms, and rave reviews including going above and beyond with hospitality in every way.

This week, in the midst of creating a life and business I love, I experienced walking throughout Antigua, Guatemala, visiting Central Market, San Cristobal El Alto, and Caoba Farms. I loved having everything so close!

Creating and Scaling a Life, Business, and Community

Whether you are a side hustler, work a 9-5, creating a life and business you love full-time, and/or traveling the world, I hope this series encourages and inspires you to take limitless leaps of faith.

If you are seeking freedom in your time, location, expression, community, and ultimately financial freedom, let's #createit. I am right here with you on a path of purpose to freedom (Gal 5:1).

There are ways to transform your wellness, online, media and travel. It may be with online courses, or seeking ways to automate and scale your business like a boss. Let's #createit.

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: Antigua, Guatemala Week 12 will help you create, transform, and inspire with an insider look! This is week 1 of my travels in Guatemala.

On the Rooftop of Tres Tiempos in Antigua, Guatemala.

Find insights on my One Day in Antigua, Guatemala Guide

One Week Antigua, Guatemala: Week 12 of Travels

If you have followed my Creating a Life and Business You Love series, you know I spent my first three months of travel in Costa Rica.

If you haven't yet, you may want to check out the series on Creating a Life and Business I Love on the blog and show!

In comparison to my prior weeks. in Week 12 of my travels, I transitioned to Guatemala. I was pleasantly surprised at the HealthPass Online process, ease of getting my COVID test done at my Airbnb (along with results in two hours, and the incredible beauty of Guatemala and it's people!

Right before arriving, I realized I would be in Antigua, Guatemala on the verge of Holy Week and Easter, also known as Semana Santa. I reflected in gratitude and awe that I would experience the city, it's traditions, and beauty during this special time. Despite everything, I believe Antigua, Guatemala did a great job honoring Holy Week, keeping people safe, and traditions. I loved seeing the beautiful rugs created from sawdust, or alfombras all around Antigua.

Semana Santa

Antigua, Guatemala

My Routines: Morning, Daily and Weekly

No matter where you are in the world, how you start your day is powerful in every way.

My Sacred 7 Morning and Night Routines with I Am's, Prayer, Positive Music, Bible Reading, Message, Journaling, and Movement sets me up for success.

My daily routine includes shake, tea and tabs with Herbalife Global Nutrition for 7+ years and counting. I lost over 55+ lbs and chose to be alcohol free 5+ years ago. I compete in fitness shows in National Physique Committee Bikini.

'Disclaimer: Average person loses .5 to 1 lb. a week with healthy active lifestyle.

Every week, I outline my week and days, and continue to align actions to my vision. Every week, things shift depending on faith, feeling and focus.

I outline my Create 7 to help me align actions. Create 7 includes launches, community, scale, clear, media, series, and projects. I practice self-accountability with tools and teams like Click-Up, Focus Matrix, and virtual assistant services. I am in mentorship and coaching currently with Herbalife Nutrition and Super Focus with Tommy Newberry.

All along the way, I envision and assess results in community, creators, and creatives.