• Katrina Julia

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: near San Jose, Costa Rica: Week 11

Join me on One Week: Creating a Life and Business I love being in and near San Jose, Costa Rica. The last 11 weeks have flown by, and my time and travel to Costa Rica is ending this week! I am coming back in July 2021 to Puerto Viejo, Nosara, and La Fortuna, Costa Rica for our Retreat and more!

You will love San Jose, Costa Rica whether you are an entrepreneur, digital nomad, and traveler around the world.

During my last week in and near the area, not only did I create and scale a life and business I love, but I visited Hacienda La Chimba, incredible foodie experience in Escazu, Costa Rica, and a walking tour on my One Day in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I continued to create, transform and inspire during my travel to 7 Continents.

Hacienda La Chimba

Creating a Life and Business I Love:

in and near San Jose, Costa Rica

In Week 11, I continued my experience and stay with my Airbnb in Escazu, Costa Rica: Joyeria Emilia Rodriguez. Escazu is about 10-15 min away from San Jose, Costa Rica downtown.

I picked Emilia's Airbnb because of her amazing outdoor space, private rooms, and rave reviews including going above and beyond with hospitality in every way. I have loved my stay!

This week, I got to experience Hacienda La Chimba, Cocina Elektica (Eclectic Kitchen) my fourth time, and a walking tour in San Jose, Costa Rica.