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  • Katrina Julia

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: Week 8

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

If you have ever thought about visiting in and near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica area, make sure it is at the top of your bucket list. The area in and near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is great for travel, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs creating a life and business you love.

During my last week in and near the area, not only did I create and scale a life and business I love, but I experienced incredible adventures as well! I enjoyed Nauyaca Waterfalls, Horseback Riding at sunset at Playa Matapalo, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

Whether I experienced adventures, or focused on creating a life and business I love, I increased my presence, peace, and progress in every way. At the same time, there are limitless opportunities for growth all the time.

Creating a Life and Business I Love:

in and near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

In Week 8, I continued my experience and stay with my Airbnb: Mountain Paradise 900 feet above sea level nearby to Playa Matapalo (<8km), close to Manuel Antonio (<25km), and close to Playa Dominical (<25km).

I stayed peaceful, present, and progressed through three stays, continued creating and scaling, as well as enjoying adventures like the 12km hike round trip to Nauyaca Waterfalls; horseback riding at sunset at Playa Matapalo; trails, views, and beaches at Manuel Antonio National Park. Whether you visit Manuel Antonio for one day or longer, you will love it!

Nauyaca Waterfalls

Horseback Riding at Playa Matapalo

Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonio Beach

Creating and Scaling a Life, Business, and Community

Whether you are a side hustler, work a 9-5, creating a life and business you love full-time, and/or traveling the world, I hope this series encourages and inspires you to take limitless leaps of faith.

If you are seeking freedom in your time, location, expression, community, and ultimately financial freedom, let's #createit. I am right here with you on a path of purpose to freedom (Gal 5:1).

There are ways to transform your wellness, online, media and travel. It may be with online courses, or seeking ways to automate and scale your business like a boss. Let's #createit.

One Week: Creating a Life & Business I Love: in and near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: Week 8 will help you create, transform, and inspire with an insider look!

Pura Vida!

One Week in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: Week 8

If you have followed my Creating a Life and Business You Love series, you know I spent my first month in La Fortuna, Costa Rica at Dragon Fly Hideaway. If you have followed along the journey of my being a #limitlessglobalgirl, you have seen the transition to Monteverde, Costa Rica including a jeep-boat-jeep tour across Lake Arenal. If you haven't yet, you may want to check out the series on the blog and show!

In comparison to my prior weeks. in Week 8 in Costa Rica, I loved creating and scaling a life and business I love while experiencing incredible adventures in and near Manuel Antonio.

My Routines: Morning, Daily and Weekly

No matter where you are in the world, how you start your day is powerful in every way.

My Sacred 7 Morning with I Am's, Prayer, Positive Music, Bible Reading, Message, Journaling, and Movement sets me up for success.

My daily routine includes shake, tea and tabs with Herbalife Global Nutrition for 7+ years and counting. I lost over 55+ lbs and chose to be alcohol free 5+ years ago. I compete in fitness shows in National Physique Committee Bikini.

This week, I reached 3,000 minutes on Peloton App as well.

'Disclaimer: Average person loses .5 to 1 lb. a week with healthy active lifestyle.

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 12 Mini.

Every week, I outline my week and days, and continue to align actions to my vision. Every week, things shift depending on faith, feeling and focus. My last week in Manuel Antonio included staying focused on creating and scaling, while integrating adventures freely.

I outline my Create 7 to help me align actions. Create 7 includes launches, community, scale, clear, media, series, and projects. I practice self-accountability with tools and teams like Click-Up, Focus Matrix, and Efficise. I am in mentorship and coaching currently with Herbalife Nutrition and Super Focus with Tommy Newberry.