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Costa Rica Adventure: Nauyaca Waterfalls in Dominical,Costa Rica

You didn't think I finished chasing waterfalls with Rio Celeste Waterfall, did you?

Right when I saw a picture of Nauyaca Waterfalls, I knew I wanted to visit!

I didn't imagine my Costa Rica Adventure to Nauyaca Waterfalls would happen so soon!

From my Airbnb: Mountain Paradise during my sixth to eight week in Costa Rica, Nauyaca Waterfalls is less than 30 min away!

I decided I would visit Naucaya Waterfalls one morning before my Horseback Riding at Sunset. A little crazy, I know. It made sense logistically though!

Just wait until I tell you how I chose to get to Nauyaca Waterfalls!

Nauyaca Waterfalls in Dominical, Costa Rica

A Costa Rican family has dedicated years to operating the farm and tours at Nauyaca Waterfalls. One of the falls is 45 meters, about 75 feet high in free fall. While the other waterfall is about 20 meters high in stepped fall, or sixty feet.

Nauyaca Waterfalls in Costa Rica is an ideal place for nature and adventure lovers to spend a half to a full day. I decided to leave my Airbnb at about 9am arriving at the main entrance around 9:30 am.

Even though I knew I was going horseback riding at sunset later in the day, I chose to do the 12km, or 8mile hike to the waterfalls. It is the healthiest and cheapest option by far! Off I went!


Nauyaca Waterfalls is located in San Isidro in Province of Puntarenas in Dominical, Costa Rica. They are located between San Isidro and Dominical.

If you are staying in Manuel Antonio, it is about an hour away by car. Since I stayed closer near Rio Portalon, the waterfalls are about 30 minutes away.

Waterfalls Fee and Hours

Nauyaca Waterfalls offers three options to visit the falls currently.

Options include the 12km hike for $10, transportation in a 4x4 for $34, and horseback riding for $80.

I chose to walk both for health and wealth reason!

What to Wear to Nauyaca Waterfalls

Since you are near the cost, the temperatures are typically over 80 mid-day and humid, As a result, I recommend you go in the morning to time your visit to get there, and get back before it gets hotter.

I wore my bathing suit, and a tank top and shorts over it. I highly recommend you bring your suit to swim in at the falls, and a change of clothes. It's a great way to cool off and relax!

There is a bathroom near the falls as well for you and/or your family and friends to change in.

Nauyaca Waterfalls Hike

The hike is the healthiest and wealthiest option. The hike is not for the faint of heart with 6+km each way, 12km or 8 miles round trip. At times, you are walking on flat ground. However, there are several uphill and downhill portions as well.

If you are in relatively good and/or great shape, the hike each way will likely take you an hour and a half. My hike on the way there took me an hour and 10 minutes.

Between climbing up to the waterfalls higher portion, photos, climbing down, and swimming; I spent about an hour at the falls. The hike back took me right at about an hour and twenty minutes. Keep in mind, I left the waterfalls at 12:30. Many areas were shaded. However, many were not and I experienced the strength of the sun during this time.

When I arrived at the Waterfalls, I went up to the falls first for the higher view. Then, I went down to the waterfall with the pool area, relaxed, swam, and climbed up to the fall area. You may love putting your video on time-lapse so you may capture a faster version of you swimming and getting to the waterfall landing!

I loved the rewarding feeling of finishing half the hike and arriving at Nauyaca Waterfalls to relax!

Not to mention, the sense of accomplishment after I finished the hike at about 2pm.

I would recommend you go earlier maybe around 7-8 am. As a result, you would arrive somewhere between 8:30 - 9:30 if you hike the falls. Depending on how long you spend at the falls, you would be back before noon. You may choose to spend more time at the falls, and hike back after 2pm when it starts to cool down as well.

Nauyaca Waterfalls Hike

The sound of water and waterfalls fills me up. It is one of my favorite things to do.

Adding in physical activity with a hike, priceless!

I would definitely rate Nauyaca Waterfalls as a must see near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Are you curious about Costa Rica and the Pura Vida?

I've got One Day in Manuel Antonio & my Top 10 Things to Do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica coming!

Not to mention our Inspiring Travel Now & in the Future Project &

Costa Rica Retreat coming in August 2021!


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