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Costa Rica Adventure: Hacienda La Chimba near San Jose, Costa Rica

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I love experiencing and learning about the nature, culture, and economy of Costa Rica! So, when I learned about Hacienda La Chimba from my Airbnb Host in Escazu, Costa Rica, I knew I wanted to visit right away!

Hacienda La Chimba is a culture activity to immerse in yourself in any of the four activities (or all of them) including the Mantra Trails, Coffee Experience, Zip-lining, and Ropes Courses.

I initially thought I would visit the Mantra Trails alone, and ended up being surprised with the colonial and cultural coffee experience as well!

If you are visiting San Jose, Costa Rica, or nearby, Hacienda La Chimba is one Costa Rica Adventures you don't want to miss!

Hacienda La Chimba near San Jose, Costa Rica

Hacienda La Chimba in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

A Costa Rican family in combination with a foundation and investors decided to create the experience with nature, culture and adventure about five years ago. Hacienda La Chimba opened September 2020 with four experiences including the Mantra Trials, Coffee Experience, Zip-lining and Ropes Courses.

Whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or looking for a team-building experience immersed in culture and nature, you will love Hacienda La Chimba!

I ended up hiking the Mantra Trails, having breakfast at Restaurant La Burro, and experiencing the Coffee and Cultural Experience! I started the trail at 7:50 am and arrived at La Mano at 9:50 am including two stops and a steady pace allowing for pictures and videos.

Hacienda La Chimba

Hacienda La Chimba

Hacienda La Chimba


Hacienda La Chimba is located in Santa Ana, Costa Rica about 20-30 minutes from Escazu. Costa Rica and/or San Jose, Costa Rica depending on traffic.

If you plan on hiking the Mantra Trails and doing the coffee experience, and/or the zip-lining and ropes courses, I and they recommend you go early in the morning. The trails do not have much shade, and it gets warmer around 11 am or sooner.

For the trails, a reservation is currently not required. However, for the coffee tour, zip-lining, and ropes courses it is recommended / required especially during the weekends. You may find out more information on pricing and promotions via the Hacienda La Chimba Facebook and Instagram pages.

In addition, you may contact via messenger and/or What's App, to set up reservations.

The minimum age for children is 7 years old for safety and legalities.

If you are taking Uber like I did, enter Hacienda Beneficio La Chimba for your destination.

Hacienda La Chimba

Hacienda La Chimba

Hacienda La Chimba

Hacienda La Chimba

What to Wear to Hacienda La Chimba

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes. My first time visiting I thought it would be okay to wear my rubber sandals - no go! Due to safety and insurance requirements, I got to come back with jeans and hiking shoes.