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3 Things I Learned About a Plant Based Lifestyle

I don't know about you friend, but I love staying healthy like a boss at home and when I travel. Right now, my travel to Honduras has inspired me in more ways than one on my travel to 7 Continents!

When I first learned how to get healthy, I transformed step by step with transformation tools. The transformation tools like Herbalife Nutrition, 6 Pack Meal Bags, and Peloton App help make things simpler.

I 2014, I lost over 55 lbs. over a year and half and kept it off. The most significant impacts involved simplifying my habits and my tools. They are included in our online courses and live events to help you jump start transformation.

*Disclaimer average person who uses Herbalife Nutrition loses

.05 to 1 lbs a week with healthy active lifestyle.

The simpler you make your transformation tools and healthy choices, the likelier you will get results faster. All along the way, I have constantly continued to immerse myself in awareness, sustainability and nutrition.

I started asking "what choices could I make to get and stay healthy" and

what would it take to fix my meals in 5 min or less >80% of the time"?

I started asking "how can I save more time making healthy recipes like a boss"?

Whether I am traveling or not, I have transformation tools like Herbalife Nutrition, and Peloton App with me. When I travel, I stay at places that make it easy to stay healthy, and where I may cook my meals too. Before I go to any destination, I research and Google ways I may increase my health while traveling to a city and / or country. With our global transformational retreats, I involved the local community and entrepreneurs to have healthy meals too!

For my second stay in Honduras, I came across recycled container homes in San Pedro Sula. The hosts and owners, Gabriel and Veronica, are plant-based. During my travels this year, I have found myself being plant-based over 95% of the time. I thought to myself why not go all the way? The entire month of October, I have been 100% plant based.

Let's talk about 3 Things I Learned About Being Plant Based.


Healthy Like a Boss: Plant-Based

Like many of us, I have tried multiple things when it comes to health. In 2010, I found myself vegetarian for 3+ years. Although in some ways I ate healthier, in some ways I didn't. I found myself still overweight, and lacking nutrients. In essence, I lacked awareness and education.

In 2013-2014, when I added Herbalife Global Nutrition to my lifestyle, I lost over 15 lbs the first month. Wow! The products taste amazing, give me great energy, and help me lose weight! Yes please.

I "accidentally" stumbled into the business when people started seeing my before and after on Facebook, and wanting in on what I was doing. When I started competing in fitness shows, I wasn't exactly sure how I could be plant-based, I reverted back to some foods like eggs and chickens.

My business blew up 25x the first year on Facebook alone. I thought to myself, what if I multiplied this with a like-minded community across platforms. Imagine the impact. It has been quite the wild ride integrating into online courses and experiences.

As the years passed, I found myself substituting chickpea, tofu, kale, spinach and other foods for animal products. During my travels this year, I found being plant-based easier and easier. At the same time, I felt lighter and lighter from the inside out. I decided to give being 100% plant based a try for the impacts to my life and the planet.

When considering being healthy like a boss, ask yourself:

Why do you want to change your health?

How will being plant-based improve your life and impact the planet?

Do you have a community and accountability to help you?

How will you get healthier by using transformation tools for your health?

You will love these 5 Healthy Recipes Like a Boss

Not to mention our CREATEIT Summit Free Preview to Hands-On

Wellness, Faith, Marketing, Business and Travel!

What I Learned About Being Plant-Based

As I became more and more plant-based, it didn't surprise me I ended up staying at the recycled containers with a couple that is 100% plant-based. I started asking more questions and doing research.

I came across Food Revolution Network committed to healthy, sustainable and ethical food for all. I read Food Revolution Network: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World by John Robbins. The insights opened my eyes into what we risk by not eating plant based, as well as the impacts to our bodies and the planet.

Whether you are working a 9-5, an entrepreneur, or building a brand, your time on the planet is precious. At the same time, the body you live in may make your time like heaven or hell on earth. With each and every choice we make, it impacts our experience in our bodies, and the planet.

According to MD Anderson Cancer Center, plant-based lifestyle boosts our immune system, helps maintain healthy weight, increases fiber, reduces cancer and disease risk, and reduces inflammation. Plant based lifestyle impacts our planet tremendously. According to the Guardian, the single biggest way to reduce your impact on earth is to avoid meat and dairy.

Healthy Like a Boss: Plant Based will help you get inspired to jump start your health with tips, tools, and technology at home and when traveling the world to destinations like Honduras.

The 3 Things I Learned About Being Plant Based includes its simpler than you think, its easy to get more than enough protein, and you'll be transforming your health and the planets exponentially.

1. Plant-Based Lifestyle is Easier Than You Think

Coconut Smoothie Bowl with Raspberries, Chia, Oats, and Bananas

Years ago, I looked at a plant-based lifestyle as difficult to embrace. Now, I see how it's easier than we think. I easily eat 4-7 times a day like I did before without skipping a beat.

On a daily basis, you may find me enjoying Herbalife plant-based smoothies, cooking with beans, spinach, tofu or chickpeas, or enjoying typical cultural foods in Honduras like Baleadas modified with beans, plantains, avocados, and corn tortillas. I find it easier and easier to embrace a plant-based lifestyle.

Although its taken me years to get here, I love every step of my journey! No matter where you are, embrace yours. My transformation in being healthy like a boss is years in the making.

Here is an example of one of my favorite recipes for a Coconut Dream Smoothie Bowl with Herbalife.


2. Proper Protein Intake is Easy with Plant-Based Lifestyle

Many wonder or worry about proper protein intake with a plant-based lifestyle. If you didn't know, I am certified with National Academy Sports Medicine. In addition, on our Herbalife Global Nutritional Board we have numerous nutrition experts on our team. Typically, it is recommended to have about 20g of protein with each meal especially with a healthy active lifestyle.

With two shakes a day, I find this easy for those two meals with 24g for each meal. There are many plant-baed proteins that will surprise you. For example, chickpea (what hummus has) has 19g for 100 grams, Tofu has 9g for 100g, Spinach has 5g for a 100g, and red beans have 20g per 100g. These alone may give you countless ideas for healthy like a boss recipes.

As a result, you may see how its easy to have proper protein intake with a plant-based lifestyle!

3. Plant-Based Lifestyle Improves Your Bodies and the Planet

We all have different places where we are at with our lifestyles, how we love to move, and the goals we have. No matter where you are with your choices in the world, they impact us all.

Its interesting to point out that the majority of us are revolted at the site of raw meat and blood, we don't have carnivorous teeth, our digestive systems don't favor meat, and we may get excess of calories and fat with meat and animal products leading to heart disease. That's not considering the treatment of animals in meat houses and farms, impacts to our bodies of the steroids or pesticides used, and the impacts to the planet.

Meat consumption is widely recognized for releasing greenhouse gases such as methane, CO2, and nitrous oxide. According to Future Learn, These gases contribute to global warming, destruction of forest ecosystems, biodiversity loss, water usage, and soil degradation.

I don't know about you, but the improvements to our bodies and the planet of a plant-based lifestyle is incredible.

Plant Based Lifestyle

3 Things I Learned About a Plant Based Lifestyle astonished me in every way. I am amazed with how easy it is, proper protein intake, and the impacts our choices have to our bodies and plants.

Are you plant-based? Have you thought about it?

I have felt clearer, lighter, and more energetic than ever!

Which of these insights surprised you the most!

We would love to see how you get and stay healthy like a boss!

Share with us. on social media via @katrinajuliafit and @fitlifecreation for a feature!

For more ways to jump start your health, wealth and business like a boss, check out my 14 day challenge!


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