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Honduras: Sustainable Stay with VeGa Community Recycled Containers in San Pedro Sula

Travel to Honduras has blown my mind in every way. Never in a million years would I have imagined staying in recycled containers in Honduras on Airbnb with VeGa Community. My sustainable stay with VeGa Community Honduras in recycled containers last about a month!

Although a sustainable stay in recycled containers was not in the plan when I left Atlanta, GA, it ended up being a highlight of my time in Honduras. I don't know about you, but I have never stayed in recycled containers before.

I love experiencing the culture of the country I visit with unique stays all around the world like my Mayan Jungle Cabana Airbnb in Tulum, Mexico.

When I discovered VeGa Community recycled containers on Airbnb in San Pedro Sula, I knew I would love exploring the city immersed in nature and a sustainability. The recycled containers are designed from top to bottom with sustainability in mind with a minimum carbon footprint by Angela, the architect with Techos Verdes. For example, the containers stay cool all day with no a/c or need for a/c. I often turn my fan off because I get cold!

My adventures with Honduras continued with connecting on digital marketing and a press trip to Honduras, and the surprise of El Salvador.

Experiencing travel to Honduras with a sustainable stay with VeGa Community with recycled containers is incredible. From top to bottom, it is a one-of-a-kind experience in your life.

What is amazing is my stay in San Pedro Sula, Honduras at VeGa Community Recycled Container Dorms isn't just one thing, it is a beautiful open outdoor and co-working space, adjacent reserve, great WiFI, and private rooms. The recycled containers are walking distance to an adjacent reserve, cacao plantation, park, and shops.

Not only that, but the founders, Gabriel and Veronica are extremely sweet. Even though they didn't have reviews on Airbnb when I reached out, I felt compelled to stay and book. I am so glad I did. Every step of the way, they go above and beyond with cleanliness, logistics, and breakfast.

Whether you are traveling solo for pleasure or business, a digital nomad, traveling with family and friends, the VeGa Community Recycled Container Dorms is perfect for you!

I couldn't have imagined a more peaceful and productive time with my recycled containers stay in Honduras in San Pedro Sula. I know you will agree too!

Honduras Recycled Container Airbnb Stay

Honduras: Recycled Containers in San Pedro Sula

Although tourism is impacted globally, VeGa Community operating in the northern part of Honduras hours away from La Ceiba and the Bay Islands is immersed in nature, sustainability and tourism.

Whether you are looking to visit the northern part of Honduras for business and/or adventure, the Recycled Container Dorms with VeGa Community has you covered. The private and group rooms, open air and co-working space, kitchen, and nature immersion offers it all. The open-air outdoor area and patio, and fast WiFI provide a great place to co-work, host meetings, and get work done.

On top of that, VeGa Community offers private rooms, private parking, fans, kitchen, long and short-term stays, office spaces, and experiences with a reserve and cacao plantain. Not to mention, the community is managed 24/7 by onsite security at a gate, and regular stops to the community by security.


Recycled Container Dorms Stay Highlights

Through VeGa Community, the Recycled Container Private Room Dorms immersed in nature and sustainability, Gabriel and Veronica have created a vision for community. The vision started long ago with the legacy of Gabriel's mom, Angela's, a world famous architect and her passion for Techos Verdes and sustainability.

Whether you are looking for business, adventure, or a mixture of both, VeGa Community and Techos Verdes have you covered.

- Over 20 Years of Sustainability Legacy

- Operating in the Northern part of Honduras

- Immersed in Nature, Sustainability and Stays

From my first interaction with Gabriel and Veronica, the vision and passion became clear. They both go above and beyond in service. Although my stay started as an Airbnb, it transformed to alignment with friends, business consulting, and digital marketing.

I loved spending time outdoors working like I am writing this blog, in my room, and walking to the park nearby. I felt 100% safe walking all around.


Honduras: Recycled Container Dorm Sustainable Stay

Honduras, more than a destination, is calling your name. Want to explore more of Central America? #dontskipelsalvador and travel to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to VeGa Community within <4 hours.

You will love the immersion in nature, sustainability and stays in a city within a city. Staying with VeGa Community with the Recycled Containers will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has you feeling good about your travel with a minimal carbon footprint.

With numerous places to stay in Honduras and globally, add to your travel to Honduras with San Pedro Sula with the recycled containers. Its the perfect spot to stop on your way to the Bay Islands.


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