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Digital Nomad Monthly Recap in September 2021 in Central America

Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras

Curious about my journey as a Digital Nomad? Get an insider look into my life as a digital nomad in Central America in September 2021 in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras.

The speed of 2021 has blown my mind in every way. I feel like just yesterday I wrote my Digital Nomad Monthly Recap for August 2021. It seems like I blinked and I went from deciding to leave Atlanta, GA. travel to 7 Continents. and when I opened my eyes its now October 2021. Anyone else?

In August 2021, I spent my time and travels in Bacalar and Valladolid, Mexico and Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. My Digital Nomad Monthly Recaps share behind the scenes and highlights of creating, working, traveling, and adventuring wherever I am in the world

The month of September included surprising transitions from Costa Rica to El Salvador to Honduras. I originally thought I would stay in Costa Rica and go to Panama mid-October #life . In addition, I experienced two press trips and digital marketing projects in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica with three travel brands and in Ocotepeque, Honduras with a stay in Hotel Sandoval and a water park! Full disclaimer: I have made a lot of mistakes with money and am now focusing on decreasing expenses and increasing income to get to financial freedom.

My adventures in September 2021 included Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, my second time canyoning in Costa Rica, unexpected adventures and the surprise of El Salvador, travel to Honduras including an incredible 5,000+ foot hike to Cayaguanca Rock, and a press trip to Honduras with Hotel Sandoval. Wow!

Let's talk about my Digital Nomad Monthly Recap in September 2021 in Central America in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras.


Digital Nomad Monthly Recap in Central America

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras

My Monthly recaps will include highlights & summaries of :

1 Stays

2 Creating with Community to Creatives

3 Wins and Progress

4 Adventures

5 Highlights

Stay in Costa Rica

For September 2021, I stayed on a sustainable farm with a press trip to Costa Rica, open air tree house Airbnb in El Tunco Beach, El Salvador and studio with a garden in San Salvador, El Salvador, and Hotel Sandoval in Honduras with a press trip.

Costa Rica Stay

Airbnb in El Tunco Beach in El Salvador

Airbnb in San Salvador in El Salvador

Hotel Sandoval in Honduras

Creating a Life and Business I Love:

Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Every "overnight success" you see included a prequel or prologue of seasons of patience, persistence, purpose, and pain.

The month of September challenged me to exponentially across Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras including in person work with digital marketing and two press trips too.

I accelerated my online community focus, in person projects, as well as taking bold leaps of faith.

Creating and Scaling a Life, Business, and Community

Community to Creatives

Whether you are a side hustler, work a 9-5, creating a life and business you love full-time, and/or traveling the world, I hope this series encourages and inspires you to take limitless leaps of faith.

If you are seeking freedom in your time, location, expression, community, and ultimately financial freedom, let's #createit. I am right here with you on a path of purpose to freedom (Gal 5:1).

There are ways to transform your wellness, online, media and travel. It may be with online courses, or seeking ways to automate and scale your business like a boss. Let's #createit.

One Month between the south of Costa Rica in the Osa Peninsula, El Salvador, and Honduras will help you create, transform, and inspire with an insider look! This is month 9 of my full-time travel since leaving Atlanta, GA for 2+ years on December 31, 2020.

From left to right on the first row, farm views in Costa Rica, open air jungle house in El Salvador, and studio garden stay in San Salvador.

From left to right on the second row, Tropical Escapades in Costa Rica, Airbnb Jungle Home in El Salvador, and Hotel Sandoval in Honduras.

From left to right on the third row, Canyoning in Costa Rica, Cayaguanca Rock in Honduras, and Ocotepeque, Honduras.

My Routines: Morning, Daily and Weekly

No matter where you are in the world, how you start your day is powerful in every way.

To get a deep dive into my recent routines, check out my third month in Mexico.

Super Focus

I am creating a life, business and community I love. I am receiving $3,000 - $25,000 daily-weekly-monthly easily for wellness, media, online & travel God willing with incredible community consistently in May. I am DAP, Supervisor and World Team with Herbalife in September.

This is my focus until I hit it not only once but consistent 3+ months. I will adjust after the third month of consistency to align to annual and legacy goals.

Top Three Priorities

1 Community: Sources and Scaling

2 Creators: Courses, Management

3 Creatives: Media, Series, and Books


Community includes brands, communities, and business to business proposals.

In the month of September, I and the team completed over 7 proposals for ongoing wellness, marketing, business and travel totaling over $500,000 in potential future business. This included projects with CNET, Lonely Planet, Grants, Bush Events, Workaway, and Virgin Voyages.

If you have tuned in to my prior series, you will note that the proposals are decreasing, while potential amounts are increasing. Increased focus, less work, larger impact.

I won finished a press trip and digital marketing project for a month with three Costa Rica Tourism companies, and started and finished a digital marketing project and press trip to Honduras.

The team with Efficise VAs outreached weekly to monthly to Fortune 500 contacts in HR and Marketing, Travel Bureaus, Influencer, and Freelancing Platforms as well. We are over 75% through all the marketing and Human Resources roles with Fortune 500 companies.

Wins included project with Costa Rica, Honduras press trip, feature on Good Morning Gwinnett, publication with Hidden Lemur, and ongoing campaigns via a technology partner.

Progress included intensifying focus with an 80/20 approach with pitches and calls over 40 to 60% of each day.

Costa Rica Press Trip Tropical Escapade


Creators includes launches and collaborations with creators who are coaches, bloggers, social media gurus, and content and/or course creators.

In the month of September, this included launching the Creation Club with Free 14 Day Challenge with increasing students, listing campaigns on platforms, and simplifying collaborations.

In addition, we received over 150 applicants interested in wellness coaching as well as over 75 applicants for our online mastermind.

Honduras Press Trip


Creatives includes 9 to 5 ers, side hustlers, and those that want to increase travel.

In the month of September, I published 13 blogs, 17 podcast episodes, over 25 Instagram Reels, over 7 videos, and worked on my book.

Full disclaimer: I am not at 5 or 6 figure stable income. However, the decrease in expenses is well over 5 figures annually, as well as the increase in proposals is over 6 figures annually consistently.


I am in awe and wonder at our Creator, and the adventures I got to have in September 2021!

Since I may show you better, rather than tell you, take a look at the pictures and videos below of:

Adventures at a Glance:

  1. Canyoning in Costa Rica

  2. El Tunco Beach, San Salvador and Rainbow Slide in El Salvador

  3. Cayagunca Rock Hike in Honduras

  4. Guisayote Reserve in Honduras

  5. Ocotepeque in Honduras

PLUS a Stay at a Sustainable Farm, and Beaches in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. and a press trip to Honduras!

If you haven't already, make sure you check out my Top 10 Things to Do and One Day Travel Guides!

Don't let the sunset on the adventures of your limitless life - Katrina Julia

Digital Nomad Travels in 2021: Central America in September

The creating and traveling continue in Central America in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras in September 2021.

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