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Digital Nomad Monthly Recap in September 2021 in Central America

Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras

Curious about my journey as a Digital Nomad? Get an insider look into my life as a digital nomad in Central America in September 2021 in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras.

The speed of 2021 has blown my mind in every way. I feel like just yesterday I wrote my Digital Nomad Monthly Recap for August 2021. It seems like I blinked and I went from deciding to leave Atlanta, GA. travel to 7 Continents. and when I opened my eyes its now October 2021. Anyone else?

In August 2021, I spent my time and travels in Bacalar and Valladolid, Mexico and Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. My Digital Nomad Monthly Recaps share behind the scenes and highlights of creating, working, traveling, and adventuring wherever I am in the world

The month of September included surprising transitions from Costa Rica to El Salvador to Honduras. I originally thought I would stay in Costa Rica and go to Panama mid-October #life . In addition, I experienced two press trips and digital marketing projects in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica with three travel brands and in Ocotepeque, Honduras with a stay in Hotel Sandoval and a water park! Full disclaimer: I have made a lot of mistakes with money and am now focusing on decreasing expenses and increasing income to get to financial freedom.

My adventures in September 2021 included Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, my second time canyoning in Costa Rica, unexpected adventures and the surprise of El Salvador, travel to Honduras including an incredible 5,000+ foot hike to Cayaguanca Rock, and a press trip to Honduras with Hotel Sandoval. Wow!

Let's talk about my Digital Nomad Monthly Recap in September 2021 in Central America in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras.