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Digital Nomad Monthly Recap in August 2021 in Mexico and Costa Rica

It seems like just yesterday I decided to leave Atlanta, GA. travel to 7 Continents. and finished my last recap with my third month in Mexico in 2021.

Although, the days, months and year are flying by, I feel like I am fully living each moment too!

This year, my phrase is Anchored in Love. At the same time, I am focusing on being perfectly present.

In my Digital Nomad Monthly Recap, I share behind the scenes with highlights and insights of creating, working, traveling, and adventuring wherever I am in the world. In August 2021, I spent my time and travels in Bacalar and Valladolid, Mexico and Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

This month led to an increase in presence, as well as increasing leaps of faith with investors, grants, and proposals. In addition, I experienced two press trips and digital marketing projects in both Bacalar, Mexico and the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica with a wellness focused restaurant and three travel brands.

My adventures in Bacalar and Valladolid, Mexico and the Osa Peninsula in August 2021 included Sunrise Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Cenote Cocalitos and Azul in Bacalar, Mexico; Valladolid Center, Cenote Ikeken, Oxman, and Ilkil with the Best Cenotes in Mexico, and Chichen Itza, new 7 Wonders of the World in Valladolid, Mexico; and Drake Bay, Puerto Jimenez, Cano Island, Sustainable Farm, and Beaches in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Wow!

Let's talk about my Digital Nomad Monthly Recap in August 2021 while in Mexico and Costa Rica.