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The Cost of Traveling in Costa Rica 2021

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and biologically diverse countries in Central America. It isn't the cheapest country in Central America. My first time visiting Costa Rica in 2016, I created our global transformational retreats. As a result, my approach and budget was heavily business focused.

In the summer of 2020, I began to make plans for leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020. I decided my first stop for my travel to 7 Continents would be travel to Costa Rica.

I started to explore the country virtually to decide where I would go. I set my budget and estimated expenses for La Fortuna, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio and San Jose for my three month visit from January to March 2021. In some ways, I went under budget for my Costa Rica Travel Costs, and in some ways over budget like some surprises in Manuel Antonio with my originally booked Airbnb.

When I decided to visit Costa Rica again for the third time, I started taking action with creative ways to make money and decrease expenses. Before you skip traveling to Costa Rica, its definitely possible to visit without breaking the bank.

Let's talk about the Cost of Traveling to Costa Rica for my visit to the south of Costa Rica in the Osa Peninsula for August to September 2021.

Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica


Costa Rica Travel Costs

For my last visit to Costa Rica in January to March 2021, I spent about $4,500 for 3 months. On average, this is about $1,500 for a month, or about $50 a day.

For this visit to the South of Costa Rica, I challenged myself to lower it further. Typically, Osa Peninsula is more expensive than other parts of Costa Rica especially because it is more remote. I knew I had a challenge in front of me to make money and reduce expenses. I rose to meet it.

I lowered my expenses by over half for the month to about $790 including travel, stay, food, transportation and adventures. The average per day ended up being about $25.

I am pulling back the curtain on travel costs and living expenses in Costa Rica in 2021 during my stay in mid August to mid September.

Costa Rica Osa Peninsula


Costa Rica 2021 Monthly

Here is my monthly breakdown for my stay in August to September 2021. Could I have saved more by not eating out at all or cutting an adventure? Sure.

At the same time, I am constantly innovating ways to make money and reduce expenses.

In addition, I eat healthy, don't drink, cook over 75% of the time, and find free things to do too!

During my time in Costa Rica, I visited a river three times, tropical rainforest part of the property next door countless times, and beach for free several times.

Stays – $130 USD for San Jose and Drake Bay 4 nights

The rest of my stay for the month was hosted with press trips and digital marketing in Costa Rica.

$130 USD

Transportation -

$130 USD flight from Mexico to Costa Rica +

$100 USD from Costa Rica to El Salvador.

$25 USD Bus two times to and from San Jose, Costa Rica

$30 USD Boats 2x from Sierpe to Drake Bay and from Puerto Jimenez to Golfito

$20 USD Ubers to / from Airport and Testing Center

$10 USD Collectivos

$315 USD

Food -

$35 USD Eating Out

$100 USD Groceries

$50 USD Herbalife

$185 USD

Adventures -

$65 USD Cano Island

$95 USD Canyoning

$160 USD

Total $790 USD


What to Do With Your Savings

I absolutely challenge myself to practice contentment and gratitude, and do a number of free things all the time.

At the same time, I am aware of how much less I am spending compared to last year. In addition, I am and we are planting seeds with online campaigns and ongoing consulting to far exceed earned income last year.

I am nowhere near perfect and stumble all the time. Although I am a CPA, have experience in 7+ industries, and have made others 6-8 figures year over year for years, I sucked with my own money for years. I experienced a lot of issues with self hate, identity, and worth.

I am healing from this step by step with our Creator. I co created a 6 Pack of Wealth including creating, giving, investing, saving, leveraging and spending that will help you too.

As a result, I choose to invest and spend in some adventures too! You will love some of my Instagram Reels on money too @katrinajuliafit!

Tropical Escapade in Costa Rica


Cost of Traveling

Even when the cost of traveling may be high, I challenge to make money and reduce expenses in innovative ways.

What I have learned is that the more I don't box myself in, the more limitless I become. I love to share what I learn to help you #CREATEIT too.

Are you thinking about traveling the world?

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