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4 Creative Ways to Make Money and Reduce Expenses

More people than we ever imagined find themselves in circumstances they never imagined. It's easy to focus on what we see than what we don't see. The second we stretch our faith, mindset and actions is when our circumstances begin to change.

When I took one of the biggest leaps of faith of all - in choosing full-time entrepreneurship in 2011 - I never imagined I would walk through the challenges in character and circumstances I have. I absolutely did not think some of my own transformation, or business results would take as long as they have.

At the same time, I am astonishingly grateful because without those moments of pain, I would not have pushed to purpose. To create, to transform, to inspire. Those moments have led me to stretch far beyond what I would have imagined in life and in business vs. if things would have remained comfortably safe and secure. I know that may sound crazy. My life, likely like yours, is a story I am living with transformation from the inside out.

As I have walked through character chiseling and humility in more ways than I may count, I have prayed and found creative ways to make money and reduce expenses. Some, if not all of these, may surprise you. Despite circumstances that may be less than ideal in some ways, I have a lot to be grateful you. You do too.

At the same time, I feel part of my purpose is creating, transforming and inspiring fighting for your freedom in all forms. One way of doing that is to ask, seek, and knock for solutions and opportunities to transform from the inside out leading to a change in circumstances.

I would not be here without each and every step that came before, and all the ways I seek counsel from God, and coaches that hold me accountable. Not only that, but the choice to transform my thinking and feeling, as well as taking aligned actions with creating a life and business I love. I won't pretend it is always easy. Yet, I choose to get back up each and every time.

That is what I want you to get for creating a life and business you love.

Transformation is required to create what you love. Increasing your online presence is too.

If you are anything like me, you have challenges with lies, fears, and resistance. We all do. It's called being human. Take down the mask, and put on the gloves.