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Costa Rica Travel Costs and Living Expenses in 2021

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The last year hasn't been easy for us in many ways. While I am and we are surrounded by miracle moments, each and every one of us is walking through battles others do not see. At the same time, it's easy to focus on what we see than what we don't see. The moment we stretch our faith, mindset and actions is when our circumstances begin to change.

When I took one of the biggest leaps of faith of all - in choosing full-time entrepreneurship in 2011 - I never imagined I would walk through the challenges in character and circumstances I have. I absolutely did not think some of my own transformation, or business results would take as long as they have. I didn't imagine the impacts to my loved ones either.

The transformation from the inside out is not easy. Creating a life and business you love is worth the struggle, strength and satisfaction you experience along the way. Transformation is required to create what you love. Increasing your online presence is too.

If you are anything like me, you have challenges with lies, fears, and resistance. We all do.

It's called being human. Take down the mask, and put on the gloves.


Fight for your freedom.

From the inside out.

It is and You Are Worth It.

Creating a life and business you love will cost you who you were and many things about your life.

It will gain you freedom, purpose and passion beyond what you imagined.

The end of last year, I took another leap of faith much sooner than I thought I would. I cast a vision to Travel to 7 Continents years ago starting the end of 2021. A combination of God's vision for my life, as well as circumstances brought travel to Costa Rica to me in the middle of a pandemic much sooner than I thought.

Taking the leap of faith to travel globally sooner felt aligned from a spiritual standpoint in prayer and purpose, as well as from a practical perspective in living expenses and costs. In evaluating my faith, circumstances, and safety, I felt complete peace in taking the leap.

I knew I could not stay isolated over 90% again in Atlanta from a spiritual and mental health aspect.

In addition, when I compared my average travel costs and living expenses compared to staying in Atlanta, I saw the decision to travel globally as a no brainer.

The leap of faith to inspire travel now and in the future is one of the best decisions I have ever made. My soul feels full in every way.

Let's talk about Costa Rica Travel Costs and Living Expenses in 2021.


Travel Costs and Living Expenses in Costa Rica

I evaluated my travel costs and living expenses in Costa Rica prior to arriving. In essence, travel costs and living expenses anywhere in the world include living, food, transportation and clothing/souvenir type expenses.

There are creative ways to make money and reduce expenses whether you stay somewhere long term and/or travel.

I am pulling back the curtain on travel costs and living expenses in Costa Rica in 2021 during my three month stay in January - March.


Costa Rica Stay Expenses

During my three months in Costa Rica from December 31, 2020 - March 22, 2021, I experienced different stays across the country. My stays in Costa Rica included La Fortuna, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio and Escazu.

To give you insight into the expenses, keep in mind pricing will vary by season, length of stay, and media collaborations. In addition, the pandemic has definitely impacted pricing. Some of my stays were private homes and some private rooms as well.

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

I paid $770 for my first stay for a month in La Fortuna at Dragonfly Hideaway. My average was about $27 a night. Keep in mind, these are both pandemic and media negotiated rates. This is where we are hosting our Costa Rica Retreat in August 2021 too!

Monteverde, Costa Rica

I paid about $500 for three weeks in Monteverde with a beautiful cabin in the woods! The average nightly rate was about $23 negotiated as a longer term stay.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

I paid about $700 for two weeks creating near Manuel Antonio in Rio Portalon. The average nightly rate about $50. This ended up being a last minute stay with some challenges encountered with a stay during my travels.

Escazu, Costa Rica

I paid about $550 for three weeks creating near San Jose, Costa Rica. The average nightly rate at about $27 as a longer term stay.

When you compare my largest expense for rent and/or stays, it is lower than my previous rent in Atlanta, GA of about $1,600 by about half on average.

Airbnb in Escazu, Costa Rica - Joyeria Emilia Rodriguez


Food Expenses in Costa Rica

I balanced my food expenses in Costa Rica between grocery shopping, fresh markets and eating out on average 1-2 a week.

My average weekly to two-week grocery shopping at places like MaxiPali and Automercado was about $25-$40 including oat milk, bread, beans, fish and/or chicken, and snacks. My weekly trip to the market included fruits and vegetables at about $15 including pineapple, strawberries, spinach, fresh juice, yuca and more!

Weekly, I would use Uber eats and/or eat out at about $10-$30 on average.

Last, but definitely not least I order Herbalife Global Nutrition monthly totaling about $80 for the month.

As a result, my total weekly expenses ranged from $55 to $90, and monthly expenses ranged from $220-$360, respectively

Sin Domicilio Fijo near San Jose, Costa Rica


Transportation Costs in Costa Rica

When I arrived in Costa Rica, I used Uber to get to my first destination of La Fortuna, Costa Rica. It is much cheaper than a taxi. I spent about $75. In La Fortuna, for the whole month, I spent about $100 in Uber costs. A lot of my transportation was included in tours and experiences.

In comparison, in Monteverde, Costa Rica, I spent about $50 the three weeks on transportation costs.

In Manuel Antonio, I spent about $110 during the two weeks I was there. Keep in mind, I wasn't close to town and stayed on a mountain top!

During my three weeks in Escazu including arriving there from Manuel Antonio and transportation nearby, I spent about $200.

In short, no matter how you look at it much cheaper than a car note and than a rental car too!


Adventures, Clothing and Souvenirs

Before my travel to Costa Rica, I decided I would spend about $200-$300 monthly on adventures, clothing and souvenirs. I have stayed at or below this amount with shopping in markets, influencer marketing collaborations like Desafio Adventure company, and considering space of what I buy in my suitcase too!

In addition, I will ship souvenirs every three months or so to my family for less than $50 on average via posts and places.


Travel Costs in Costa Rica

My challenge to you is to think outside the box with creative ways to manage travel costs and living expenses in Costa Rica, or anywhere in the world!

What I have learned is that the more out of the box I think, the more I attract and learn about new opportunities as well. More importantly, the more leaps of faith I take, the more my eyes are opened to limitless possibilities.

Are you thinking about traveling the world?

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Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.

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