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My Third Month in Mexico 2021

Anyone else feel like 2021 is speeding by like a Ferrari? I feel like December 31, 2020 just happened yesterday when I decided to leave Atlanta, GA. Then, I blinked and it is August 2021!

In each country I am visiting on my travel to 7 Continents. Instead, I decided to start sharing a recap series on Creating and Adventuring. In June 2021, I spent the entire month in Tulum, Mexico.

Even though the year is flying by, I feel like so much has happened and is happening. Each and every day has so much LIFE in it! I am so grateful!

I will share summary highlights and insights of creating and adventuring in Tulum and Bacalar, Mexico, This month led to increased focus and discipline in business and finances with community, creators and creatives. I intensified my focus on an 80/20 approach and tracking results.

My adventures in Tulum and Bacalar, Mexico in July 2021 included Azulik, Casa Cenote, Biking in Tulum, Cozumel, Tulum Jungle Gym, Cenote Cocalitos and sailing at sunset in Bacalar, Mexico!

I continued to create, transform and inspire during my travel to 7 Continents adventures.