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Costa Rica Canyoning with Tropical Escapade

Where are my adventure lovers at? To know me is to know I love risk, adrenaline, and adventure in every area of life. As the years pass, my love of living life increases daily.

My adventures around the world include scuba diving, white water rafting (and near-death experience!), skydiving outdoors and indoors in Atlanta, oceanview zip lining, surfing in Costa Rica, and canyoning in Costa Rica to name a few adventures.

I am no stranger to adventure

When I saw Tropical Escapade offered canyoning in Costa Rica, I got excited! Earlier this summer, we connected on press trips and digital marketing in Costa Rica. As a digital nomad, I traveled the month to the Osa Peninsula.

National Geographic has named the Osa Peninsula, the most biologically intense place on earth.

If you didn't know, Costa Rica is home to over 500,000 species of animals making it one of the Top 20 most biodiverse countries in the world. During my time in Costa Rica in the Osa Peninsula, I experienced biodiversity with nature, wildlife and adventure. For days on end, I woke up to the endless sites and sounds of wildlife. Throughout the day, I would be in awe of Scarlet Macaws, Monkeys, and Toucans.

I experienced limitless time in nature in tropical rainforests, rivers, and beaches in