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  • Katrina Julia

Top 10 Medellin, Colombia Things to Do

Medellin was once known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, A lot has changed with the city since the 1990s that will surprise you.

Medellin is known for its nickname the "City of Eternal Spring" for its constant spring temperatures year-round, immersion in nature, innovation evident in the city, varying neighborhoods, Memory Museum, picturesque villages like Pueblita Paisa within the city, colorful towns like Guatepe within 2 hours from the city, and food in places like Hacienda Junin.

Whether you will spend one day in Medellin, or close to 2 weeks like I did, you will love it!

It's not easy to narrow down Medellin, Colombia to a Top 10 Things to Do, but here goes!

My Medellin, Colombia Things to Do includes Walking Historical Tour, Comuna 13, Guatepe. Pueblita Paisas, Museo Memoria, Metro Cable, Miraflores, Park of Lights, Neighborhoods, and Foodie Favorites!

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia

Twenty five years ago, Time Magazine named Medellin one of the most dangerous places on the planet. It would appear that Medellin is a city re-born.

Medellin, Colombia Highlights

  • Capital of Antioquia Province

  • Lies in a valley between two Andean mountain ridges

  • Famous for its coffee plantains, flower farms, orchids, and butterflies

  • Named Most Innovative City in the World in 2013 by Urban Land Institute

  • Known for the Most Bird Species in the World with Over 1,800+ Species

  • Boasts Over 550,000 Tourists Annually

Comuna 13 Tour with Airbnb Experiences

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 13 or via Airbnb.


Where I Stayed in Medellin, Colombia

I flew into Medellin from Bogota on Avianca Airlines on January 26th. I initially booked an adorable studio near the center of town until February 1st. I let the host know I might extend to February 7th upfront depending on the location, noise, and comfort. The building, studio, and WiFi were all great.

However, for me I prefer quieter neighborhoods and less street noise. As a result, I left February 1.

Medellin Airbnb in Center


I decided to experience a different side of town for my last week. I stayed at Pandora Co-Living in Envigado for a week.

Pandora CoLiving


Top 10 Medellin, Colombia Things to Do

You will find many things to do in Medellin, Colombia far beyond the Top 10 Things to Do I share.

Keep in mind, I stayed in Medellin for about two weeks. Whether you spend a day, a week, or months in Medellin, always make any travels your own!

My Medellin, Colombia Things to Do includes Walking Historical Tour, Comuna 13, Guatepe. Pueblita Paisas, Museo Memoria, Metro Cable, Miraflores, Park of Lights, Neighborhoods, and Foodie Favorites!

In putting together the Top 10 Medellin, Colombia Things to Do, I considered how I would experience travels knowing what I know now to make it easier and more enjoyable for you.

Buenos Aires Neighborhood


1 Walking Historical Tour in Medellin

Starting off your travels in Medellin with a walking historical tour is the best way to get up close and personal with Colombia. Not only that, but you support local entrepreneurs and economy as well.

While Colombia may be known for cartels and cocaine, you will discover it is equally as rich as a country. You may be surprised to know that Colombia boasts coffee as its biggest export, second most biodiverse country in the world, and world famous flower exporter especially for Valentines.

Plaza Botero

Although Colombia may have colorful towns and a colorful history (which one doesn't?), it is absolutely bucket list worthy. While spending time in Bogota, I have felt safe as a solo female traveler. Keep in mind, I do most activities during the day and in tourist spots or with groups.

I loved my Walking Historical Tour with Beyond Colombia
Tip the Guides well! They are amazing!

The Walking Historical Tour started at 10 am. My guide was Sarah. I learned deeper insight into Medellin, Colombia's history, culture, and economy. During the Walking Historical Tour in Medellin, we experienced Plaza Botero, Parque Berrios, La Libertad, Parque de las Luces, Palacio Nacional and more.

I walked to the starting point by San Antonio Metro Station from my Airbnb a few blocks. It is easy to get an Uber in Medellin as well.

How I Got Robbed in Colombia, Prayed, and Got my Phone Back in <15 Minutes

At the same time, like many cities in the world, it is important to stay aware and mindful of surroundings. With travel to 30+ countries, I am hyper aware. After I did my walking tour on my first full day in Medellin on February 27th, I ate at Hacienda Junin.

I left to walk to get my Herbalife Nutrition package. On my way, it started to rain so I decided to stop to take an Uber near Parque Berrios. That's where I got robbed in Colombia with having my iPhone 13 taken (but then returned in less than 15 minutes).

It definitely caught me off guard, increased my awareness, and created an opportunity for a miracle.