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One Day in Bogota, Colombia: Itinerary to Transform and Travel

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Travel to Bogota, Colombia is a dream come true. Ever since middle school, I became aware of the Colombian culture when I became great friends with Lorena. We would go to her house every day after school in Houston, Texas where her mom would make us plantains, beans, and rice.

Colombia was on my list the end of 2021. However, God and life had other plans when I felt compelled to return to the USA for several reasons including fixing my Apple Computer screen.

Colombia is much more than likely you have heard. It is the second most biodiverse country in the world, often voted one of the World's happiest countries, #2 in flower exports, and #1 in Emerald exports.

You aren't the only one who has heard of Colombia. On average, over 5 million tourists visits Colombia every year. During my visit in 2022, I am visiting Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena.

"Que Chévere”

No matter how much time you have in Colombia, don't miss Bogota.

Let's talk about what I recommend for One Day in Bogota, Colombia.

One Day in Bogota, Colombia

One Day in Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia surprised me. I loved the blog Nomadic Matt did about Bogota, Colombia. It enticed me to make sure and add Bogota, Colombia to my list even more.

The Airbnb I picked, Casa Aranjuez added to the experience of travel to Bogota, Colombia. Casa Aranjuez is an incredible colonial style two level stay in the middle of La Candelaria, Bogota's Historical District. The owner Santiago and manager, Nelson go above and beyond in every way. I stayed at Casa Aranjuez almost two weeks in January 2022.

Casa Aranjuez is literally footsteps from Plaza Bolivar, La Puerta Falsa, La Candeleria, and countless other must see spots in Bogota. Isn't it adorable?

Bogota, Colombia Airbnb: Casa Aranjuez

That's one of the reasons why I decided to spend not just One Day in Bogota, Colombia but about 2 weeks. If you are curious about my full-time travels, check out my Digital Nomad September 21 Recap.

If you don't know where to start with your time in Colombia, I am here to help you #createit!

Although I experienced an incredible time in Bogota for about 2 weeks, there is so much to experience! I decided I wanted to see Medellin and Cartagena during my time in Colombia too.

While there is plenty to experience one day all around Bogota to transform and travel whether you come solo, with family, or with a group, you will want to consider staying longer.

Follow this One Day in Bogota, Colombia Itinerary to Transform and Travel.

It will help you make your travels transformational even it's a short trip.

My recommendations for One Day in Bogota, Colombia include Monserrate, Walking and Food Tour with Beyond Colombia, and Ajiaco soup at La Puerta Falsa.

Bogota, Colombia Street Art by Plazoleta Chorro de Quevedo

Travel to Bogota, Colombia

I started my travels in 2022 with Travel to Mexico City From Mexico City, I took a flight with Volaris Airlines to Bogota, Colombia. It was about 3-4 hours with a direct flight. There are many airlines offering direct flights from destinations all around the world to Bogota, Colombia.

Plaza Bolivar in Bogota, Colombia

Before you travel to Colombia, make sure you check current requirements for COVID. As of January 2022, Colombia requires a Mig Form (Health Pass) completed online, vaccination proof from >14 days ago or COVID Test, and onward flight leaving Colombia. In addition, the USA requires a COVID Test to re-enter. Keep in mind requirements are ever-changing, so I recommend you check about a week or so before your travels.

I traveled to Colombia arriving on January 14, 2022 in Bogota, Colombia. As of now, I will be leaving for my next stop on travel to 7 Continents is Medellin, Colombia from January 26 to February 7, 2022. After Medellin, I will travel to Cartagena for five days. i will be leaving Colombia on February 11, 2022 for a digital marketing project and press trip in Panama. The original plan for the press trip was back in October, then it changed to November due to changes on both sides, and finally we are going forward for February to March 2022.

Painted Colombian Wooden Doors at Local Usaqueen Market

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 13 or Airbnb photos.

Fun Facts About Bogota

At every turn, Bogota, Colombia will surprise you. Bogota is the sprawling, high-altitude capital of Colombia at about 8,600 feet. La Candelaria, the historical center of Bogota features Plaza Bolivar, beautiful colorful colonial homes and cobblestone streets, home to countless museums and churches (there are over 1,500 in Bogota alone!), and is where you may find Ajiaco, the delicious and famous Colombian soup.

Needless to see, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Bogota!

Top Row: Mural by Plaza Chorro Quevado, National Capitol at Plaza Bolivar, Paloquemao Market

Bottom Row: Beautiful Colonial Home on Calle 10 in La Candelaria, Weyuu Bags, Casa Aranjuez

If you are curious about more destinations in Colombia, definitely look for my One Day at Top 10 Things to Do in Medellin and Cartagena guides from February 2022.

A Snapshot of Colombian History

The history of Colombia includes the settlements of indigenous peoples including Muisca Confederation, Quimbaya Civilization, and Tairona Chiefdoms. Similar to other latin countries like El Salvador, the Spanish arrived in 1492 and began colonization. In 1536-1538, Spain established the settlement of Santa Fe de Bogota, which later became known as Bogota, the capitol of Colombia.

According to BBC, In 1829, Gran Colombia dissolved when Venezuela and Ecuador split off, leaving present-day Colombia and Panama a separate state known as Nueva Granada. In 1899 to 1902, Subsequent to the findings of the Liberal and Conservative parties, "The War of the Thousand Days": happened with around 120,000 people dying in civil wars. In 1948 to 1957, amidst continuing political disunity, 250,000-300,000 killed in civil war. In 1958, Conservatives and Liberals solely agree to form National Front in a bid to end the civil war.

From 1964 to 1982, the formation of Leftist National Liberation Army (ELN) and Maoist People's Liberation Army (EPL) is founded, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc, the current largest guerrilla grouping) set up, and National People's Alliance formed as a left-wing counterweight to the National Front.

In 1971, Left-wing M-19 guerrilla group emerges. During the Guerrilla War, President Julio Turbay (Liberal) begins intensive fight against drug traffickers in 1978. In 1982, President Belisario Betancur (Conservative) grants guerrillas amnesty and frees political prisoners. From 1984 to 1995, the war against drug cartels is intensified.

In 1984 and 1985, respectively, campaign against drug traffickers stepped up following assassination of justice minister and eleven judges and 90 other people killed after M-19 guerrillas force their way into the Palace of Justice; Patriotic Union Party (UP) founded. Historical figures and events you may have heard of include Pablo Escobar, Medellin drug-cartel leader, shot dead in 1993 while trying to evade arrest. In 1995, Ernesto Samper Pizano (Liberal) elected president and is subsequently charged and cleared of receiving drug-cartel money for his election campaign.

In 1998, Andres Pastrana Arango - a Conservative - elected president, begins peace talks with guerrillas. In 2000, Pastrana's "Plan Colombia" is awarded US$1 billion in mainly military aid from the US to fight drug-trafficking and rebels who profit and protect the trade.