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One Day In New Orleans: Itinerary to Transform and Travel in New Orleans, LA

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

You love to travel and have new experiences. You want to get away, recharge, and stay healthy while traveling. Traveling helps you get away, have new experiences, and gain a new perspective. You want fun, food, and fitness when you come visit to New Orleans LA. Maybe, you want to come with your family too? You want to transform and travel.

It's easy to see why New Orleans feeds your soul with the vibes, music, and food. The city combines fun, food and fitness in every way. The city is walkable and transportation friendly, especially when you stay downtown or near the Street Car line.

There's plenty to experience one day in New Orleans, LA to transform and travel whether you come solo or with family. After you read this, you may want to stay in New Orleans, LA longer.

Follow this One Day in New Orleans, LA: Itinerary to Transform and Travel. It will help you make the best of your trip even it's a short one. These are my recommendations for the top sights and fun, fitness, and food for your one day in New Orleans. My intention for you is that you choose joy.

New Orleans, LA
New Orleans, LA

 One Day In New Orleans: Itinerary to Transform and Travel in New Orleans, LA
One Day In New Orleans: Itinerary to Transform and Travel in New Orleans, LA

My Experiences With New Orleans, LA

If you are connecting with me and us for the first time with FIT Life Creation, I recently traveled to New Orleans for our annual Herbalife Global Nutrition Event: Extravaganza.

Since I went there a day before the event, I thought it would be great to do a one day guide on New Orleans, LA. The last time I visited New Orleans was on my way to Atlanta when I first moved to Atlanta.

It was interesting visiting New Orleans after 9 years as a totally different person. I reflected a lot on how my health, wealth, business have transformed since then. I've had several experiences in New Orleans from Christmas with family to partying with friends in the past. The experience this time was healthy and happy in every way. If you didn't know, I haven't drank alcohol for 5 years now.

This time, I got to experience the French Quarter, Street Art Walk, and Garden District. I stayed at The Quisby and love it. I ate at Tableau and Brennan's for brunch. I flew in in the morning and got to New Orleans about 8am. I headed to The Quisby to change first. For a different and economical experience, I chose to stay at a hostel.

The Quisby Hostel
The Quisby Hostel

Fun Facts About New Orleans, LA

Feed your soul in New Orleans with the rich history and culture of the 300-year-old city. Speaking of feeding, New Orleans is home to >1,500 restaurants.

New Orleans is know for the French Quarter, Garden District, and City Park. You may have heard of Essence Festival, hosted in New Orleans every year. The city is known for its football team, the New Orlean Saints.

New Orleans is rich in history with the birthplace of jazz, creole food, and more. There is something for everyone to experience. The city has many diverse and colorful neighborhoods. It's home to the largest municipal park in the country. I loved visiting and taking the street car around the city.

One Day In New Orleans: Itinerary to Transform and Travel in New Orleans, LA

So let's explore the fun, fitness, and food I recommend for one day in New Orleans, LA

Depending on when you arrive in the city, and where you stay, feel free to modify your experiences!

I'm sharing here a full 24 hours for your one day in New Orleans. I'm also giving you more reasons to stay longer. I may be biased.


French Quarter

The first thing I did was head to French Quarter. I recommend you visit the French Quarter during the day. It's fun to get lost walking around. I love the architecture. The streets are so bright and colorful. Even with filming a video, I walked around about an hour - two hours.