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How to Start an Online Membership Like a Boss

Chances are you have thought of, or are thinking of, starting an online membership. Whether you are a side-hustler, entrepreneur or brand, there is no denying 2020 has accelerated the focus of online course creation, online summits, as well as online memberships and masterminds.

Maybe you have launched online challenges, courses, and/or summits, and you are ready to start an online membership now. However, you find yourself challenged at how to start an online membership, what tools to use, and how to organize your content like a boss. You are not alone.

I got exposed to online memberships and masterminds in 2016 as a student with Brendon Burchard and Chalene Johnson. I loved the value, ease, and convenience. I immediately saw the value of creating my own membership and monthly mastermind using Kajabi - an all in 1 marketing platform.

Step by step, I outlined my membership and mastermind and launched it - Creation Club - in 2017. I immediately saw the value of partnering with others, as well as helping others #createit too!

I am thrilled to share our average students create and launch online courses, memberships and masterminds in less than a month. We've worked with entrepreneurs, influencers and brands and collaborated with 100s to thousands of students and community members.

I know how hard it can be to figure out how to structure your online presence, membership and business first hand. Getting here is 100s to thousands of hours, 100s to thousands of dollars of investment in programs and coaches, and years in the making. I did not get here overnight.

With any online business, starting and sharing on a podcast creates evergreen valuable content to connect with your community. Serving people in any time zone and while I am doing anything else - yes please.

How to Start an Online Membership Like a Boss will help you with outlining your membership and mastermind, tools to use, and ways to launch your online business.

Stay tuned because in my next blog and show episodes, I'm sharing the 411 & behind the scenes with Patreon and Kajabi (and what I wish I knew 3 years ago!)

Start Your Online Membership / Mastermind Easily

Figuring out how to start your online membership like a boss may seem challenging and overwhelming. It's key to break it down in 3-5 steps, and automate and delegate step by step.

Let me simplify it for you.

  • Outline Your Membership

  • Schedule & Create Content

  • Identify Your Tools

  • Launch Your Membership

  • Learn All the Time

Keep in mind you learn by taking action and connecting with community over and over. Getting to 4, 5, 6, 7 figure launches does not happen overnight typically. Even for those that launch their first course and hit 5-7+ figure launches, they have typically built their online presence in different ways for years.

Nothing happens overnight.

Simple Start.

Keep Getting Back Up.


Outline Your Membership

Outlining your membership is easier than you think. Decide what you want to focus your membership on, how you will serve, what problems you solve, and who you want to help.

For example:

1 I knew I wanted to focus on helping people create a life and business they love.

2 I decided I wanted to serve with health, wealth, business online & live with tips, tools & tech.

3 I identified problems worth solving of clarity, simplicity & convenience all in 1 for entrepreneurs & brands to create with wellness, marketing, business & travel.

4 I increased clarity on serving those in corporate & 9-5 who want all in 1 solutions, social media gurus & influencers who want help on building a brand and monetizing, and brands who want help with solutions for their brands and teams.

Use the same 4 steps to identify your focus, how you serve, problems you solve, and who you want to help. Keep in mind, I did not arrive here. I started 1 on 1 and grew to scale online and to brands.

Start where you are. Identify themes like I did with get healthy, make money, and build brands. This will help you align with your social media, blogs, shows, and membership. Offer valuable freebies for a sneak peek like our 14 Day Challenge.

It is easy to see how our content, freebies and membership align. The three themes translate into content focus every week in everything from Jump Start to Smart Social to Money Maker to Inspire Influence and more. We have 12 themes that center around helping you create a life and business you love.

In every piece of content like your landing page, e-mails, blogs & shows, and social media posts; share what is included in your freebie and in your monthly membership and mastermind.


Schedule and Create Content

Once you identify your focus, schedule and create your content. This includes aligning your social media, blogs, and content for your membership. I use Canva for almost everything, QuickTime to record voice overs, and my iPhone and Canon for face to face videos.

Determine what you will create daily, weekly and monthly and constantly learn. How, what, and when I create content now is dramatically different than it was years ago. I automate numerous things with tools like Kajabi and scale several tasks via Okay Relax and Virtual Assistants.

We cover the 411 more in depth in our CREATEIT summit and monthly mastermind as well.


Identify Tools for Online Memberships and Masterminds

There are numerous tools for Online Memberships and Masterminds.

I have used SkillShare, Patreon and Kajabi to name a few.

Overwhelmingly, I have used Kajabi now for 3+ years.

I would easily say over 90% of our online business and functions.

However, I would share that if I was starting now, I would start on SkillShare and Patreon at the same time, consistently share content tied to both, and then build on Kajabi for ease, time and investment purposes.

No matter where you are #CREATEIT NOW.


In 2020, I started testing and growing on SkillShare which is a great place to start.

I have 3+ courses on there and have seen it grow this year.

It is easy to create your profile, share your platforms, and create courses for free.

You get paid by views on the platform.



Patreon is a platform for all types of creatives that may create a page with tiers for patreons to create with you and pay at various levels. It is easy to set up, and Patreon offer's extensive guidance and ideas to help you build and grow.

With Patreon, your community and future community may see the value you offer at a glance with your membership tiers. By offering previews, new value monthly, you incentivize people to keep their monthly membership.

It's a great way to start and build with exclusive content, Ask Me Anythings, Sneak Peeks and more. The lower price point and barrier to entry will help you build confidence and grow faster.


For example, I shared sneak peek posts, set up a special offer, and launched with my tiers start as low as $7 monthly for you to create with my community with exclusive content and value.

My tiers go up to $100+.

As a creator, you have the freedom to set your tiers, what you offer, and share via your social channels and online platforms. I learned about Patreon via Adventurous Kate via Wanderful's Women in Travel Summit

I love how they create a blog like page with content and previews to your memberships increasing the likelihood people will connect with you with options like sharing a poll, blog, audio and more.

I launched in July 2020 and am sharing on my blog, show, Pinterest and LinkedIn to name a few ways to launch your monthly membership and online mastermind.



I first experienced Kajabi as a student with Brendon Burchard and Chalene Johnson in 2017. I fell in love with the platform right away. The all in one marketing platform greatly appeals to me because it saves hundreds of hours in a week alone.

Within Kajabi, you may create your website, blog, landing pages, freebies library, books, automations, online courses & mastermind, community, e-mails, influencer marketing collaborations, Influencer management, and brand engagements.

These are some of the many ways I have used Kajabi, and teach others.

With this all in one marketing platform, the possibilities are limitless.


Launch Your Membership

Being an entrepreneur, setting up and growing your online business, and online membership and mastermind is not for the faint of heart. Even though I am an entrepreneur, I am always being coached and in communities for accountability.

As of this moment, I am in communities in faith with Transformation Church, Passion City Church, Mount Paran Church, and Bible Studies. In wellness, I am in communities with Herbalife Global Nutrition (since 2013), Team Edge (since 2014), and One Peloton (since 2020).

In entrepreneurship, I am in monthly programs right now with Boss Babe Societe (since October 2019), Achieving Optimal with Tommy Newberry Online (since June 2020), and Unstoppable with Bethany Hamilton of Soul Surfer (since July 2020). That's not including Facebook communities I manage and/or contribute to daily/weekly.

For me, growth is not optional with the mission and vision God has put on my heart.

With an online business, courses, and membership, I have learned a ton.

To launch your online membership, I recommend you:

1 Align your social media

2 Tie in your blogs & shows

3 Get featured on other blogs & shows

4 Share your newsletter

5 Partner with influencers & partners

And no matter what, keep getting up and learning over and over.


Online Membership Like a Boss

No matter what business you are in, an online memberships may help you create a loyal community and consistent income over time. You may share your story, combine the value you offer and include tips, tools and technology.

Think about what you could launch your monthly membership in and on what platform next. What technology spoke the most to you next?

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