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How Traveling the World Will Save You Money

Give You Adventure, AND Help You Pay Off Debt Faster

As I travel to 7 Continents, I started sharing my travel costs and living expenses. I started sharing with Costa Rica, and I most recently Guatemala travel costs and expenses.

Spoiler Alert: Your mind may be blown to learn that traveling is costing me less, saving me money, giving me adventure, and helping me pay off debt faster!


Let me shatter any misconceptions you may have that I am already financially free, have limitless amounts of cash, and am paying $100s of dollars a night. Nope. I believe I am walking through countless spiritual, mental and practical lessons in finances to help you and others be wiser with money. I am working on financial freedom & paying off debt!


If you would have told me years ago, I would have doubted you in more ways than one.

I would have doubts, disbelief & fears too! I am proof it is possible with results the last 6 months!

Interesting that Dave Ramsey and Susie Orman don't share how this is possible to increase your freedom and joy!

Let's talk about how traveling the world will save you money, give you adventure, and help you pay off debt faster!

How Traveling the World Will Save You Money

Insights into My Travels Since Leaving Atlanta, GA in 2020

Last year, when I realized my lease was due for January, 2021, I decided I would leave Atlanta, GA the end of 2020 for about two years. I donated a ton & put things in storage & bold leap of faith to travel #7continents#katrinajuliaxtravelsin the middle of a #globalpandemic


For 2021-22 I decided to stay in #centralamerica #southamerica these aren’t the only continents & countries you may make this possible friend!


I chose to travel to Costa Rica for more reasons than one. I spent January to March of 2021 in Costa Rica exploring La Fortuna, Monteverde, Manuel Antonio and San Jose. My next destination March to May 2021 included Antigua and Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

After 2 countries, 7 Airbnb stays, with the average stays at each destination about 3 weeks, I wanted to create some stability at my next stop. My Mayan Jungle Cabana in Tulum, Mexico ended up being the perfect spot to spend three months from May to end of July, 2021.

How Travel is Saving Money Even in Tulum

How Travel is Saving Money in 2021

You may be surprised that travel is saving me money in destinations like Costa Rica and Tulum, Mexico. I don't blame you. For years, I read blogs and posts with travel to destinations focusing on luxury and budget travel.

With most of the budget travel, I found the experiences included staying in hostels. I didn't want to do this due to protecting my energy and for privacy purposes past a certain point.


It is absolutely possible with private stays to lower your living expenses over $700 monthly with rent, cable, electricity, WiFi, and groceries at a minimum.

Azulik Day Visit

How I Am Saving Money All Around the World

I have successfully lowered my rent every single month in each destination over $700 compared to Atlanta, GA. I have done this by negotiating long-term and media stays. For each stay over 3 weeks, I have successfully gotten discounts over 20 to 50% off.

With Airbnb, Many of these discounts are automatic when you put in dates of 28 days or more. With Workaway, similar platforms, and pitching press stays, I have successfully scored four press stays in 2021 coming up. As a result, my living expenses will continue to lower the remainder of 2021.

In addition, I have not paid an electricity and WiFi bill. With my Tulum, Mexico stay, I did pay $40 monthly for electricity extra and $20 for WiFi because it is satellite in the jungle.

Not only that, but groceries are over half less weekly for the week. When you use a bike as your primary method of transportation and/or public Collectivos, your average transportation in even Tulum, Mexico will be $10 USD weekly!

I am innovating in every way with projects, collaborations, and adventures by spending less than $25 weekly on adventures!

This decreases pressure with expenses and increases the ability to increase paying off debt faster with putting most or all of rent towards an emergency fund, investments and paying off debt faster.

I think you will agree is what is absolutely process is increased presence, joy, and living fully.

I am living proof you don’t have to wait, have tons of 💰or do things one way.

Pray, have faith ,think outside the box because there is no box, and leap and live a limitless life!

Highlights into My Transformation

The transformation from the inside out is not easy. Creating a life and business you love is worth the struggle, strength and satisfaction you experience along the way. Transformation is required to create what you love. Increasing your online presence is too.

If you are anything like me, you have challenges with lies, fears, and resistance. We all do.

It's called being human. Take down the mask, and put on the gloves.


Fight for your freedom.

From the inside out.

It is and You Are Worth It.

Creating a life and business you love will cost you who you were and many things about your life.

It will gain you freedom, purpose and passion beyond what you imagined.

The end of last year, I took another leap of faith much sooner than I thought I would. I cast a vision to Travel to 7 Continents years ago starting the end of 2021. At the start of 2021, I spent almost three months in Costa Rica.

After travel to Costa Rica, I originally thought I would travel to Nicaragua. However, with both pandemic challenges, as well as logistical issues with flights, I decided not to. For years, Antigua and Lake Atitlan in Guatemala have been on my bucket list with travel to 7 Continents. So, I decided to take the leap. I am so glad I did. Guatemala surprised me in countless ways!

Like thousands to millions of others, I have visited Mexico before. However, Tulum, Mexico kept capturing my attention via blogs, bloggers and instagrammers like Tripping with my BFF, Christina Galbato, Aggiem and Christine via @tourdelust.

So, I decided to put Tulum on my list next for Mexico. I am so glad I did for 3 months!

After Tulum, things have lined up for a press stay in Bacalar, and Valladolid for a visit!

You'll be amazed at how low I kept travel costs and living expenses even in Tulum, Mexico!

Let's talk about Mexico Travel Costs and Living Expenses in 2021.


Travel Costs and Living Expenses in Mexico

I evaluated my travel costs and living expenses in Mexico prior to arriving. In essence, travel costs and living expenses anywhere in the world include your four walls with living, food, transportation and clothing. I substitute a lot of clothing for adventures.

In addition, I tracked the 6 Pack of Wealth daily including creating, giving, saving, investing, leveraging, and spending to continue to improve my relationship with abundance in all forms.