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How Traveling the World Will Save You Money

Give You Adventure, AND Help You Pay Off Debt Faster

As I travel to 7 Continents, I started sharing my travel costs and living expenses. I started sharing with Costa Rica, and I most recently Guatemala travel costs and expenses.

Spoiler Alert: Your mind may be blown to learn that traveling is costing me less, saving me money, giving me adventure, and helping me pay off debt faster!


Let me shatter any misconceptions you may have that I am already financially free, have limitless amounts of cash, and am paying $100s of dollars a night. Nope. I believe I am walking through countless spiritual, mental and practical lessons in finances to help you and others be wiser with money. I am working on financial freedom & paying off debt!


If you would have told me years ago, I would have doubted you in more ways than one.

I would have doubts, disbelief & fears too! I am proof it is possible with results the last 6 months!

Interesting that Dave Ramsey and Susie Orman don't share how this is possible to increase your freedom and joy!

Let's talk about how traveling the world will save you money, give you adventure, and help you pay off debt faster!