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7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss El Salvador Edition

Creating content in 2021 looks way different than 2020 in Atlanta. Everything is evolving with content from the location, types, and style of content. For example, Instagram Reels Like a Boss barely started last year and look at the growth! During recent travel to Costa Rica, I created with travel brands live.

Creating content involves freedom of expression from the inside out with authenticity, integrity and alignment. Whether you have traveled to places like El Salvador or not, you will find my content creation strategy is relatable no matter where in the world you are! Make sure you follow along with travel to 7 Continents.You will get inspired to create, transform and inspire!

These tips, tools and tech will inspire you to create content, online courses, global transformational retreats, and your brand.

Whether you are a content creator, entrepreneur, traveler, or brand, you will learn 7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss in the El Salvador Edition.

7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss El Salvador Edition

Background Insights

Just like you, I have a history in creating, transformation and entrepreneurship. For deeper insights into my social media, content creation, and launch history, check out my How to Create Content Like a Boss in Mexico edition.

No matter where you are in your content strategy and creation, the Content Like a Boss series will help you with strategy, structure and systems with strategy, creation, pitching, social media, blogs, podcasts, courses and launches

It will help you align the incredible content you create to your freebies library, online courses, events or retreats, and brand consulting.

One Day in El Salvador

El Tunco Beach in El Salvador

7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss: El Salvador Edition

In case you missed my latest Costa Rica 2021 edition, check it out!

No matter what type of entrepreneur or brand you are, or what industry you are in, creating a life, business, and community you love will inspire you to create content.

El Salvador surprised me in more ways than one. It is easy for me to see why the 2018 Tourism Campaign leveraged the #Dontskipelsalvador.

Before I left Costa Rica for my travel to El Salvador, I decided on a relaxed and refined approach. For example, I knew I would create a One Day in El Salvador and Content Like a Boss in El Salvador, Instagram Reels, and YouTube videos. I left myself open to be flexible on the rest. It seemed to fit with the travel to El Salvador a surprise too.

My original plan for the travel included blogs, podcast episodes, ideas for social media, videos, and tying to online courses and ongoing consulting.

My Plan to Create Content Like a Boss:

1) Outline travels and content

2) Consider stays and experiences (Open Air Jungle House)

3) Outline blogs, shows, and videos with CREATEIT Summit and Mastermind

4) Researching adventures and healthy food experiences

5) Pitch brands like a boss

6) Create content weekly on blog, show and courses

7) Share how to create what you love and align to launches

So, 7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss includes Blogs, Shows, Videos, Instagram Reels, Instagram Posts + Stories, Instagram IGTV Videos, and Tying to Online Courses

El Tunco Beach Airbnb in Tamanique in El Salvador

Writing Blogs

A blog is a great way to create binge-worthy content that has people coming back over and over. With a week of travel in El Salvador, I decided to create two blogs on El Salvador. I wanted to focus on the history, culture, safety, and beauty in the country, as well as my One Day in El Salvador, and Content Like a Boss guides.

With each destination, I usually do a One Day and Top 10 series. However, with the nature of a short trip, I decided to do a longer piece on the Surprise of El Salvador and One Day. You will see El Salvador highlighted again in my Digital Nomad Recaps coming up.

Content Blogs + Shows:

1) Surprise of El Salvador

2) One Day in El Salvador

3) Press Trips in 2021

4) 75+ Tools and Resources to Create a Life and Business You Love

5) Content