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3 Ways to Create a Life & Business You Love and Make Money Like a Boss: HoneyBook Highlights

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Creating a life and business you love and making money like a boss involves several different factors. It includes aligning your passion and purpose to make money online and or live. For any business, whether an entrepreneur and creative or Fortune 500 company it involves identifying tools to help you make money too.

Whether you are starting off and managing your own money, hiring a virtual bookkeeper or Chief Financial Officer, or have an entire finance and accounting department, the software and tool you choose to help you make money may make or break your business.

What do you feel when you hear someone bring up softwares for finances and accounting? How about relationship management? Do you see software as a tool to help you create community? Are you speaking about money positively? Have you researched tools to help you create with community? Are you ready to learn how to Create a Life and Biz You Love (And Make Money)

Three Ways to Create a Life and Biz You Love (And Make Money)

I hope to help you create a life and business you love and make money like a boss. HoneyBook, helps over 75,000 creatives rise together doing what they love and making money with forms, proposals and packages seamlessly helping you create the ideal experience - all in one place.

Rising Tide Tuesdays Together MeetUp In Atlanta
Rising Tide Tuesdays Together MeetUp In Atlanta

Creating Community

I first learned about RisingTide and HoneyBook via Elaine Rau of Lady Boss Blogger late 2019. I love what Natalie Franke and the community has created in every way including beliefs on creative economy will change the world, community over competition, and serving a creative community of over 75,000. Impact continues with over $130,000 donated to non-profits something you know is near and dear to me and our community too!

Once I learned all about the mission and vision of HoneyBook and the community, I immediately explored their website. In addition to the tool to help you make and manage money like a boss, I found opportunities to submit blogs, join a local chapter and become an educator!

I submitted my first blog post on goal setting which got approved for 1/1/2020! I recently received approval for my March post on elevating your brand too! I researched a local Tuesdays Together chapter in Atlanta and found the Facebook Group. I started contributing in various ways immediately.

I attended my first meetup this last week via Park Studios and loved it with Atlanta Girl Bosses! I volunteered to speak online and live with various opportunities on wellness, media, business, and travel, as well as co-hosting a meet-up in May in Atlanta in Buckhead! If you have been here awhile, you know I love serving and creating community! If this is your first time, welcome to the party and creating community!

1 Contact Community

HoneyBook has a super simple plug and play contact form you may use for your leads.

You may customize everything from images to questions and multiple choice.

Depending on your business model, you may use a form for numerous inquiries to help you simplify and scale your business. For example, with our all in 1 lifestyle brand, we serve entrepreneurs and brands via freebies, online courses, live events and management.

With everything but management, we use Kajabi - an all in 1 marketing platform for our online courses and events. I chose to transition recently to HoneyBook from QuickBooks because of the ease of use, integration and community with HoneyBook.

We use HoneyBook for consulting implementation retainers for wellness, media and travel for influencers and brands. As a result, our forms, proposals and contracts include things like monthly hands-on wellness workshops with and without influencers; creation of a lifestyle brand and media like blogs, freebies, and courses; and hands-on wellness and business retreats for companies just like we do for our own brand for entrepreneurs.

Brand Form

Here is an example of our brand form for wellness, media and travel. What I love is there are options to embed the form as well as hyperlink.

In our community, we offer community collabs ranging from creator features to press trips to brand placement, In managing collaborations, we use a custom influencer marketing page for submissions.

With our submissions with influencers with over 25K followers on Instagram that want influencer management similar to brands, we use our Influencer Management HoneyBook Form.

Each form took less than 5 min to create. Once you are clear on strategy, the structure and systems become easier and easier.

2 Proposing Perfectly

HoneyBook offers simple and easy functionality to propose perfectly. I love how you may add in listings, packages, and pricing. Another feature I love is the ability to e-mail the proposal with ease, as well as track payment. You are even notified when your proposal is read!

I am sharing one of our packages to help you get ideas on what packages you could create with your business. HoneyBook provides online resources and tutorials as well. In addition, their support team is amazing! I know first hand! We also cover HoneyBook behind the scenes in our monthly mastermind and live events and retreats!

3 Contracting ABCs

Got legal? No problem! HoneyBook has built in contracting to help you easily and effortlessly streamline your contracting process from start to finish! It is an all in 1 experience!

Here is a snapshot and glimpse of one of the templates provided for contracting. As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on creating a life and business you love and making money.

HoneyBook helps you easily create and share your forms, proposals and contracts with ease and grace. Plus its easy to scale with a team member when you are ready to!

Series on Podcast

Make Money Like a Boss

Creating a life and business you love and making money like a boss becomes easier with tools that support every step. Whether you are starting as a creative entrepreneur or creator, scaling with a team, or running an agency, HoneyBook helps you make money like a boss.

Evaluate what finance and accounting tool you are using currently. Does your existing tool simplify proposals, packages and contracts? Are you able to automate tracking and reporting with your community?

Imagine how simplifying, scaling and automating your forms, proposals and payments could take your brand to the next level.

How will you create next? You'll love these tips on creating a course in a week like us.

If you post on social media, please tag us @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation.




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