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Feature: Elaine Rau with Lady Boss Blogger Being and Becoming a Lady Boss

Updated: May 14, 2019

Feature: Elaine Rau of Lady Boss, Blogger

Blogger, Entrepreneur, Course Creator, Speaker,

and over 150K community in less than 2 years. Being and Becoming a Lady Boss

We love sharing the journey of creating a life and business you love.  It is about the stories and all of us relate to others in different ways!

........Feature Spotlight

We talk how we connected via Activate, Leaps of Faith, Mindset, Creating Community, and more!

We will get into:

1) Elaine's Story on Leaving the Wedding Industry 2) A Pivotal Moment that Caused Her to Take a Leap of Faith 3) The Keys to How the Community Grew to 150k in < 2 Years

4) Highlights of Tools + eTech for Lady Bosses and Her New Shop

5) Figuring it Out Step by Step + Taking Action

6) What Lady Boss Blogger is All About + Intern Opportunities

7) Where You May Find Elaine + Lady Boss Blogger