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Money Maker: 5 Keys to Making & Managing Money Like a Boss

Making and managing money like a boss brings up so many things for us all. Whether passion and purpose, fear or nervousness, money brings up emotions going back to childhood for many of us.

What do you feel when you hear someone bring up being a money maker and managing money? How do you speak about money? What is the first thought you have right after money comes to mind?

I hope to help you create a life and business you love including being a money maker and manager. Will your mindset and money transform overnight? No. You have accumulated the mindset, moves and money over a lifetime. You can transform step by step with time and taking action.

How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to change? Are you willing to change your mindset when it comes to money?

Money Maker Intro

5 keys to making and managing money will help you shift in how you relate and behave with money. You will take a closer look at your relationship with money. Insights will come to you with every key on whether you feel enough, secure, and abundant.

You will be faced with reflecting on how you speak about money, and how you act with it. Consider if you act abundant, content, and grateful in your relationship with and to money. Do you face fears with finances or run from them? What does your family tree reveal to you about your families beliefs about money?

Evaluate experiences with money are from childhood. This is a great place to start to get to the root of family trends and wealth. Did you experience abundance or scarcity with wealth? 

These are important things to think about with your thoughts, actions, and words. Many people today live life stuck recreating the past over and over. Is that your story with making and managing money? What about your time? How about your generosity of spirit?

Money 411

Did you know an average family makes about $74,000 and shells out $57,000.? Are you aware the majority of Americans are one paycheck away from financial disaster?

According to Market Watch, most Americans are one paycheck from being homeless.

You are not alone. I am right here with you.

Transformation Story

I understand transformation with life and money. I have countless wins and losses with money in my history. My intention is to help you go forward and never to judge you. It is my hope that you transform your mindset, money, and legacy.

In many ways, I feel like my “transformation story” is only beginning. Know that all of these mindsets impacted what I did, who I did it with, and my wealth. I am sure your mindset does too. This journey gives me massive relatability to millions, if not billions of people as well.

My Before Story with Money


  • Initial excitement with money in entrepreneurship e.g. Girl Scouts & Grandma's Store

  • Witnessing money fears and fights with family

  • Working with roles and industries I didn’t love

  • Generating 6–8+ figure results annually for others

  • Capping myself for years and frequent instability

  • Serving entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies

  • Getting promoted regularly every year or so or leaving

  • Handing fraud, waste, abuse cases recovering millions

  • Creating partially and scarcely in what I did love

  • Being a side hustler for years easily

  • Overspending money for years

  • Major people pleasing syndrome leaving myself out

  • Saving little to no money for years

  • Increasing the debt to impress the “Joneses”

  • Decreasing investing in my own personal education for years

  • Fearful of creating a community with like-minded individuals


  • Facing scarcity habits in how I spent and treated money

  • Enrolling in Financial Peace University 9+ years ago

  • Increasing giving money and time exponentially

  • Investing in what I loved freely and unapologetically

  • Fighting for my freedom with time, location, expression and finances

  • Developing 6 Pack of Wealth Approach in the middle of transformation

  • Creating what I love step by step with lifestyle, transformation, entrepreneurship

  • Choosing to innovate and create with intention and action consistently

  • Aligning to being, feeling, and doing what I love how I love all the time

  • Innovating and creating strategy, structure, and systems to make money

  • Setting a clear profit path from freebies to courses to events for financial freedom

  • Executing on marketing and media with the community with influencers and outlets

  • Investing in countless teachers — with Herbalife Nutrition, Dani Johnson, Dave Ramsey, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Rachel Hollis, Strategic Coach, Bo Eason to name a few

  • Creating a community in each and every way online and live and growing exponentially

Full disclaimer: I am not yet financially free. I have consequences and circumstances that I am dealing with too.

The same way that I transformed each and every area of life in mindset, health, wealth, business, time, location, I know that I will get to financial freedom. The goal is Feb 2021 and I repeat it daily.

Money Mindset

The first key is shifting your money mindset. What is your current story with money? I want you to think about the experiences with money as a child. What emotions centered around money in your childhood with your family?

Gut Check.

When you look at the time you spent creating or making money in the last decade did you enjoy it? How about your average annual income the last decade?

Do you spend in line with goals?

Are you a faithful steward?

Do you practice gratitude daily?

Are you excited every day?

Do you take action towards vision?

I shared earlier how millions of Americans are one paycheck away from financial disaster. I believe a large part of this is because of people doing something they dislike for money for years leading to resentment and entitlement.


6 Pack

6 Pack of wealth is your second key to being a money maker and manager. People talk about a 6 Pack of Abs, how about a 6 Pack of Wealth?

Ask yourself - Do you give regularly? Are you saving consistently? Does your spending show gratitude and contentment? When is the last time you invested in yourself or your business? How are you consistently leveraging?

I call these behaviors 6 Pack of Wealth. I humbled myself years ago, and continue to in every way. I realized how I mismanaged money for years showing feelings of inadequacy, scarcity, and poverty.

I became aware of misalignment to being a faithful steward of money. The first step is being self-aware and choosing to take aligned action.

My first year changing my money habits, I transformed and reduced over 50% of my existing wealth. This led to focusing on giving, investing, and leverage. Then, step by step I shifted to saving and creating. I am my own student as well as we all are. I use the tools I create for transformation myself.

So, where's the next step for you in your 6 Pack of Wealth?


Profit Path

Profit Path helps you navigate your steps with foundation, stability and growth. It's much easier to feel empowered on a profit path when you have a clear road map. A foundation includes content, social media, and freebies. Stepping into stability includes launches, offerings, online courses, and events. Navigating your business to the next level with growth includes scaling, community, and agency aspects.

Setting strategy, structure and systems along the way so you see clearly how to set up expression, time, location and financial freedom ultimately.

In my free 14 day challenge, and webinar sneak peek to Money Maker, you may visit the overview that will help you to be a money maker and manage like a boss.


Crazy Cash

It's important to have a handle on your cash both personally and with your business. Look at your past, how you spend money, and where you invested in the past. Where could you improve? I use tools like Mint and Live Plan. We teach these hands-on at our workshops and transformation retreats.

Consider your present and where you want to create cash next. Is it with an online course? When will you get done? What does your launch plan look like? Where will you list it? You get the idea of essential questions to ask.

Do you have a vision for your business and where you want to take it step by step to continue to serve your community and create cash?

Momentum Maker

Making and keeping momentum is key to being a money maker. It's the aligned action you take to serve, create and invite a community to what you offer. Making momentum involves tracking metrics like website traffic, opt-ins on your email list, proposals sent weekly, and enrollments each period.

I learned awhile ago to track insight regularly to learn with 90 day plans. What gets measured, gets managed.

Money Make: 5 Keys

What if you took on these five keys to be a money maker? What if step by step you shifted managing the money you have first? How could create ways to serve others that you love?

Imagine your life 3 months, 6 months, a year from now.

What actions could you take next to become a money maker?

Before you know it, you would be making and managing money like a boss.

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.


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