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7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss Portugal 2022 Edition

Content this and that. We hear about creating content from Instagram to YouTube, and everything in between. It is time to simplify creating content like a boss. Creating content requires you to transform from the inside out step by step. Entrepreneurship requires you to take action in spite of fear, doubt, and disbelief. It requires you to transform your thinking, express yourself and your brand, and be open to being a life-long learner.

Whether I am creating content in Colombia, Atlanta, El Salvador, Costa Rica, or Guatemala, content strategy and creation continues to evolve with themes, types, and style. Some examples include Instagram Reels Like a Boss. travel to Costa Rica. created with travel brands, and creating content at the most Instagram-able place in the nation in Atlanta!

Travel to Portugal wasn't even on my radar for 2022. However, during my press trip to Panama, I found myself reflecting on the fact that I hadn't seen my parents for over two years. In 2021, they thought they would spend time with me in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and/or Honduras. When our travels didn't line up, I decided to create an adventure for us all in Portugal.

During my time in Panama, I felt the pull to reunite in Portugal when one of the owners in Panama recently lost her father. Years ago, when my mom and I spent time in the south of Spain, we started talking about travel to Portugal. I decided to make it our reality in 2022.

Creating content today is not the same as it was yesterday or last year, and it won't be the same tomorrow or next year. The key is to #CREATEIT. The more you get clear on content strategy and create content, the easier you will find your flow in the world of content creation.

Make sure you follow along with travel to 7 Continents. You will get inspired to create, transform and inspire! You will be inspired to create content, online courses, global transformational retreats, and your brand.

Whether you are a content creator, entrepreneur, traveler, or brand, you will learn 7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss in the Portugal Edition.

Background Insights

I am just like you in creating content. I don't have a magic content creation wand. What I do have is a never-ending passion, purpose, and persistence to help people #CREATEIT. Just like you, I have a history in creation, transformation, and entrepreneurship. For deeper insights into my content strategy and creation history, check out my How to Create Content Like a Boss in Mexico edition.

No matter where you are in your journey with content creation, the Content Like a Boss series will help you with strategy, structure and systems along with the tips, tools and technology to create what you love. You will learn strategy, structure and systems, as well as social media, blogs, podcasts, courses, pitches, and launches.

It will help you align the incredible content you create to your freebies library, online courses, events or retreats, and brand consulting.

Top 10 Portugal Things to Do

Portugal Algarve Coast Algar Seco Caves

7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss: Portugal Edition

In case you missed my latest Colombia Content Like a Boss edition, check it out!

No matter what type of entrepreneur or creator you are, industry you are in, creating a life, business, and community you love will inspire you to create content limitlessly.

Travel to Portugal came up during a trip to Spain with my mom in 2010. It became a reality in 2022 with a heartfelt reunion with my parents after two and a half years of not seeing each other.

With content strategy and creation, I knew I would create dedicated blogs and shows for Top 10 Things to Do in Portugal, Instagram Reels, and YouTube videos.

I never saw shifting to intensify my Top 3 Priorities including my own influencer management launch, and an influencer management project with a jewelry and tech company. Integrating self-care, time with my family, an ongoing CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) brand engagement, and the new influencer management project led to a decision to decrease long-form content like blogs in Portugal.

My original plan for content creation included a blog, podcast episode, social media, videos, and tying to online courses and ongoing consulting.

My Plan to Create Content Like a Boss:

1) Outline travels and content

2) Complete Top 10 Portugal Things to Do in Portugal

3) Finish 7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss Portugal Edition

4) Researching adventures and healthy food experiences

5) Pitch brands like a boss

6) Create content weekly on blog, show and courses

7) Share how to