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How to Create Content Like a Boss in 2021 Guatemala Edition

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

I love to not only create content like a boss all around the world, but help you #CREATEIT. Are you done with being stuck with creating content? Are you over struggling with strategy, alignment and creation of content? Are you ready to create content like a boss and have your content flow from social media and freebies to online courses and events?

It's time to help your community create content like a boss. Whether you help people with wellness, business, travel, or other areas of lifestyle transformation, it's possible to create content like a boss.

Creating content takes creating, transforming and inspiring and sharing it along the way. In the process, you are transforming yourself while you inspire others. In the Content Like a Boss series, you will learn insights into creating content like a boss with vision, intention and outlines with my Content Like a Boss Costa Rica edition, Mexico edition, and Top 10 Lake Atitlan and Antigua Things to Do in Guatemala.

If you want to create a life, business and community you love, this post and Content Like a Boss series is for you!

Whether you have traveled to places in Guatemala like Antigua and Lake Atitlan or not, follow along with travel to 7 Continents. You will get inspired to create in more ways than one!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, traveler, or brand, these tips, tools and tech will inspire you to create content for social media, online courses, global transformational retreats, and your brand. Before you know it, you will create content like a boss.

Shot in Antigua at Cafe Cafe Guatemala near GUATEX office in Antigua, Guatemala

Background Insights

I get how you feel in every way. I know what it is like to be confused, insecure, and unclear.

2011: Left Corporate (Strategy & Finance Executive role ) barely on Social Media

2013: Start using Facebook for Story Telling and Wellness. Start my Instagram account.

2014: My Wellness & Herbalife business grows 25X on Facebook alone. (not typical, possible)

2015: I begin to figure out my style e.g. lifestyle, wellness, travel for the website & social media

2016: I set up strategy, structure & systems step by step & get training to create online courses.

2017: First round of online courses & social media automation across FB, IG and Pinterest set up.

2018: Set up 12 themes for blog, podcast, and social media & consistent posting.

2018: Launch influencer marketing for lifestyle transformation (>10,000 influencers + 2500% ROI).

2019: Tying all above to IGTV, videos, lives for launches of courses & events with tips, tools & tech

2020: Growing community to over 300+ million in reach while automating & delegating >100+ tasks.

2021: Increasing alignment from social and freebies to launches for courses, retreats & brands.

I am sharing this so. you know I am figuring it out step by step too. No matter where you are in creating content, this post will help you create content like a boss with social media, blogs, and podcasts. It will help you align the incredible content you create to your freebies library, online courses, events or retreats, and brand consulting.

Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala

Create Content Like a Boss: Guatemala Edition

No matter what industry you are in, creating a life, business, and community you love will inspire you to create content. During my Guatemala travels, I created content on faith, wellness, marketing, business and travel for social media, online courses, retreats, and brand consulting.

I started off 2021 with travel to Costa Rica. Before I left for my travel to Costa Rica, I created a vision, intention, and outline. Keep in mind, I stay flexible to allow myself to create, transform, and inspire freely.

After spending about 3 months in Costa Rica, I decided to travel to Guatemala. My focus on wellness, marketing, business and travel remained while integrating Guatemalan experiences.

Some highlights from my original plan included ideas for social media, online courses, retreats, and repurposing content for influencer marketing collaborations, influencer management and brand consulting.

My Plan to Create Content Like a Boss:

1) Outline travels and content

2) Consider stays and experiences (Airbnbs, Adventures, Wellness)

3) Outline blogs, shows, and videos with CREATEIT Summit and Mastermind

4) Researching adventures and healthy food experiences

6) Create content weekly on blog, show and courses

7) Share how to create what you love and align to launches

Content Piece Ideas for Blogs & Shows:

2) Top 10 Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala

3) Guatemala Adventures: Glamping by Lake Atitlan

6) Top 10 Lake Atitlan Things to Do

8) 3 Ways to Healthy Like a Boss

Plus some of my favorites during my travels to Costa Rica:

1) 75+ Tools and Resources to Create a Life and Business You Love

2) How to Create and Launch a Retreat Like a Boss

Content Ideas to Integrate Before to After Travel:

1) Share IG Stories + Lives + Posts + Reels Like a Boss

2) Film Videos for Use for IGTV, YouTube, Blog, and Show

3) Add Videos in Blog Posts + Repurposed Posts

4) Repurpose for Facebook + Instagram + Platforms

5) Pitch Business Like a Boss to Platforms and Brands

6) Automate and Scale Like a Boss in Multiple Ways

7) Tie into Courses, Retreats, Influencers and Brands

Think of ways to increase your online presence like a boss.

It's easy to see how I now set myself up to create content like a boss and help you #CREATEIT with free previews to our CREATEIT Online Summit too!

Starting Point for Creating Content

A great place to start is list out 3 to 12 things you love to share that create value and inspire others.

The next step is determine where you will share.


1 Ideas for what you love to share

2 Platforms are you on now and new ones

3 Why do you want to share

4 What you will use the content for

5 How will you align it to make money like a boss

The next step might involve brainstorming names for your themes, blogs, shows and posts for social media. I've got great examples with our CREATEIT Online Summit, and Creation Club lifestyle transformation mastermind.

For Guatemala, I knew I wanted to share faith, wellness, marketing, business and travel. I knew I wanted to share One Day, Top 10, and Weekly Guides on the blog and show. I decided in 2021, it was time to take my YouTube channel to another level too!

At the same time, I decided to focus the adventures within the One Day and Top 10 guides for several reasons. I wanted to increase time on business to business pitches for wellness, business and travel. In addition, I wanted to save time on content creation unless it is something I am very passionate about and/or I am and we are writing an adventure, wellness, business, and/or hospitality piece as part of an ongoing project with a brand.

While I outlined ideas, titles, and launches, things constantly changed with new insights.

Guatemala Edition: Create Content Like a Boss

I'm sharing how to create content like a boss. Content creation involves vision, intention and outlines. At every step, inspiration, execution, and platforms are integrated. At a more detailed level, content creation involves strategy, types, and repurposing.

I will share with you insights into vision, intention and outline for my Guatemala travels. You'll learn insights and behind the scenes into the tips, tools and technology I use to create content like a boss. If you want to know how to #CREATEIT read and listen to my 75+ Tools and Resources.

If you want more, check out our online freebies like the preview to the CREATEIT Online Summit!

At Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in San Marcos La Laguna


1. Create a Vision for Content

The first thing I do is create a vision when I create content like a boss. I imagine what type of place I want to stay in, what I want the experience to feel like, how the content will look like, and what I will use it for. I pray. I visualize. I embrace.

Before I even begin to create, I imagine feeling like a boss done with the content.

When you inspire yourself, there is no way you won't Create Content Like a Boss

I want you to know this is a result of years of transformation inside and out.

I believe transformation is required to create a life and business you love.

Creating, transforming and inspiring is limitless.

So are you.

Here is a helpful list to help you create a vision

Visualize how you feel creating, shooting, filming

Determine where you want to shoot or film

Identify themes and areas you focus on

Before I went to Guatemala, I looked for a place or Airbnb in Guatemala for glamping and a long term stay at Lake Atitlan. I imagined how I would feel staying there, and all the things I would create.

Our environments matter in more ways than one.

Airbnb in Guatemala: BlissLand Bell Tent

2 Get Clear on How to Create Content Like a Boss

Casting a vision helps create clarity for our content. My purpose is to help you create a life, business and community you love.

For Guatemala, I wanted you to see, feel and believe creating what you love is possible for you too. My intention involved being bold and bright. With the Guatemalan culture and colors, this is easy to do! I am clear about speaking to side-hustlers, entrepreneurs, and travelers who want to create a life and business they love.

I imagine brands I want to partner with on wellness, media, lifestyle and travel. When I speak, I don't speak to everyone. Not everyone is open to or focused on creating what they love. Additionally, I may not be the best guide or platform for them.

Consider why you are creating content and what platforms you are creating for. I knew I was creating content for Blogs, Shows, Instagram, Communities, and Courses.

These are the things I think about when taking pictures, creating Instagram Reels, and aligning to launches for courses, retreats, and brand consulting. This is what I think of when I am inviting you to create in our community online and live.

Years ago, I experienced many fears and challenges with money. I have grown a lot.

At the same time, I am and always will be a work in progress.

Here is a helpful list to help you get clear

Who you have in mind that you are creating for?

How do you want people to feel when they connect with you?

What platforms are you creating on and for?

Why are you creating content?

Before arriving in Guatemala and all during travels, I shared and created value for social, courses and retreats. I imagined how this content helps you create a life, business and community you love.

Mural in San Pedro La Laguna by Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Walking Around in Antigua, Guatemala near Cerro de La Cruz

Take a peek at 7 Instagram Reels Like a Boss


3. Outline for Content Like a Boss

Outlines for your content help you feel like a boss before you start creating content. No matter where I am in the world, I constantly create.

For example, this post is a result of a prior outline. This week alone, I submitted pitches to brands, followed up on campaigns on influencer marketing platforms, and completed launch outlines for online courses, retreats, and brand consulting. This post is part of a launch strategy!

When you are creating your outline, consider platforms, purpose, and timing.

Examples for Guatemala Included:

1 Instagram Reels, IGTV, Stories, Videos, Posts

2 Blog & Show & Tying to Social Channels

3 All of the Above & Course/Retreat/Brand Launches

With Guatemala Travel, I created Content Like a BOSS:

1) Sharing stories, reels, and videos on Instagram

2) Filming face to face and behind the scenes

3) Sharing multiple Instagram Reels weekly

4) Creating videos for YouTube, Summit and Mastermind

5) Including videos in the Blog & Podcast

6) Planning my Instagram Feed & being spontaneous

7) Photos & Videos for Future Posts on Courses, Retreats, and Launches

You can see how this sets you up to create content like a boss.

Consider new ways to create content like a boss all the time. Don't be afraid to reshare the same posts on platforms again.

When my content creation evolved with lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship, I decided I would start creating the One Day Guides. During my Costa Rica Travels, I started the Top 10 Things to Do and Weekly Series on Creating What I Love. As I am wrapping up my content for Guatemala, I decided I will add a Top 10 Instagram and Photoshoot Spots in each city and/or country.

The final tip in platforms is share your content over and over. Based on human psychology and the amount of information we deal with daily, it takes the average person 5+ times to take action. So, don't take it personal when you aren't seen and heard and viral overnight. Anyone that you see now with thousands of views or likes put in years of work.

Thinking about how you want to create content like a boss next? Is it with your vision and clarity? Or are you already on the outline for your blogs, shows, and social media?

Now, you are creating content like a boss.

Content Like a Boss in Guatemala

Unlike Guatemala, creating content like a boss is a journey, not a destination. Every time I create content, I learn new ways to create content, how to share, and where to share.

I get inspired with ideas all the time.

I learn how to be more effective and efficient in many ways.

Our community teaches me new things too.

What spoke to you the most on vision, clarity and outlining with creating content like a boss?

How are you creating a vision?

What will you take action on to increase clarity?

When will you start outlining your content?

Take the actions to walk towards content like a boss in Guatemala, or wherever in the world you are.

If you love this post, you'll love 75+ Tools & Resources to Create a Life and Business You Love!

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.


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