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How to Create and Launch a Retreat Like a Boss

Do you love to travel? Does travel set you on fire? Are you more at home traveling the world vs. being at home in one location? Is the idea of creating travel and community lighting you up inside? Perhaps, you have already attended and/or created global transformational retreats?

There are many global destinations for wellness and business retreats. Maybe, you want to attend a transformational retreat including faith, wellness, marketing, business and travel hands-on like the retreats in Costa Rica, Cuba, Barcelona and London we have hosted?

Perhaps, you are ready to take on bigger leaps of faith like learning how to Create and Launch a Retreat Like a Boss. Let's #createit

Lifestyle Transformation Retreats
Lifestyle Transformation Retreats

Photo Credit: Leo Parias in Costa Rica

Create and Launch a Retreat

When you start creating live events and retreats, you and your business are transforming into a new level. Since the womb, I've always loved to travel. At the same time, many things changed when I decided to start creating and launching retreats in 2016 with our first retreat in Costa Rica.

Travel is in my blood. I have traveled to over 27 countries and hosted over 4 retreats. The first global destination for our wellness and business retreats was Costa Rica in 2016. From the start, I envisioned creating an all in one retreat experience with faith, wellness, marketing, business and travel including community service, adventure tours, and creating online courses.

Travel to Costa Rica was on my radar for years. I love to speak Spanish, culture, food and beaches. I thought why not combine my first trip in 2016 to Costa Rica with a retreat? It is no surprise that things divinely aligned with my choosing Costa Rica as my first global destination for the start of my Travel to 7 Continents.

I am not surprised that Costa Rica is our next retreat for August 2021. From the start, Costa Rica has held a special place in my heart.

In creating and launching a retreat like a boss, I create an outline, themes, practical steps to #createit, pricing and psychology, and promotions.

In a world where there is excitement with instant gratification including conversions of 3-5%, I decided to focus on being different. I set out to create exponential results. My heart is to create relationship long-term with lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship.

Our focus is first on creating an opportunity I would love, relationships and communities.

To give you an idea of the retreat results:

  • Over 40% conversions in less than two months with first retreat.

  • >60% booked calls with business builders + influencers.

  • >60% closing rates & interest to end of 2017 with first retreat.

These results continued into our retreats with Cuba, Barcelona and London. This is all setting the stage for entrepreneurs, travel bloggers, and influencers. We have options for retreats, as well as lifestyle transformation entrepreneurship collaborations.

Part of my purpose is to blow up your brain with limitless possibilities. Whether you choose to attend our retreats, or create and launch a retreat like a boss with our online course, I want to help you create, transform and inspire.

As we now focus on our Costa Rica Retreat in August 2021, I am excited to see what creators, entrepreneurs, and coaches inspire with influence and create community.

Adventure in Retreats
Adventure in Retreats

Photo Credit: Diamante Eco Adventure Park (I'm on the right with @postcardstoseattle)

Costa Rica Dragonfly Hideaway

Costa Rica Dragonfly Hideaway

Fun Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica truly is about the Pura Vida ranking as #1 on Happy Index. Costa Rica is the butterfly capital of the world. More than 25% of the country is dedicated to national parks, reserves, and wild life refuges. and Costa Rica is home to over 25% There are 1,000s of orchid varieties, which I experienced in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Not only is the national slogan is Pura Vida, people live longer in Costa Rica. The breathtaking beaches in Costa Rica are incredible for rest and relaxation, as well as adventures like surfing in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is undeniably a nature, adventure and animal paradise you don't want to miss.