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Visit Mexico: A Transformational Week & Deep Dive into Marketing Online

Are you dreaming of creating a life and business you love while traveling the globe? Do you imagine the freedom of expression, time, location, community and ultimately financial? Yet, you have no idea where to start?

Would you love to transform and travel with the community you love around the world? Are you ready to start creating now for the future to come?

You love to transform, travel and create content? Perhaps, you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur, creator, blogger, and traveler already? Maybe you already travel and find yourself paused right now? Perhaps, it's time to take your business to a new level online?

You've traveled solo, with press trips, and/or transformational retreats. You find yourself compelled right now to expand your online presence for more reasons than one.

Everything from online and live experiences and adventures is possible for you to create. Whether you want to create online, teach people how to create a life and business they love, or do it all; it is possible.

In December, 2019 I experienced over a transformational week in Mexico. Everything from creating content in Cancun to an Airbnb Adventure to island hopping in Mexico. I utilized this experience to create content for social media, online marketing and our online courses far before the current travel status in 2020.

Here is how you may not only experience at a glance the transformational week I did in Mexico, but also to marketing online. Whether you are a social media guru, blogger, entrepreneur and/or brand, this will help you market online with existing and future content and travels.

Imagine yourself transforming in a week from the inside out and a deep dive to marketing online in 2020.

Transformational Week in Mexico

What took me to Mexico at the end of December 2019 involved a surprise gift from Airbnb to visit Holbox Island, Pink Lakes, Valladolid and more. As a community manager with Airbnb for Atlanta, I, along with countless others, was gifted an Airbnb Adventure.

Right away, I decided I was going o come before the retreat, and stay after several days. I wanted to be sure I had more than enough time to create content like a boss. I outlined a draft itinerary and content plan for the trip before I left.

I stayed flexible during my travels every step of the way. I identified opportunities for the photos, videos, and mastermind integrations. I highlighted aligned publications to increase community and press.

Here are insights into my day by day, along with a deep dive into marketing online.

Day by Day Adventures in Mexico and Marketing Insights

Day 1: November 27: My first day I arrived to Chiibal Hostal, and got situated. I decided to head over to Mercado 28 around sunset and explore nearby. I walked the grounds brainstorming more ideas for wellness, travel, and business. I outlined content and videos for a gratitude post.

Day 2: November 28: My second day I decided to start up my morning routine, film videos for IGTV, YouTube and our Online Mastermind, and spend a relaxing Thanksgiving by the pool. I also connected with my family in Bulgaria and Vienna.

I enjoyed my Herbalife shakes, yummy Chile con Relenos, and a hummus salad through the day. Who else loves to travel healthy?

Some of the videos I filmed included:

Morning Routine

Healthy Eating

Pool Workout


I also shot numerous shots with my Canon EOS M100. I outline my next day for creating content in the morning after my morning routine. I booked a snorkel trip with a 4 in 1 adventure.

Day 3: November 29: I wanted to make sure I filmed quite a bit of content before my Airbnb Adventure. I woke up at 4:30 a.m., finished my morning routine including Herbalife tea of course, and was ready to go by sunrise at 6:30 a.m. to film sneak peeks and content for our mastermind.

I color code my favorite colors into our brand colors - pink, blue and green. It helps massively for alignment, feeling, and efficiency. I decided I would film themes in a pink outfit with a recap of the day before, jump start transformation, time to transform, boss brand and inspire with influence. You may find all of these in our free 14 day challenge to create a life and business you love.

I finished everything with time to spare before heading off to my snorkel adventure. I even had time for my second breakfast with friends!

My 4 in 1 snorkel adventure was a blast. My favorite was the underwater museum in Cancun, and the ship wreck we visited. I share a ton about it in my One Day Guide in Cancun. I already started my One Day Guides in 2019 so I knew I would continue these with every city I visited in Mexico.

Once I got back from snorkeling around 1 pm, I changed to film content aligned to my blue themes. My themes include unleashing inspiration, smart social, website wonder, and momentum maker. I outlined 5=10 min talks. I decided I would continue my content like a boss theme including an e-book.

I knew consistent series would help with branding, messaging, and SEO (search engine optimization) and web traffic. I currently have e-books up on social media, blog and website in a day and more.

Some of the videos I filmed included:

Recap from day before

Create Content Like a Boss

Creating You and Your Brand

100 Year Letter Activity

Social In a Day & Steroids

Web Wonder

Press Examples

90 Day Plan

You can see how I operate under play, work, play, work for the most part. I find I am happiest like this. Once I got done, Nina and I headed over to the markets and sunset.

Day 4: November 30: Some of you may be thinking where in the world does she get this energy? I have more energy now than I ever did in high school. You can see how my health habits, focus on God, and alignment to passion and purpose amplifies this.

Put me in sunshine and you have sunshine! I woke up at 4 am on this day because I wanted to go see the sunset at Mirarador at Playa Delfines. Nina decided she wanted to go with me. We not only saw an incredible sunset, but I recorded by 100 year letter to myself as well. We even had time for a visit to the ruins nearby. Visit my one day guide in Cancun for more.

I came back and filmed my recap video and my four themes in green including clutter to clarity, money maker, scale smart and crazy confidence. I finished them all just in time to change again to start our Airbnb Adventure.

My experience for the rest of the day was all arranged by our Airbnb Adventure hosts, Gustavo and Cedric for our group of 7+.

Day 1 included a drive from Cancun to Chiquila including a coconut hut on the side of the road, ferry from Chiquila to Holbox Island, and Holbox Island including incredible adventures. You know I got tons of photos and videos! Our group right way had a special camraderie including fun moments like "I'm coconuts' and "what the plank" and so many more.

You may learn more about our Adventures in our Airbnb Adventures, and One Day in Holbox Island.

Holbox Island shot on my Canon EOS M100

Day 5: December 1: You may imagine with a full day that ended around 1am, I was pooped. I decided to sleep in until about 6:30 a.m., and walk the island to enjoy sunrise, take photos, and film my recap video.

If you didn't know, I am an ambivert. Naturally, I am an introvert and love my alone time. When I am around a lot of people, I need some down time in between. I crave it so I was doing my best to create it with over 10 of us at this point. (This was about half our group!)

After our brainstorm meeting with Airbnb, we headed over to the world famous Holbox Hammocks by the beach.

My entire time, I was filming behind the scene videos and highlights of the adventure. We left about midday to head to Pink Lakes.

We made it just in time to see Pink Lakes for sunset. Bucket list continues be checked off. We left and headed to Valladolid, Mexico for the final part of our adventure. We explored around the incredible colonial town in the evening.

Photo credit: Authentic Photo Designs by Christy

Day 6: December 2: We visited adorable coffee shops and Cenote Zaci the next morning for a perfect several relaxing hours. I caught more photos and videos behind the scenes. I love all things with water.

After our incredible experience wrapped up at Cenote Zaci, we headed back to our Airbnb to change and head back to Cancun. Many of the community leaders were leaving on that day back to the U.S.

When I arrived back in Cancun, I rented a bike from Chiibal again and headed to a nearby beach to chill out for sunset.

Day 7: December 3: The prior two times I visited Mexico, I didn't get a chance to visit Isla Mujeres. I made sure I would this time. I found an Airbnb walking tour the week before for 10 am. I also decided to do a few hours of community service at Little Yellow School House. You may learn more in my One Day Guide in Isla Mujeres.

I spent an incredible sunset by Playa Norte with my fave meal Ceviche and fresh Coconut juice.

Airbnb Walking tour in Isla Mujeres

Playa Norte at Isla Mujeres

Day 8: December 4: I woke up feeling super refreshed after an early night. I filmed 12 more videos for the mastermind in <2 hours. I relaxed by the pool. I rented a bike again to relax by Playa Perlas. It is one of my favorite and quiet beach.

I worked out daily whether bike reading or high intensity or band workouts by the pool. I spent my last night in Cancun at Playa Perlas at sunset and a healthy dinner nearby.

Day 8: December 5: I woke up feeling amazing after an early night again. I filmed some more content and videos. I outlined and organized my content. I wrote down more ideas.

These ideas included:

  • Gratitude Post

  • 2019 Wrap Up

  • 2020 Vision

  • Our Adventures in Our Airbnb Adventure

  • How to Create Content Like a Boss: Mexico

  • One Day in Cancun

  • One Day in Pink Lakes

  • One Day in Valladolid

  • One Day in Holbox

  • One Day in Isla Mujeres

  • Integrations into Medium, Better Marketing & more

  • Photos use for HoneyBook, Social & Influencer Marketing and E-books

  • Update mastermind for 100+ days

  • Add in to Instagram, Youtube and IG video series

  • Update launch and marketing plans to align to online & live with social, blog & e-mails.

All of these are now over 95% executed. I will continue to weave in content and upcoming pieces.

I relaxed by the pool. I connected with more new friends and Airbnb experience hosts in Mexico!

In case you didn't know yet, I love creating community! One of the incredible experience hosts and leaders, Ana Maria, even took me to the airport!

Over a Week in Mexico and a Deep Dive in Marketing

My transformational week in Mexico including sunshine, adventures and content creation blew my mind. A day truly is like a thousand years. With alignment, passion, and purpose, it is easy to create, give and receive abundantly in every way.

As you read over this or tuned in, I am sure your brain is blown too! So much happened in a little over a week! From National Geographic moments to crossing off Bucket List items, my heart is full.

What are some of your dream destinations for 2020 and beyond? How could you take steps now to create a life and business you love globally? Perhaps, right now you focus on creating more content online?

How will you create next? You'll love a deeper dive in my online marketing with How to Create Content Like a Boss: Mexico Edition.

If you post on social media, please tag us @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation!




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