• Katrina Julia

Visit Mexico: A Transformational Week & Deep Dive into Marketing Online

Are you dreaming of creating a life and business you love while traveling the globe? Do you imagine the freedom of expression, time, location, community and ultimately financial? Yet, you have no idea where to start?

Would you love to transform and travel with the community you love around the world? Are you ready to start creating now for the future to come?

You love to transform, travel and create content? Perhaps, you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur, creator, blogger, and traveler already? Maybe you already travel and find yourself paused right now? Perhaps, it's time to take your business to a new level online?

You've traveled solo, with press trips, and/or transformational retreats. You find yourself compelled right now to expand your online presence for more reasons than one.

Everything from online and live experiences and adventures is possible for you to create. Whether you want to create online, teach people how to create a life and business they love, or do it all; it is possible.

In December, 2019 I experienced over a transformational week in Mexico. Everything from creating content in Cancun to an Airbnb Adventure to island hopping in Mexico. I utilized this experience to create content for social media, online marketing and our online courses far before the current travel status in 2020.

Here is how you may not only experience at a glance the transformational week I did in Mexico, but also to marketing online. Whether you are a social media guru, blogger, entrepreneur and/or brand, this will help you market online with existing and future content and travels.

Imagine yourself transforming in a week from the inside out and a deep dive to marketing online in 2020.

Transformational Week in Mexico

What took me to Mexico at the end of December 2019 involved a surprise gift from Airbnb to visit Holbox Island, Pink Lakes, Valladolid and more. As a community manager with Airbnb for Atlanta, I, along with countless others, was gifted an Airbnb Adventure.

Right away, I decided I was going o come before the retreat, and stay after several days. I wanted to be sure I had more than enough time to create content like a boss. I outlined a draft itinerary and content plan for the trip before I left.

I stayed flexible during my travels every step of the way. I identified opportunities for the photos, videos, and mastermind integrations. I highlighted aligned publications to increase community and press.

Here are insights into my day by day, along with a deep dive into marketing online.

Day by Day Adventures in Mexico and Marketing Insights

Day 1: November 27: My first day I arrived to Chiibal Hostal, and got situated. I decided to head over to Mercado 28 around sunset and explore nearby. I walked the grounds brainstorming more ideas for wellness, travel, and business. I outlined content and videos for a gratitude post.