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My Fasting and Prayer on Easter in Guatemala

The more I live, the more my life blows me away. More importantly, the more God blows me away. If you would have told me three, five, or ten years ago, I would be fasting and praying, I would not have believed you. As if the fasting and praying isn't enough to leave me in awe, the fact that my last fast and dedicated time for prayer for you and our world would be on Easter in Guatemala astounds me.

My transformation from the inside out includes a walk of Fear to Faith, Devaluing to Purity, Self Hate to Love, Corporate to Calling, Lies to Love, Pain to Purpose, and Bondage to Freedom. No area of my life is untouched with transformation in my health, wealth, business and travel.

As I grew in my relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, there came pivotal points in each area of my life that called for an increase in obedience and sacrifice. My first fast was the Daniel Fast in 2010. In 2013-2014, when I realized transformation is required to create a life and business you love, I transformed my eating and lifestyle losing over 55 lbs. and keeping it off.

While I started regularly doing Bible studies, I wasn't led to a fast again until 2019. I went away to a cabin in Madison, Georgia and fasted and prayed with water, coffee, and tea for 2+ days.

In 2019-2020, I felt drawn to read the Bible straight through the first and second time. One of the outcomes of reading the Bible faithfully included feeling compelled to regularly integrate fasting into my life.

Astoundingly, I started to feel and see breakthroughs and victory in areas that I struggled with for years convincing me further on a practical level of the power of prayer and fasting.

Jesus said to them, “This sort cannot come out by anything except by fasting and by prayer.”

Starting in 2020, I started dedicating three days of fasting and prayer every three months and/or as I feel led. I have found each and every fast being different entirely. I pray in advance for the fast, ask for prayers, seek divine direction, and am open as the fast develops.

Like all my prior fasts, my fasting and prayer on Easter in Guatemala resulted in it's own experience.

I believe fasting and prayer has the power to break off darkness and unleash heaven on earth.

At Bliss Land Bell Tent on my Second Day of my Fast

Fasting and Prayer

Growing your faith requires time, consistency and patience. In 5 Ways to Grow Your Faith, I share prayer, nature, and Bible Studies to help you grow your faith too.

Fasting and prayer takes it all to a whole new level. When I did my Daniel Fast in 2010, I did it in community with a group at Mount Paran Church. The next time I fasted, I felt pulled to go away to a cabin in Madison, Georgia.

I fasted from all foods and consumed only water, tea, and coffee. At the time, I battled with faith, as well as depression and anxiety. After that fast, I no longer battled with anywhere near the levels of guilt or judgement of myself or others on the past, or fear of the future.

My last fast before fasting and prayer on Easter in Guatemala was in Atlanta in November 2020. Prior to the fast, I received divine downloads to focus on praise and prayer, purpose and provision, and marriage and motherhood for days 1-3. In comparison, the fast in November in Atlanta, was both structured and flexible.

Before coming to Guatemala, I booked my Airbnb stays for Antigua, Guatemala, as well as a glamping experience in San Marcos Laguna and a casita overlooking San Pedro Laguna for the week.

Initially, I was not thinking of starting my next fasting and prayer on Good Friday and ending on the Monday after Easter. God did.

How everything lined up with my Bliss Land Belltent Glamping in San Marcos Laguna, Guatemala at Lake Atitlan is supernatural.

Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala

I didn't even realize I would be in Antigua, Guatemala during Holy Week, or Semana Santa until the week before in Escazu, Costa Rica.

I loved being in Antigua, Guatemala for Semana Santa. Walking the cultural and colonial streets of Antigua with Santa Catalina Arch is a dream come true. It felt surreal and real at the same time including hiking to Cerro de la Cruz, praying inside La Merced Church, and seeing one of the world's most beautiful Holy Week celebration.

It's interesting how even before I went to Antigua, I booked my departure date from Antigua to San Marcos Laguna at Lake Atitlan for Good Friday. As a result, I saw beautiful light show and concert in Central Park on the Thursday night before Good Friday, the beautiful rugs (alfombras) at churches around the city, as well as on Good Friday morning around Central Park before leaving.

After praying, I decided to have my last meal before 3pm on Friday. I ate on my way to Lake Atitlan at a family owned Guatemalan restaurant. The week before, I realized my intention for the fast would be mercy, grace, and forgiveness. You may see how this supernaturally aligned to the timing of Good Friday, Saturday and Easter.

I originally booked by Glamping Experience to leave on Sunday. However, a few weeks before I started feeling to extend it. The practical aligned when my next place ended up being booked for Sunday aligning me to change the Glamping to Monday easily.


Fasting and Glamping in San Marcos La Laguna

For awhile now, I’ve wanted to relive some of my Girl Scout experiences! So, when I found Bliss Land via Airbnb last year, I prayed and took aligned action to stay here with no WiFi for a period of time.


Things divinely lined up to have me arrive on Good Friday until today, Monday after Easter (with a surprise procession here although none were being held in Antigua) adding to the adventures 😂


Anyone else packed their whole life in 1 suitcase, 1 backpack and 1 purse for 2+ years?


I started my fast with prayer and intention for mercy, forgiveness, and being anchored in love (my phrase for 2021). I prayed, meditated, read, and journaled. On Friday, I prayed and aligned to read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John accounts of Good Friday to Easter. On Saturday and Sunday, my reading of Luke and John expanded for the coming weeks.


I immersed myself in Nature with my stay, swimming in Lake Atitlan (a bucket list item checked off, and went to Cerró Tzunkujil. I am in awe I’ll be by Lake Atitlan for over a month! Moving today to San Pedro (a girl does need wifi eventually 😂)


I only had liquids past 3 pm Friday and cacao nibs. Saturday I had liquids all day. Sunday I had liquids all day until Pesto and hummus late in the day. Monday started off with a smoothie bowl. I started fasting back in 2019 & it absolutely changes things.


This led to increased gratitude and contentment including slowing down some travels, no souvenirs or buying any souvenirs or clothes until minimum April 22.


Glamping Highlights

So, what is glamping and what did I experience here in #sanmarcoslalaguna#guatemala#blisslandbelltent ? So glad you asked!


As you watch the video, you’ll see Bliss Land Bell Tent sets the bar with

1 Beautiful surroundings

2 Immersion in nature

3 Private and secure space

4 Outdoor shower vision & 🔥💦

5 Incredible decor & beds inside

6 Hammock & Relaxation Space

7 Eco Conscious Compost Toilet


Have you gone glamping yet? No matter where you are in the world there are options, and you could always come to #lakeatitlán#lakeatitlanguatemala#bucketlisters#glampinglife


Glamping is a perfect experience to have from time and time. Bliss Land sets the bar high for sure!


I felt like combining the Glamping with a fast, prayer, and nature immersion took the entire experience to a new level!


Have you gone glamping before?

Have you fasted before?

Are you thinking about it?

What about combining both?



Fasting and Prayer on Easter

How are you strengthening your faith on a daily and annual basis? Do you find yourself most refreshed with prayer, nature, Bible, studies, fasting; or all of the above?

Have you unplugged with nature before with an experience like glamping? I love combining prayer, fasting, and nature all together to fill my soul.

If you loved this, you will love Prayer for You and Our World.


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