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How to Create Content Like a Boss Bocas del Toro, Panama 2022 Edition

Creating content like a boss anywhere in the world requires strategy, structure, and systems. Whether you like it or not, it requires you to transform from the inside out no matter who you are. At the forefront of content creation is creativity. It is being open to new forms of creativity.

Whether I am creating content in Colombia, Atlanta, El Salvador, Costa Rica, or Guatemala, creating content like a boss continues to evolve. Great examples include Instagram Reels Like a Boss. travel to Costa Rica. created with travel brands live, and creating content at the most Instagram-able place in the nation in Atlanta!

I planned to travel to Bocas del Toro in 2021, but life had other plans. Between missing family and friends in the USA COVID requirements and quarantines in Panama in 2021, and my brand new Apple computer screen having issues overseas, I ended up back in Atlanta in December.

Creating content like a boss looks different in 2022. It will continue to evolve with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogs, and Podcasts. The key is to #CREATEIT.

Make sure you follow along with travel to 7 Continents. You will get inspired to create, transform and inspire! You will be learn how to create content, online courses, global transformational retreats, and your brand along the way.

Whether you are a content creator, entrepreneur, traveler, or brand, you will learn 7 Ways to Create Content Like a Boss in the Panama edition.

Content Creation in Bocas del Toro

Background Insights

I am no different than you or anyone. I don't have a magic entrepreneurship wand or content creation stick. What I do have is a never ending passion and purpose to help people #CREATEIT. Just like you, I had to start from scratch with transformation, entrepreneurship, and yes creating content.

For insights into my content strategy and creation history, check out my How to Create Content Like a Boss in Mexico edition.

No matter where you are in your journey with content creation, the Content Like a Boss series will help you with strategy, structure and systems along with the tips, tools and technology to create what you love. You will learn strategy, structure and systems, as well as social media, blogs, podcasts, courses, pitches, and launches.

It will help you align the incredible content you create to your freebies library, online courses, events or retreats, and brand consulting.

Top 10 Bocas del Toro Things to Do

Bocas del Toro Sunsets

Content Like a Boss: Bocas del Toro Edition

In case you missed How to Create Content Like a Boss: Cartagena, Colombia edition, check it out!

Travel to Bocas del Toro was on my bucket list for years. It finally became a reality with one of the travel tools I use to create what I love. With a pitch to a travel brand, I ended up getting a press trip to Panama on a private island in Bocas del Toro.

During my travel to Panama in February 2022, I created content for travel brands in Bocas del Toro, as well as my personal and business platforms.

Before I left Colombia for my travel to Panama, I created a vision, intention, and outline. I knew this time would be different with creating for a travel brand, my own brand, and launching influencer management with brands and influencers. I knew I would learn to plan, prioritize and profit with persistence. As I continue to learn how to build a lifestyle business step by step, I knew I would automate and scale to focus and free up time.

Before my travel to Panama, the owners of Misty Moonlight and I communicated back in February of 2021 during my travel to Costa Rica. Right when I reached out with pitching like a boss, things flowed easily. I thought the brand engagement would go great with consulting, digital marketing, and business development with partners, investors and grants.

I am very grateful for the press trip to Bocas del Toro my time on Loma Partida, and adding value with business, financials, and marketing. Due to personal circumstances on the island, I ended up deciding to leave a week early.

For my own creating content like a boss plan, I outlined influencer management launch, leverage from the brand project for our business development, and pitching brands like Outside Online, Mayple, and FAM Trips via Meet Network.

My original plan for the travel content in Bocas del Toro included ideas for blogs, videos, online courses, retreats, show, social media, and repurposing content for influencer marketing collaborations, influencer management and brand consulting.

With content strategy and creation, I knew I would create dedicated blogs and shows for Top 10 Things to Do in Bocas del Toro, Instagram Reels, and YouTube videos. After my travels, I knew I would focus on insights for influencer marketing, brand engagements, and influencer management.

Bocas del Toro Content Like a Boss Plan

1) Outline travels and content

2) Complete Top 10 Bocas del Toro Things to Do

3) Researching adventures and healthy food experiences

4) Pitch brands like a boss

5) Create content weekly on blog, show and courses

6) Share how to create what you love and align to launches for 2022

7) Create ideas for influencer management and brand launches.

So, How to Create Content Like a Boss includes Blogs, Shows, Videos, Instagram Reels, Pinterest, Tying to Online Courses, and Content for Influencer Marketing and Influencer Management Launch.

Starfish Beach

1 Writing Blog Posts

In 2021, there are over 30 Million Bloggers in USA alone. If you don't have a blog yet, you may want to launch one to keep people coming back to your website.

With a month in Bocas del Toro, I decided to write Top 10 Things to Do in Bocas del Toro, How to Create Content Like a Boss, and Influencer Management guides.

With blogs, what do you love to write about and share? Explore all over my blog for infinite ideas.

If you enjoy speaking more, you could always repurpose your audio for a blog and delegate the task.