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5 Ways to Healthy Like a Boss at Home and When You Travel to Colombia

I don't know about you friend, but I love staying healthy like a boss at home and when I travel. In January to February of 2022, my homes included Airbnbs and travel to Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena, Colombia. Colombia is far more than I imagined, and gave me opportunities to exercise (pun intended) being healthy like a boss all over the country.

When I first learned how to get healthy, I transformed step by step with transformation tools. The transformation tools include Herbalife Nutrition, 6 Pack Meal Bags, Peloton App, and Instacart. Every step of the way, I implemented tools and changed my habits to align to short and long-term wellness goals. The transformation tools are included in our online courses and live events to help you jump start transformation.

All the seemingly small changes we make add up to total transformation in any area of life. In each area of life, we may find evidence of the small changes compounding over time. With my health and weight loss transformation, I lost over 55 lbs in a year and a half and have kept it off.

*Disclaimer average person who uses Herbalife Nutrition loses

.05 to 1 lbs a week with healthy active lifestyle.

The simpler you make your lifestyle choices ad transformation tools, the faster you get results

I started asking "what could I change right now that helps me get results faster?"

what would it take to fix my meals in 5 min or less >80% of the time"?

I started asking "how can I save more time making healthy recipes like a boss"?

While I travel. I integrate transformation tools like Herbalife Nutrition, Peloton App, Airbnbs so I may cook easily, shopping at fresh food markets, and choosing healthy food and restaurants when I eat out. With any of my travels, I research and Google ways I may increase my health while traveling to a city and / or country.

With our global transformational retreats, I involved the local community and entrepreneurs to have healthy meals too!

Let's talk about how to get and stay healthy like a boss at home and when you travel to Colombia.

Healthy Like a Boss Colombia

Healthy Like a Boss

Why do you want to change your health?

How do you imagine transforming your health will change your life?

What impact will your health have on your loved ones?

Who is your community and accountability to help you get healthier?

Which transformation tools will you use for your health?

You will love these 5 Healthy Recipes Like a Boss

Not to mention our CREATEIT Summit Free Preview to Hands-On

Wellness, Faith, Marketing, Business and Travel!

Corozo Juice

Healthy Like a Boss in Colombia

Whether you are working a 9-5, an entrepreneur, or building a brand, your health, energy, and productivity is priceless. No matter where your health is right now, you have the power to choose to get and stay healthy like a boss.

Our Health is Our Wealth

Healthy Like a Boss will help you get inspired to jump start your health with tips, tools, and technology at home and when traveling the world to destinations like Colombia.

Start simplifying your health with tips, tools and tech and I promise you will have results simpler and easier than you thought possible.

1. Herbalife Global Nutrition

Coconut Smoothie Bowl with Raspberries, Chia, Oats, and Bananas

Since Herbalife is in 95+ countries, it makes getting and staying healthy easy all around the world.

Herbalife Global Nutrition with inner and outer nutrition in 95+ countries has helped me transform over the last 7+ years and continues to! Not only did I use Herbalife Nutrition daily in Atlanta and traveling for years, now I order and have it delivered anywhere in the world!

Everywhere I travel in the world, I have Herbalife Global Nutrition with me. Since Herbalife is in 95+ countries, it makes it easy to get and stay healthy. In Colombia, I ordered Herbalife in Bogota and Cartagena and picked up my deliveries at Servientrega (like a FedEx).

My typical monthly Herbalife orders include shakes, tablets, tea, coffee, and snacks. If you visit my transformation freebies, you may sign up for a free wellness profile and get free recipes, meal and workout plan, and recommendations for your goals.

Here is an example of one of my favorite recipes for a Coconut Dream Smoothie Bowl with Herbalife.


2. Healthy Food Choices

I cooked at my Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena Airbnbs most of the time during my month in Colombia. Depending on the meal and time, I am either having a Herbalife shake or bowl or snack, and/or making a meal with vegetables, beans, tofu, and/or protein sources such as beans, veggies and corn tortillas.

This varies depending on if I am in a challenge or training for a fitness show or shoot. Even though, I lead our community and participate in others in wellness, business, and travel, I regularly join other communities to increase my focus, discipline and results.

When I do eat out 1 to 2 times a week, I am mindful of my choices, how they align to goals, and where I eat. I Google healthy choices online, check on Instagram, and ask locals!

Cafe Pergamino

I learned about Cafe Pergamino in Medellin, Colombia in the Poblado neighborhood from Nomadic Matt's blog. It did not disappoint with its smoothie bowls and coffee.

Movich Cartagena

Movich Cartagena Hotel is known for its incredible skyline in Cartagena on the rooftop, and it could be world famous for its Lemonade with Coconut and Ceviche as well!

Cafe de la Manana

I discovered Cafe de la Manana on Airbnb. I ended up staying in their loft in the Walled City connected to their cafe. With my stay, I had a breakfast every day. I enjoyed lunch their as well, and the spot is great for co-working as well.

Cartagena Breakfast

Eating Healthy Travel Cartagena, Colombia
Veggie Wrap at Cafe de La Manana

If you are local, you may choose options like Instacart to shop groceries from your phone and make healthy choices. If you are eating out, be mindful of the choices you make on where to eat. If you are traveling the world, local grocery stores will help you cook at your stay or Airbnb while traveling the world!

In Colombia, there are countless options to shop at places like Exito, eat Ajaico without chicken in Bogota at La Puerta Falsa, enjoy Cafe Pergamino in Medellin, and places like Movich and Cafe de la Manana in Cartagena, Colombia.

3. Move Your Body

We all have different places where we are at physically, how we love to move, and the goals we have. No matter where your current state is with your health and where you are in the world, move your body.

Whether that means virtual workouts at home, global adventures like canyoning, and/or finding local gyms, move your body. Some ways I jump start transformation with moving my body include daily workouts and sessions with the Peloton App, adventures with travel to 7 Continents, and/or finding local gyms like Energym in San Jose, Costa Rica, Scandinavia Gym in Antigua, Guatemala, and Fitness Mania in San Pedro La Laguna.

In Colombia, I did the majority of my workouts at my Airbnbs in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena, and I walked a ton along with my Peloton app. You can see more on my YouTube and IG @katrinajuliafit.

Sometimes, my workouts are more adventurous including snorkeling and freediving at the Rosario Islands near Cartagena, Colombia.

Rosario Islands Freediving

4. Walking Places

Speaking of snorkeling and freediving in Rosario islands, a great way to get and stay healthy like a boss is to walk places. Whether that is a walk in the park, day at the beach, or walking over 3+ miles all around Cartagena, Colombia, there are countless ways for you to walk places and move your body.

There is something so healing about spending time outside walking and surrounded by a city.

Sunset from San Felipe Castle in Cartagena, Colombia

5. Visit a Fresh Food Market

One of my favorite things to do in a city is to visit a fresh food market. I loved visiting Paloquemao and Usaquen Markets in Bogota, Colombia. It is easy to get and stay healthy like a boss when you are surrounded by the beauty and healthy options of food, fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Like a Boss in Colombia

5 Ways to Healthy Like a Boss will help you get healthier easier and faster than ever!

You will start to feel and see transformation results right away!

Which of these options will you start with first?

We would love to see how you get and stay healthy like a boss!

Share with us. on social media via @katrinajuliafit and @fitlifecreation for a feature!

For more ways to jump start your health, wealth and business like a boss, check out my 14 day challenge!


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