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4 Transformation Tools for Your Health

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Best Tools to Transform Your Health from the Inside Out

You may have heard of lifestyle transformation or lifestyle brand. Or, maybe you clicked because you want to transform your health. To get ready for the transformation tools for your health, consider transforming your health may be easier than you think.

Over five years ago, I was 50+ lbs. heavier and typically consumed alcohol 1-2 times weekly. For years, I struggled with health yo-yoing. I made it about the external vs. the eternal. I focused on myself vs. on helping others. Once I right-sized my approach, everything changed.

My transformation from the inside out became possible starting with transformation tools for health.

I understand the struggle. If I did it, so can you.

Let's talk about the transformation tools for your health.


Eight years ago, I "woke" up. My transformation story continues to be written.

Over the last eight years, I went from:

Fear to Faith

Devaluing to Purity

Self Hate to Love

Corporate to Calling

Lies to Love

Pain to Purpose

Bondage to Freedom

Step by step, I started transforming my health, business, travel, time, and wealth. I lost over 55 lbs (with Herbalife Nutrition, competing in fitness shows and setting up tools), my business (integrating health, wealth, and biz with tips, tools and tech), and my wealth step by step including decreasing spending over 50%.

Most importantly, I transformed and continue to transform my mind which continues to result in inside out transformation. I feel more love and joy than ever.

That's why I am so passionate about helping you get and keep results in health, wealth and business.

When I started on my journey, I couldn't find any experience that included all three in one and the tips, tools and tech included so that's why in every experience online & live, I include everything. One of my favorites is the Creation Club, Online Course and Mastermind, including a free 14 day challenge.

Disclaimer: avg person who consumes Herbalife loses .5 to 1 a week with healthy active lifestyle.

Here are Transformation Tools I use daily that help me get and keep results with health.

Transformation Tools for Your Health

The best tools to transform your health will help you get and keep results. The tools I share include what I use daily. Every single day for the past 5+ years, I have used the #1 Global Nutritional Brand - Herbalife, as well as 6 Pack Meal Bags. In the last 2+ years, I incorporated Instacart for my grocery shopping regularly. Last but not least, Peloton App found me in the middle of the global pandemic in June.


1. Herbalife Global Nutrition

Herbalife Global Nutrition found me in 2013 through a good friend of mine, Isabel. No one else could have introduced me to Herbalife. Her friendship, our relationship, and her results spoke to me. I trusted her because of our 20+ year friendship.

In the first month of drinking two shakes daily, two Beverage Mix (protein snacks taste like koolaid), and making healthier choices, I lost 15 lbs.

Disclaimer: Avg person loses .5 to 1 weekly with healthy active lifestyle.

Over the next year and half, I consistently changed and replaced habits, increased the effectiveness of my workouts with endurance and weight training sports. In July 2013, I completed my first Olympic Distance Triathlon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in DC.

In July 2014, I competed in National Physique Committee Bikini Division with Team Edge training with Ingrid Romero & Joe Discuillo. By July 2014, I lost over 55 lbs. and reached 12% body fat for my first show. I literally became a brand new person from the inside out. In short, I put in the work aligned to the nutrition fueling my body.

Since then, I have completed training for three shows, and numerous fitness model photoshoots.

Herbalife Global Nutrition offers inner and outer nutrition, as well as income opportunities part-time and full-time for entrepreneurs. You may learn more by registering at the meal plan via freebies, and attend a free virtual event and future events to learn more.

2. Peloton App

I heard about Peloton last year and knew about their bike and treadmill. I didn't know about their app until the pandemic in 2020. I joined the free 30 day trial in June 2020, and as they say the rest is history.

You may imagine with regular weight training workouts and gym time, I felt my routine altered from April - June 2020. Right from the start, I loved the workouts, community, challenges, and accountability with the Peloton App.

From the family workouts with Jess Sims to walking and running outdoors with Rebecca Kennedy and Selena Samuela to weight lifting with Robin Arzon and Adrian Williams to meditation with Chelsea (and everything in between), I fell in love with the community right away.

In the first 90 days with Peloton App, I have completed over 6,000 minutes, over 80+ stretches, 70+ strength workouts, 50+ cardio workouts, and 35+ walks and runs outdoors. The Peloton Facebook community is incredibly uplifting and encouraging as well.


3. 6 Pack Bags

I discovered 6 Pack Bags back in 2014 when I started training for competitions in bikini with NPC. I love them and use them all the time. They are literally meal bags with pouches you may freeze to keep your food refrigerated.

The bags vary from gym bags to purses to backpacks. I regularly use the Renee Tote and backpacks. I believe in them so much that along with Herbalife Global Nutrition in our online & live experiences, I include them in our academies and transformation retreats as some of the health, wealth and business tools we include.

Photo by Brock Atlanta

Renee Tote pictured here

4. Instacart

Talk about a way to exercise control over any temptations at the grocery store AND save hours of time. Instacart has saved me 70+ hours in shopping time in less than a year. It's an easy way to look at what you put in your "cart", not to mention ask yourself if what you are getting is aligned with the goals you say you want.

If you haven't tried Instacart yet, you are missing out! One of my favorite memories with Instacart is when I broke my foot surfing in 2016 (crazy I know) they literally were a God send to my door step!

This picture was the day before I broke my foot surfing during a fitness model photo shoot with Michael Neveaux in Los Angeles.

Tools to Transform Your Health

I'm sure you realized by now this is an ongoing process and journey to get and keep transformation. What tool speaks to you from the start. Pick 1, 2 or all four that speak to you. You may find ways to integrate the tools to transform your health in your daily life just as easily as I do.

Jump start with the tools and with the 14 Day Challenge in the Creation Club.

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.



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