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Adventure is Calling: My Journey Back to a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

After years of full-time travel, I started craving stability. I thought the stability my soul craved was being in one place for awhile. Although I loved being in Atlanta, I realized the stability my soul craves is internal stability no matter where I am in the world.

I am no stranger to having a home-base and traveling the world. In 2010, I wrote down travel to 7 Continents and a minimum year of travel. I never imagined doing it on the heels of a global pandemic 2020-22. When I returned to Atlanta after 10 countries in 2 years more or less, I didn't realize how much I change, and how much Atlanta changed.

I realized my soul craved creating, transforming, and inspiring limitlessly. I realized how much I craved community online and live, and how much I allowed fear in the past to control my leaps of faith as a warrior woman.

In a world often tethered to routine and familiarity, there exists a powerful call for multi-passionate entrepreneurs, creators and CEOs– the call of adventure. It's the magnetic pull of uncharted territories, the allure of fresh experiences, and the promise of self-discovery.

For me, this call echoed louder than ever, beckoning me to return to the digital nomad lifestyle. In this blog post, I'll share the reasons behind my adventurous decision and how it brought about a lower cost of living, the embrace of diverse climates, and personal growth in more ways than one.

Experiencing Atlanta two years post digital nomad travel and post pandemic as a new transplant coupled with grey skies in the winter, had me rethinking my choices, convention and cultures again.

While some of the ways I changed were no surprise, others floored me especially the choice to be a digital nomad again.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

As my lease ending came upon me in April, I decided I would travel again. With a desire for freedom, community online and live, and increasing costs of living, I started to rethink prior decisions to be stable in one place. I explored new options to create community including global womens retreats, cations, and co-living, as well as furnished and flexible living in the United States.

The heart of adventure beats with a restless wanderlust. It's the yearning to break free from the ordinary, to trade predictability for the unexpected, and to swap comfort for exhilaration. This restlessness is the first note in the symphony of the digital nomad lifestyle.

Eternal Summers beckon to my soul

Being in Playa Del Carmen the last month compared to even June or November in Atlanta has me convinced. My spirit, soul, mind and body has expanded and evolved exponentially in more ways than one. My passion, purpose, and 10x productivity from the inside out is proof.

At the same time, the craving for creating, community and cash to CREATEIT online and in real life has exploded. This has aligned to everything from meeting people in real-life, creating 30 Day Challenges, and a desire for alignment to communities in real-life with faith, wellness, marketing, business and travel.

Lowering the Cost of Living

One of the undeniable advantages of the digital nomad lifestyle is how traveling the world will save you money. By navigating to destinations where the cost of living is more affordable, we are able to make every dollar stretch further.

This isn't just about financial savings; it's about the freedom that comes with it.

What an adventure!

Embracing Eternal Summers

As a digital nomad, you're not confined to a single weather pattern. You have the world as your playground, allowing you to chase the sun or embrace the snow depending on your preference.

This flexibility in climate choices ensures that you're never too far from your ideal weather, whether you're seeking warmth or coolness.


Personal Growth

Adventure isn't merely about the places you visit; it's about the transformation from the inside out. I thought I would stay in one place when I traveled to Mexico. However, as I changed four Airbnbs this month, I recognized the misalignment, fears, and opportunities for growth within me that had nothing to do with the stays themselves.

Every interaction and experience becomes a note in the symphony of our personal development.

Home is Where I Am

Available for Adventure

When you step into the unknown, you often uncover hidden talents and passions. The digital nomad lifestyle encourages you to try new things, whether it's learning a new language, picking up a local craft, or diving into a new hobby. These discoveries add a vibrant layer to your life's tapestry.

I believe we are like balls of yarn. When we pull our strings so far, more is unravled to transform.

I experienced Must Bucketlist Adventures with Swimming with Turtles and Freediving in 65 Million Year Old Caves and Cenotes.

Community Connections

One of the unexpected gifts of the digital nomad lifestyle is the sense of community that spans the globe. You'll encounter fellow nomads, both seasoned and new, who share your passion for exploration. These connections can blossom into deep friendships and provide a sense of belonging wherever you roam.

One of the reasons I chose Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to start my travels to my surprise is the information I found out online about the digiral nomad community. I researched, discovered, and encountered communities with wellness and digital nomads including Nest, Recnnct, and Yoga.

At the same time, I created communities online and live. As I took action to CREATEIT, I discovered I desired to align to create community in a base that aligned to fill my soul with faith, wellness, marketing, business, and travel.

The more I reflected, I realized how much these communities aligned for me in Los Angeles and set the intention to align with actions to CREATEIT step by step.

I am learning to submit and surrender to my soul.

Adventure is Calling

In choosing stability from the inside out, I am learning to submit and surrender to my souls calling. The call to go deeper into the unknown in every way. I am being, feeling and listening. Beyond the adventure and creating communities, my soul is pulling me to a European Tour with family and creating communities with travel with womens retreats and coliving to CREATEIT.

What surprised you about adventure calling?

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