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  • Katrina Julia

Virgin Voyages is a Vibe 2022

I went on my first Virgin Voyages Cruise in October 2022. I discovered Virgin Voyages on Instagram from Christine Lozado.

With my travel to 7 continents reaching 35+ countries, I felt compelled to have an interactive, innovative, and integrative experience with the community. From what I could see online, Virgin Voyages looked like a great idea.

Virgin Voyages appeals to me because of the adult-only, wellness, dining, and adventurous experiences all in one.

It is time to put Virgin Voyages on your bucket list.

Beyond its Virgin experience of excellence, Virgin Voyages is a cruise like no other.

My favorite things about Virgin Voyages include the vibe, service, dining, wellness, experiences, adults-only, and day trips.


Virgin Voyages is a Vibe

Virgin Voyages is a vibe. Period. You feel it immediately via the personal branding on the website, digital marketing, and app experience to set the tone for your cruise. From the start, Virgin Voyages is a completely different experience than the other two cruises I took.

Virgin Voyages offers Caribbean, Transatlantic, European, and Asian cruises.

I chose the Scarlet Lady with the Rivera Maya Cruise.

If you are curious about cruising with Virgin Voyages, you will love this video on What You Want to Know (and 20+ videos in my Virgin Voyages playlist on YouTube!)

If you love innovation and interaction, you will love Virgin Voyages.

It's not easy to narrow down Virgin Voyages to my favorites, but here goes!


Virgin Voyages is a Vibe

  • Vibe

  • Service

  • Food

  • Wellness

  • Experiences

  • Adult-Only

  • Day Trips

Tips to Enhance Your Virgin Voyages Experience

  • Sign-Up for Early Check-In on the app

  • Explore the ship for both content creation and spots you will love!

  • Make reservations for your favorite wellness activities + dining experiences

  • Note: Always try your favorite spot even if no available reservations show up

  • Sign-up for the spa on one of your cruising days to relax and reflect with mud too

  • Break a sweat and bring your 80's gear at the VHS workout

  • Eat breakfast or brunch at Razzle Dazzle and try the Acai Bowl + Avocado Toast

  • Enjoy a community experience by dining at Gunbae Korean Restaurant

  • Try out Shore Things for incredible excursions on the ports and day trips

  • Get dressed up for Scarlet Night, dance the night away, and jump in to the pool!

  • Have fun at the shows, clubs, and experiences all through the ship.



Virgin Voyages Service

Virgin Voyages takes the cabin and ship to the next level with service and sustainability. From the moment I arrived to check in at the V Terminal to meeting the attendant for my cabin to the service at every turn, my Virgin Voyages cruise exceeded my expectations.

For the most part, everything went smoothly. The only thing where I needed additional service included my sailor loot (extra dollars for excursions, spa, etc) not being transferred correctly to the app. The Virgin team took care of it ASAP not missing a beat.

All shots are my own on Canon EOSM100, Sony A330, and/or my iPhone 13 or via Airbnb.


Dining with Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages offers dining experiences like no other I have ever experienced in the world. With over 20+ Michelin-rated dining, you will not be disappointed. Every dining experience delighted me. If you love eating healthy, or are plant-based like I am most of the time, Virgin Voyages makes it easy.

The places I tried included:

  • Razzle Dazzle - 4+x for breakfast + 1x for dinner

  • Galley - food hall.- 24 hour diner, Sweet Spot, Daily Mix, Sushi, Tacos

  • Pink Agave - 1x for dinner

  • Wake - 1x for breakfast + 1x for dinner

  • Gunbae - Korean interactive experience

  • Test Kitchen - my last night on the ship


Wellness Experiences with Scarlet Lady

If you love to travel healthily, you will love all the wellness experiences on Virgin Voyages with the Scarlet Lady. The three gyms on board, outdoor fitness equipment, and fitness classes will make you feel right at home. I loved the VHS workout in the Manor, and the HIIT workout with instructors too!


Endless Experiences on the Ship

Virgin Voyages offers something for everyone. Whether it is dining or wellness or relaxing at the pool on the ship, you will have your fill on Virgin Voyages. Virgin offers shows that are non-traditional and show the creative expression of the Happenings Crew exponentially. I went to 3+ shows during my Rivera Maya Cruise.

I loved the social media workshops, karaoke, and other pop-up experiences on the ship. Speaking of experiences and pop-ups, Scarlet Night is a must. I loved getting glammed up and wearing red, participating in the fun the Happenings Crew had with the expression of the myth with the pirate and Octopus, and dancing the night away on and in the pool.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Night