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Virgin Voyages is a Vibe 2022

I went on my first Virgin Voyages Cruise in October 2022. I discovered Virgin Voyages on Instagram from Christine Lozado.

With my travel to 7 continents reaching 35+ countries, I felt compelled to have an interactive, innovative, and integrative experience with the community. From what I could see online, Virgin Voyages looked like a great idea.

Virgin Voyages appeals to me because of the adult-only, wellness, dining, and adventurous experiences all in one.

It is time to put Virgin Voyages on your bucket list.

Beyond its Virgin experience of excellence, Virgin Voyages is a cruise like no other.

My favorite things about Virgin Voyages include the vibe, service, dining, wellness, experiences, adults-only, and day trips.


Virgin Voyages is a Vibe

Virgin Voyages is a vibe. Period. You feel it immediately via the personal branding on the website, digital marketing, and app experience to set the tone for your cruise. From the start, Virgin Voyages is a completely different experience than the other two cruises I took.

Virgin Voyages offers Caribbean, Transatlantic, European, and Asian cruises.

I chose the Scarlet Lady with the Rivera Maya Cruise.