• Katrina Julia

14 Day Challenge: Boss Brand: Day 7

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, and/or find yourself looking for ways to build a boss brand and make money online? Whether you are an entrepreneur, wellness coach, and/or course creator, boss brand will help you with strategy, structure and systems.

Regardless of whether you are working from home for someone else, building your side hustle, or ready to pursue your passion and purpose full-time, building a boss brand will help you take a brand and business from the foundation to stability to growth.

In the United States alone, over 22 million people have filed unemployment in the last month or so. You may be one of those. I walked through unemployment in 2007. I know it's hard. When I choose to embrace purpose and gratitude, I found every step leads me to where I need to go. Is it painful? Yes. Do I learn a ton in the process refining my mind and character? Yes. Am I making choices to turn pain to purpose? Yes and so can you.

No matter where you are with building a boss brand now, you may learn strategy, structure and systems to help you in any industry. In serving in >7 industries, I have found many businesses neglect firm foundations. Sometimes people negate great ideas until they are forced to pay attention. In times like a global pandemic, entire business models are shifting to virtual and online.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I walked through 7+ industries from operational to financial to executive roles. In 2011, I became a full-time entrepreneur. I realized I had a lot to learn and many skills to develop. You may be feeling all those feelings now. You are not alone in any way, shape or form.

Building a boss brand with an all in one lifestyle brand led me to learn many new skills to set up strategy, structure and systems. When you decide it is time to build a boss brand, everything changes. In the 14 Day Challenge, Day 1, I shared how transformation is required to create a life and business you love. In the 14 Day Challenge, you will experience 12 themes to create a life and business you love from faith to wellness to money and travel.

Whether you create with our community on the blog, podcast, and/or in the 14 Day Challenge sneak peek to our monthly mastermind, Creation Club, you will experience transformation like never before. On Day 7 of the 14 Day Challenge, it's time to take on being a boss and build a boss brand.

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Boss Brand Intro

Building a boss brand starts with strategy and foundation. Setting up themes and a structure enhances alignment, consistency and stability. Over time, with action you identify systems leading to growth.

When I started creating FIT Life Creation, at the forefront of my mind was time freedom. For years working in Corporate, I dealt with inefficiency and outdated systems I got to change. With teams, I would identify new strategies, structures and systems and implement them.

I wanted to eliminate inefficiency and set up structure and systems from the start. As a result, this included setting up a structure, as well as systems to automate delivery of freebies, online courses, and/or influencer collaborations. I decided early-on I would create a blog and podcast to create evergreen content available 24/7, and integrate automation and delegation with a team.

All of this, plus an out of office response e-mail with directions with a time table of three days for responses, and virtual assistants helps the business run without anyone putting a finger on it. Most importantly, it gives me peace of mind knowing people are being serviced left and right easily.

I wanted to have a business, and not for the business to have me. I constantly ask how can I automate and/or delegate this. Time freedom is important to me. In addition, having a business that runs virtually and live is priceless. You may be thinking about increasing your online presence now more than ever.

Boss Brand involves: