• Katrina Julia

Employee v. Entrepreneur: What Pays More + When + ROI in Your Life

You’ve noticed how being an entrepreneur is on the rise. It seems like either everyone now has a side hustle and/or has made the leap to be a full-time entrepreneur. You’ve perhaps done either or both!

You're still feeling like you aren't clear on which one is the wiser investment of time. You've got family and friends giving you their opinions, bills to pay, and your passion and purpose calling all at the same time.

You’re afraid of not reaching your potential and your best life, and you've done the steps to get to where you are. Yet, you feel like you could elevate your energy and mental muscle.

Yet, you are more afraid of not getting your story, your experience, and your brand out there, so you hang on through the process. You tune in to a number of sources, but wonder are you truly listening to yourself.

You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to get crystal clear on fully switching from Employee to Entrepreneur. You want to go ALL in. At the same time, you want to know the 411 on what pays more and the ultimate return on investment to help you be clear on your choice.

What if…

What if you got to see a side by side comparison of employee v. entrepreneur from several industries?

What if you got clear on the value produced and percentage received as employee v. entrepreneur?

What if you had a road map of 10 steps to build and/or grow your boss brand?

What if you focused on creating a life and business you love step by step?

What if you focused on the small changes that lead to big results?

Imagine the return…

Imagine the results…

It is possible to create it and live it. How do I know?

Because I took ALL the struggles and turned them into triumphs to create a life and business I love and help others.

How did we do it?

I figured it was time to share it to serve others.

Employee v. Entrepreneur:

What Pays

More + When


The Return on

Investment in

Your Life.


Now, with that being said - how do get clear on employee v. entrepreneur + what pays more and when + the return on investment in your life?

Here, I will share with you my own employee journey with countless industries, as well as my entrepreneurial journey (when I finally quit the side hustle game!) I will show you a side by side comparison on employee v. entrepreneur, pay, and the ROI in your life!

I wish I would have had perspective on employee v. entrepreneur much sooner. This would have helped me and countless others go all in for creating a life and business we love much sooner!

That is my hope for you with this post!


Highlights of My Story so you know I relate to creating a life and business I love too!


First, remind yourself that wherever you are now with your employee v. entrepreneur journey is where you currently are based on the choices you have made - it didn't get there overnight. It will take time and consistent effort depending on the choices you want to make for your future.

Be patient with the process, and with yourself.

I know this is easier said than done first hand through my own journey of transforming from employee to entrepreneur (after becoming a Chief Audit Executive and being in the "employee" game for years!)


Sometimes, it's like all of a sudden we wake up and say wait a minute -

I don't love my life

I don't love my health

I don't love my wealth

I don't love my business

I don't love my relationships

I don't love my day


It is important to reflect on gratitude.

It is important to focus on progress.

It is important to take the next step.


You, my friend, want to get clear on employee v. entrepreneur, I can tell. That's probably why you are here reading - hello?! You probably KNOW there is so much more inside of you. You keep doing things, yet not feeling or seeing the progress you want. Perhaps, you are seeing some progress, but you have a feeling you could experience so much more.

At the same time, the external noise - fears, friends, family, finances - may hold you back from truly going all in on creating a life and business you love.

So, since you really want to get clear on

Employee v. Entrepreneur:

What Pays

More + When


Return on

Investment for

Your Life, this post is for you.

In this post, I’m sharing the side by side comparison of my transformation experiences shifting from employee v. entrepreneur + what pays more when + the return on investment in your life so that you get clear on the life and business you want to create.


It may seem like a completely different mindset, but the more you do this you will find yourself doing these daily with time like I do. It is no different than riding a bike, it simply takes time!

Plus, if you truly want to create a life and business you love - don't you owe it to yourself and your life to perhaps go deeper within to find out who you truly are and what you are made of?



My Current Before + After of

Creating the Life

and Business I Love.

In 2010, I found myself:

  • At the goal I had set in college for my life, yet feeling like a lot was missing.

  • Living in a two bedroom apartment with my closets and dressers full of stuff.

  • My 7th car that usually had random stuff in it, and that I would clean every 3 months.

  • So-so to strong relationships with my mom and dad.

  • Prioritizing work over family.

  • Answering emails pretty much first thing.

  • Making time for fun where I "fit in" vs. what I really wanted to do for myself.

  • Not really clear on who I was and what I truly wanted in all areas of life.

  • No time freedom. 3 Weeks of Vacation a year (Corporate executive).

  • Some great friends, some that weighed on me with negativity that I allowed.

  • Instability in my own faith and mind.

  • Yo yo with weight 40-55 lbs. heavier than I am now.

  • In debt and overwhelmed by how to get out.

  • Always being pulled by entrepreneurship (I was side hustle queen before the term was invented. I had a side hustle from college on no matter what position, role, or travel.)

My current state is infinitely better (the year of this writing 2018). I am nowhere near where I was (thank god), and I am nowhere near where I will go. I am sharing this because I know if I had found something like this it would have saved me a ton of time and frustration. That is my hope for you.

  • I am fully aligned to my passion and purpose of simplifying transformation in health, wealth, business in 1 and creating a life and business I love (and helping others).

  • I am living in an efficiency currently that is always spic and span clean with a closet that is 25% full and a dresser that is maybe 35% full.

  • I went carless for 2.5 years in Atlanta to break my addiction to stuff. I did not go looking for my now 8th car. Our creator literally sent it to me. My 8th car is always spic and span clean. I have maybe water bottles in it. I get it cleaned once to twice a month regularly.

  • My relationships with my family are super strong and consistent communication.

  • I prioritize spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, physical, playful over work. I know the better I am being as a person, the better I do the work.

  • I answer emails last thing in the day now typically and/or two - three times a week. We have an out of office that states directions for key areas of FIT Life Creation (test it! Send us an email lol!) and tells people up front we will respond in 72 hours or less.

  • I make time for my type of fun all the time. This includes now first thing in the morning going to the park to sit by a stream and meditate, pray, and journal and then walk around the park. I do fun fitness classes, day spa trips, time with friends that are high vibe, reading, writing, and more.

  • I am super clear on who I am, who I am becoming, what I want out of life, and more steps get revealed each and every day on how to get there.

  • Time Freedom. I design my days, weeks, months how I want. This year, I decided I wanted to be more stable and travel less. FIT Life Creation platform is also >80% automated with our guides, programs, academies.

  • High vibe people around me more and more.

  • A firm foundation of faith.

  • Stability in my faith, freedom, and mind.

  • 40 -55 lbs. smaller than I was in 2010 (depending on time of year) and stable since 2014 and constantly refining my physique (I also compete in fitness shows as a way to inspire and stay accountable.)

  • A clear roadmap (our 6 Pack of Wealth) for money flow and vision (Billions in Our Brains) and in the process of getting out of debt. Clarity on exactly where money goes when it comes in. I feel my financial freedom is coming very soon.

  • Being a full-time entrepreneur since 2011. Last year, I made another huge leap of faith by stepping away from an organization that helped provide stability, but was not aligned with innovation and growth in the financial arena. Their business methods also did not align with my faith and thinking, and I knew it was time to be completely free.


So, you may see that there is significant transformation in my own life.

You may also see these did not happen overnight. This required me to shift my mindset to delayed gratification. This is one of the key builders as an entrepreneur. Sure, you will have quick and big wins. Everyone story is different.

However, many many stories -

from Apple to Disney to Herbalife to Nike, take on a common thread of patience and persistence.

I will share with you the comparisons of

Employee v. Entrepreneur:

What Pays More + When


Return on Investment in Your Life.

You have the answers within on your next steps.


1. Employee v. Entrepreneur

It is very easy to get caught up with instant gratification. Over the last 10+ years, we've seen massive changes in technology with the internet, social media, and our phones. This creates countless opportunities for ease and access, as well creating wealth from our phones and a rise of lifestyle entrepreneurship.

At the same time, do you think it creates the

same kind of mental muscle that it took for...

1) Einstein to try 10,000 ways to get the light bulb to work?

2) Phil Knight and co-founders to create Nike?

3) Walt Disney to create Disney?

4) Steve Jobs and co-founders to create Apple?

5) Mark Hughes and co-founders to create Herbalife?

I think we may all agree - that no - the perseverance, patience, and persistence these founders all had in common is often not demonstrated in today's environment with employees and/or future entrepreneurs if they aren't willing to change their mindset.

At the same time, it is challenging us like never before to take the complicated and keep it simple, sweetie.

So, when you combine these two elements of perseverance, patience, persistence with simplicity = game over.

You wire yourself to figure it out, and

educate easily and effortlessly.

It is also important if you are an employee, side hustler, and/or entrepreneur to realize the value you have generated v. received in your lifetime.

It will help you recognize the value you may create as an entrepreneur, and to believe in yourself.

Here is Insight into My Employee Experience.

You will see I have highlighted the following:

1) Year

2) Role

3) Industry

4) Type

5) Value

6) Paid

7) Weekly

8) Total

9) % of Value Paid

You will see very quickly if you want freedom to pursue passion and purpose, time freedom with your family, flexibility to travel anywhere and anytime, and financial freedom, doing it the employee way is

a very very long road.

Now, I am not knocking those that choose to stay and work for companies. That, may be their passion and purpose. Ask yourself though - is it really your passion and purpose? Or are you there out of security and fear?

What if?

What if you bet on yourself?

How could you change your legacy?

Your family's legacy?

A great place to start is the years for yourself just like I did. What was your role, company, what value did you generate in sales, savings, value of any type to the bottom line? What did you receive for payment? What was the percentage of the value you generated?

I am in no way, shape or form stating being an employee is bad or wrong. I simply realized for myself - I had and have a deep desire for passion and purpose and freedom. I also have a deep desire to give back to help millions and give billions to help end homelessness, end cancer, help military vets,

and help battered women. I knew deep down staying an employee was suffocating passion and purpose.

I left Corporate America as an Executive (Chief Audit Executive). My next role was Chief Operating Officer - and when I quit (with a three week notice and option to extend to two months). The Chief Executive Officer himself was shocked and told me he thought he would be announcing me as COO in the next year or less.

I told him I was grateful, and that he didn't know me at all if he thought that was my highest ambition.