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Bacalar, Mexico: Sailing Away with What SUP Bacalar

What SUP all my adventure lovers? Want to sail away with What SUP Bacalar?

Let me take you behind the scenes with our private catamaran sailing tour.

My adventures have included skydiving in Houston one New Year, scuba diving in Cozumel, Egypt, Jamaica, surfing in Manuel Antonio and ocean view zip lining in Costa Rica to name a few!

Before my travel to Mexico in 2021, I knew I wanted to experience the best Cenotes, Azulik, Tulum Jungle Gym, Day Trips, and Top 10 Things to Do in Tulum, as well as Bacalar and Valladolid.. I knew I either wanted to do something new and/or a prior adventure in a new environment in Mexico. I researched different experiences with catamaran in Bacalar, art experiences, and free diving.

What SUP Bacalar came up a few times including being highly recommended by Picaflor's owner Valerie too! I did a collaboration and consulting with Digital Marketing with Picaflor via Workaway.

I previously reached out to other tour companies and either didn't hear back or things didn't move forward. With What SUP Bacalar, a neighbor connected me with Daniel in Sales and Marketing. We moved forward step by step on a catamaran tour with What SUP Bacalar.

Before I knew it, the time to experience yet another adventure in Mexico: Catamaran Sailing with What SUP Bacalar arrived!

Bacalar, Mexico: What SUP Bacalar

With Jenn who I worked with via Workaway, Guimel who I met via Picaflor, and Aga who I met at Public Pier 36. The day we went was her birthday!

What SUP Bacalar

What SUP Bacalar has operated for over 5 years in Bacalar, Mexico. You may find them at Yak House along the Bacalar Lagoon near the center. Daniel with Sales and Marketing is friendly, professional, and has a great sense of urgency.

Lorena, Customer Support Specialist goes above and beyond to make sure everything is aligned for your guests. For my hosted Catamaran Sailing Tour to Pirates Channel, Cenote Negro, and Island of the Birds, I referred 5 people. What SUP Bacalar gave them a great group rate.

Cesar, our Sailing Captain for the Catamaran Sunset Adventure in Bacalar, Mexico with What SUP Bacalar is incredible!

Not to mention, CNN featured them!

*Although the adventure is hosted, all opinions are my own.

I rated them 5 stars on Trip Advisor and Google for incredible service, friendliness, and safety all around!

Cesar, Sailing Captain with What SUP Bacalar

What SUP Bacalar Adventures include:

  • Catamaran Tours

  • Sailing Adventures

  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

  • Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

  • Special Events

The adventurer is exposed to options to experience the best of Bacalar Lagoon.

There is adventure for everyone!

They definitely had me at hello!

My Experiences With What SUP Bacalar

This is my first time experiencing an adventure in Bacalar, Mexico with What SUP Bacalar. Thanks to rave recommendations from Picaflor, connecting with Luis-a tour guide, Daniel, Sales and Marketing, and the team Lorena and Cesar on our Catamaran Sailing Adventure in Bacalar, Mexico, I already know it won't be my last.

Bacalar, Mexico

I experienced connecting with Luis, Daniel and Lorena to organize our sailing adventure on a Catamaran for up to 6 people plus the Sailing Captain.

Before my adventure, I reviewed information via the What SUP Bacalar website.

It helped me get a glimpse of the breathtaking beautiful adventure I would experience with What SUP Bacalar.

At the same time, nothing could fully prepare me for pristine and priceless beauty all around us at Bacalar Lagoon.

What made this experience with What SUP Bacalar extra special included doing it with friends and doing it for a new friend, Aga's Birthday. We started off with myself, Jenn, Aga, and Guimel.

While serving with Workaway and Picaflor, Jenn and I became fast friends and were roommates for my first five days in Bacalar! I met Giumel via Picaflor, who is super friendly, speaks great English, and worked as a server with them at the time.

What SUP Bacalar is incredible. A Sailing Adventure and/or Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a MUST during your visit in Bacalar!

Sailing Away in Bacalar, Mexico

Words and photos do not do sailing on Bacalar Lagoon justice. I will attempt to share my awe and wonder through words, photos, and videos of the What SUP Adventure with Sailing on Bacalar Lagoon in a Catamaran.

I want you to feel the adventure as if you are here with us.

We met at Yak House to sign in with Lorena for the adventure with Sailing at Bacalar Lagoon. Depending on their policies, you will need to book by paying online via a link or stop by Yak House either the day before or earlier in the day.

What SUP Bacalar in Bacalar, Mexico

We arrived at Yak House at the dock and pier in the back with time to have a safety briefing and set up our life jackets for the Catamaran Sailing Adventure.

We were assisted by the Lorena with Customer Service and Cesar the Sailing Captain. The Catamaran is six people maximum plus the Sailing Captain. All you are able to bring is yourself, phone, camera, and towels.

They do provide snacks and drinks in the tour as well.

Every moment the captain took amazing care of us including insights and history into Bacalar, Mexico.

For our first stop, we sailed to Pirates Channel about 2 km or so away. This is a must see and do when in Bacalar, Mexico. It is incredible beauty with what once was a pirate route between the Hondo River and Lagoon of Bacalar. It once handled a commercial exchange of exotic bird feathers, wood, and food.

Later, during the colony, the channel was called Canal de Salamanca, or Channel of Salamanca. It served as a point of connection between Europe and America. The focus being famous pirates like Henry Morgan (1635 - 1688) and Francis Drake (1543). - 1596) who took advantage of this commercial location to exploit the wealth of wood for repairing their boats and new ship construction.

Pirates Channel in Bacalar, Mexico

If you have drone, this is definitely the spot for it! A drone is definitely on my list!

It is interesting to note that the pirate ship ruins and building you see here once was a restaurant.

Pirates Channel Photo Credit: Getting Stamped

Years ago, some entrepreneurs tried to start up a restaurant at Pirate Channel. Apparently, due to national park status and environmental protection, the government shut it down.

We spent about 20-30 minutes here. Some more friends, Joel and Marisol joined us at this spot. We thought they didn't make it, but they appeared like a mirage. They ran a bit late due to another tour via their stay. What SUP Bacalar ended up letting them catch a boat ride to meet us at Pirate Channel! Talk about service!

This is undoubtedly one of the most incredible adventures I have laid eyes on and experienced!
It is easy to see why!

After visiting Pirates Channel, we sailed to Cenote Negro. Cenote Negro is over 70 meters / 200 feet deep. When you sail or swim over, you may see the colors change. For our sunset tour, we sailed over. During the Stand Up Paddle Boarding tour, you may paddle board or swim in it. This is due to safety and boat traffic around the Cenote.

Our last stop included being close to Bird Island. Bird Island is protected due to exotic birds and breeding, as well as 100s+ Stromatolites.

Stromatolites are thought to be the oldest living organisms of over 3,500 to 10,000 years old. They may appear like rocks, but they are living organisms. Whether there is a sign or roped off area or not, do not stand or walk on them.

They are beautiful. I saw them for the first time at Cenote Cocalitos. I may imagine what an island full of them looks like!

Stromatolites at Cenote Cocalitos

During our last stop, We swam, took pictures, and played volleyball in the water. Our entire tour lasted about 3 hours including a beautiful sunset.

I cannot thank Daniel, Lorena, and Cesar with the What SUP Bacalar team enough for this incredible adventure and way to experience Bacalar, Mexico!

As always, 100% of opinions are my own!

All shots are my own on iPhone and Canon EOSM100.

Bacalar, Mexico: Sailing the Bacalar Lagoon

What a way to experience Bacalar, Mexico. Sailing the Bacalar Lagoon, or Lagoon of Seven Colors, is a must do in Bacalar, Mexico.

I cannot think of a better way to experience the Maldives of Mexico, can you?

Whether you decide to choose Sailing or not, What SUP Bacalar has numerous options for adventure lovers to enjoy the water of Bacalar Lagoon.

Have you experienced an adventure in Bacalar?

What about with What SUP Bacalar?

Is it on your bucket list?

What will you try next?

Are you curious about Tulum, Bacalar, and Valladolid

or other destinations in Mexico?

Learn more with One Day in Tulum, Mexico.


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