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  • Katrina Julia

90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success: Q2 2020

Maybe you have heard of 90 Day Plans. You may even use a planner already. A 90 Day plan is what you do on a daily basis, and aligning it to what you want. You will find our 90 Day Plans, and approach with seven steps to success may be different than what you have experienced.

I practiced 90 day plans in college and corporate focusing on my financial life. I neglected paying attention to my spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, relational and playful areas of life. My choices cost me a great deal.

Once I started focusing on my spiritual and physical areas of life in 2013, everything started changing. As I lost over 55 pounds and kept it off, began to see how changing and replacing 1-3 habits in an area of life led to lasting results. Disclaimer avg. person loses .5 to 1 lb. a week with healthy active lifestyle with Herbalife.

My transformation story of a lifetime led me to creating a life and business I love, and helping others. In 2016, I created a 90 day plan with seven steps to success helping myself and others. With each and every 90 day plan I complete, my clarity and results increase. With the 90 Day plan, your results will too.

90 Day Plan Highlights

When I started my 90 Day Plan, I focused on spiritual and physical areas of life. Naturally, my emotional, mental and relational areas began to transform. Once I realized, I focused on 1-3 actions in each area. Of course, my beliefs and behaviors started impacting my playful and financial areas of life. I received divine downloads to focus on seven steps to success.

In 2016, I realized I felt the best when I focused on all areas of life. I saw my results increase exponentially. I regularly practice a 3 X 7 approach daily. This means I am tracking 3 actions in each area. Sometimes they overlap of course. I noticed how in different seasons depending on my goal for that quarter and year, I hyper-focused on one area more than any other.

By doing so, the focus spills over in other areas of life. What is really cool is once you focus in one area over time, it gets easy. For example, when I lost >55 lbs. after awhile it became second nature to choose to eat healthy all the time and not drink alcohol.

Now, 6+ years have passed with keeping the weight off and being alcohol free. Of course, what we eat and drink impacts every area of life. You will love experiencing 7 steps to success in our 90 Day Plan.

7 Steps to Success

I'm sharing 7 steps to success for a 90 day plan. You will learn to set yourself up for success in each area of life. Perhaps, you love the 3 X 7 approach. Yet, there is an area of life that requires more attention right now. If you haven't done our 14 Day Challenge, it is time to jump start transformation.

Jump start transformation helps you make momentum quickly in an area. It helps to jump start regularly to help you feel and see progress in an area rapidly to increase your confidence. Every choice and action matter.

Over time, you will become a momentum maker.

Let's get into the 90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success.

1. Spiritual

Over the last 7+ years, I've learned to put first things first. If my relationship with our Creator isn't aligned nothing is. My sacred 7 morning routine fills me up daily.

Since 2019, I have consistently woken up to:



I Ams





I've firmed up my foundation in faith exponentially. I am now reading the Bible the second time through. This year, I have completed 3+ Bible studies and written two of my own on Amazon. I am involved in Passion City Church as well.

In addition, to my mornings I add in 2-4 breaks daily for quiet time. I spend a lot of time in nature now e.g. Chastain Park. I leave my phone at home a lot. Now, more than ever we all need to receive and give more love.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Consider your routines

Add more self-love


2. Mental

Mental ties to aligning our thoughts. I pray daily for taking my thoughts captive to Christ. I regularly reflect on the thoughts I think. I speak I Ams daily over myself. I've increased time in prayer, meditation and reflection including time outside in nature.

At different points in time, I have invested in counseling as well as communities. I regularly listen to books, messages and courses in areas I am focusing on improving.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Think of 1 area to improve

Invest time in resources


3. Emotional

Our emotions now more than ever may reflect an area of healing. For example, this year I am focusing on financial stability and growth. With the current environment, I am healing lies of finding my identity and worth in the external vs. eternal.

My old tendencies were to be a workaholic to the detriment of everything else. So, I make sure I implement actions to guard against consuming myself with purpose to the detriment of my whole being. One of my daily I ams I focus on is "I am enough".

Romans 12:2 is one of my favorite verses and ties to our mission - to be transformed by the renewing of my mind to test and approve God's good and pleasing perfect will.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Think of an emotion to heal


4. Physical

How I focus on the physical area of my life has changed in some ways. I am eating healthy in every way. I drink my Herbalife shakes and tea daily and take my supplements. I make sure I am eating protein, complex carbs and healthy fats daily every 3 hours as usual. I thank God for how He has helped me transform my health.

My physical routine and workouts have changed. Likely, your routine physically has changed too. I make sure I am getting up every hour. I stretch first thing in the morning. I do high intensity workouts I make up indoor and outdoors.

I am running 3+ times a week 2 miles and growing. I am using the Tone it Up App 5+ times a week. I am walking to the park 3+ times a week. Of course, LA Fitness has been closed over the last month. Even if it does reopen, I am making a decision to put safety first and keep my current workout focus.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 practices

Grab a Free Meal Plan

and/or 14 Day Challenge

via Sneak Peek to Mastermind


5. Relational

My relational skills are improving. I have increased in calmness, peace, and communication. I get opportunities to practice daily with both my family and a growing community.

I connect more with my family in Bulgaria and Austria. We chat a minimum of 2-3 times a week now including playing games on Whats App. I feel myself transforming daily with our growing community online and virtual assistants. In addition, I am meeting more new people online every day.

I believe