• Katrina Julia

14 Day Challenge: Momentum Maker: Day 11

Whether you are a coach, entrepreneur and/or in a business, you have likely come across the term momentum. When I worked in Corporate full-time, I didn't reflect on natural and divine skills I have. Before I became a full-time entrepreneur in 2011, I was a side-hustler for years. I didn't realize the momentum required to get to full-time income as an entrepreneur. I learned the hard way what it takes to be a momentum maker.

When you work for someone else and receive a salary, it's easy to overlook what it takes to make money unless you are in sales. For years, I served in strategy, operations and finance. Back in college, I worked in a relationship-based sales role both in credit union and later in retail and did great. However, with time, I somehow forgot the connection, consistency and community required.

As an entrepreneur, I ended up enduring a lot of pain walking through pouring myself out in every direction and the way I knew. In the midst of all of this, I received an opportunity to be deeply humbled with how I didn't focus on gratitude, humility and service for years. While I am a CPA and helped others earn 6-8+ figures per year, I didn't have a great relationship with money myself for a long time.

In the last seven years, I have been transformed by service, value and faith in every way. Along the journey, I learned to stay consistent no matter what to be a momentum maker. In the midst of being an entrepreneur, I have walked through consequences and refinement in every way, as well as pouring myself out in service, borrowing money, and going into debt further despite showing up for a long time before things started to turn around.

I don't share this to get sympathy. I share this to give you the reality that things often get harder for awhile before they get easier. More than anything, my faith, mindset, and determination have been tested. Likely, so is yours now and/or will be at some point.

When you decide it is time to be a momentum maker, everything changes. In the 14 Day Challenge, Day 1, I shared how transformation is required to create a life and business you love. In the 14 Day Challenge, you will experience 12 themes to create a life and business you love from faith to wellness to money and travel.

Whether you create with our community on the blog, podcast, and/or in the 14 Day Challenge sneak peek to our monthly mastermind, Creation Club, you will experience transformation like never before. On Day 11 of the 14 Day Challenge, it's time to make momentum.

Leo Parias Costa Rica

Momentum Maker Intro

Momentum maker involves how you become better daily, your daily routine, and alignment to the results you want in every area of life.

No matter whether you are a side-hustler, pursuing your passion and purpose full-time, and/or work with a business, momentum maker will challenge you on your daily actions and how well you align to your vision.

When you choose to be a momentum maker, you are choosing to shift beliefs and behaviors in your mornings and spiritual to financial areas of life. Once you align yourself, you naturally begin to align to creating a life and business you love.

In 2016, I created a 90 day plan including seven steps to success. I realized where my beliefs and behaviors misaligned in different areas of life. Step by Step, I began to shift each area focusing on 1-3 actions daily. I started to shift how I began my days changing everything.

In 2019, I started naturally waking up over 80% of the time 4-5 am continuing to refine the first two hours of my day. I now call my morning routine my sacred 7. I identified my priorities in business to a create 7 to hold myself and us accountable to beliefs and behaviors, as well as results.

If you focus on your daily actions and changing over time, you will transform every single area of your life. It will require divine patience especially if you have a mind-blowing God given vision. I know it isn't easy to undo years of beliefs and behaviors. I promise it is worth it.