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14 Day Challenge: Scale Smart: Day 9

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Are you ready to scale smart with your business? Do you want to create a business with time freedom with automation, amplification, and delegation? Does your business have a lot of repetitive tasks you and/or your team do over and over? Have you set up communities where you automatically and regularly share opportunities?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, wellness coach, course creator, and/or business owner, scale smart will help you take your business to the next level.

No matter whether you work for a business, are building your side hustle, or pursuing your passion and purpose full-time, scale smart will help you learn and apply tips and tools to automate, leverage, and delegate tasks.

When you scale smart, you are learning how to operate your business like a boss. Scaling smart starts with identifying repetitive tasks e.g. an e-mail, course delivery, and business development. Once you identify a task, outline the steps you currently take to do a task.

If you haven't already, research tools to help you automate first. The goal is to automate as much as possible freeing up time on manual tasks. Once you have automated, determine how you may team up with partners for promotion. Review your process for inefficiencies, and delegate remaining items that are not essential for you to perform.

In serving and scaling in >7 industries in strategic, financial and operational roles with structure and systems, I regularly apply and learn new ways to scale smart. Keep in mind, if you insist on maintaining control of everything and won't let any task go, you are your own bottleneck. Not only that, you aren't freeing up your time to be, learn and do more.

A great place to start with scaling smart is your email. Craft an out of office with clear directions on where to go for what in your business. On your auto-responder e-mail, add in an expectation and boundary of a time frame for responding in case their question wasn't answered. Regularly review your auto-responder for additions and revisions for repeat items.

Since 1997, I have served in industries ranging from banking to education to retail to travel to consulting. I regularly look for ways to increase efficiency on manual tasks by simplifying steps and automating. From there, I outline tasks to delegate any non-essential items. I created a habit to automate and delegate a minimum of five new things weekly.