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How to Scale Smart Step by Step

You’ve thought about scaling your business or brand. You’ve perhaps dabbled in the concept or maybe even looked at some people, platforms, or sites that have ways to scale.

You know you want to start scaling (or scale more), yet you have no idea where to start.

You’re worried about what to do to scale first, but you know you've got to create more time freedom!

You’re afraid of missing out on more ways to create a life and business you love for you and/or your community, but you equally worried about the how to, the time it will take, and the results.

Yet something deep inside you continues wants you to face the fears, yet you also want to know how!

You are still reading because… because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to scale smart step by step!

What if…

What if you got clear insight into the foundation, stability, and growth to help you learn how to scale smart step by step?

What if your roadmap to scale smart was crystal clear and super simple?

Imagine the return… Imagine the results…

It is possible to create it.

How do I know?

Because I took experiences in over 7 industries over 20 years, over 15 years in scaling smart and generating 7-9 figure results for others, and now learning to do take the approach to entrepreneurship and lifestyle brands to help you do the same.

How did we do it?

I figured it was time to

share it to serve others.


This made me start thinking about my own story of fears, doubts, insecurities which translated to overwhelm, complexity, and clutter....and not the results I wanted until I shifted into....

How to Scale Smart...

Step by Step


Let's get into scaling smart step by step and some basics.

We will get into:

1) Foundation

2) Stability

3) Growth

Step 1: Foundation

This is all about getting clear about your passion, purpose and profits, and really getting into what sets your soul on fire. This gets into whether you work for someone, have a side hustle, or whether you have your own brand and want to be sure you aren't missing any foundational steps or opportunities.

This ties in connecting, creating, cultivating with others. This then leads to the know, like and trust factors. This is similar to starting a friendship or relationship with people - in essence that is what business truly is - or what we want it to be.

Your foundation for your business involves creating exponential exposure with consistent action with social media, content creation, blogs, podcasts, features. This also involves a firm foundation with structure so you are clear on what is next for your content creation. I've included some examples. You may also see this clearly with our own blogs, podcasts, mastermind and brand - and the 12 themes we center all content around.

Keep in mind this is a never ending journey to constantly connect, create and cultivate. Then what targets are you targeting, and technology that you love? So what do I mean by that? So for example, I'm clear that I'm targeting typically women that are 32 to 45 years old, want the simplicity of health, wealth and business all in one, want to get away, typically college graduated or in process, and/or want to create a life they love, and also bloggers and entrepreneurs that maybe have a great press platform but are not monetizing and want to learn how to monetize and build a brand as well as get healthy.

I also teach people on how to set up a lifestyle brand exactly what we've done with Fit Life Creation and the technology that we use to do it, Wix, Kajabi, and those are some of the hands-on things we do as well as how to flow with marketing from freebies into high-end offers as well as how to set up the technology including Social Media In a Day Freebie to help jump start your transformation!

Questions You May Ask:

1) How Often Do You Post on Social?

2) Do You Have Automated Content to Add?

3) What Tools Do You Use to Automate?

4) What Platforms Are You On?

5) How Consistent Are You With Any Content?

6) What Part Do You Do Online v. Live?

7) What is Your Frequency of Online v. Live?


Step 2: Stability

The things you want to think about is the theme, the value and service are you offering, what tools and technology are you teaching and using to share what you offer. This may include pricing, packages, partners, and promotions.

Once you set up the foundation (or you are in process of it), you may start to think about ways to create consistent value with your community. Not only will consistency lead to stability in action, but it will also lead to setting up stable cash flow for you and your brand and /or others you serve.

This leads to thinking about experiences, people, and platforms that will help you reach more people.

Some examples may include workshops, pop-ups, challenges, masterminds and courses.

You may explore through our experiences to see several examples of how we do this from freebies to challenges to guides to courses and more. We are also growing further. I will share more in the growth section.

I've learned more and more and more as an entrepreneur, it takes so much energy especially in the beginning way more than you thought.

Questions You May Ask:

1) What Challenge Have You Created?

2) What Challenge or Course Have You Promoted?

3) What Platforms Do You Promote On?

4) Are you Increasing Offerings?

Step 3: Growth

Our brand combines motivation, transformation, inspiration, health, wealth, business, and adventure.

We also then integrate the full platform (think AirBnb meets Revolve meets Amazon) serves as an integrative press platform with influencers and as fundraisers for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and social enterprises.

Step 1:

Who do you want to attract? What do they love? Where do they like to go? More than likely they're going to be very similar to you.

Step 2:

What do you like and what's your target likely to do? What types of challenges? What types of courses? What types of activities? How could you grow next? What types of press or collaboration? What types of community service?

Step 3:

When and why? What's the best time of year? What value will they get from participating? What's the best place for the vibe you want to create and why do you want them to get away? And really, really diving in and thinking about the tribe that you want to create with.

We are constantly excited about the present and about the future we are creating!

We also collaborate in our influencer platform to further increase exposure with bloggers and influencers to help them get healthy, make money, and build brands. No other platform, collaboration, or fundraisers do this with hands on activities, tips, lifestyle tools, and automation (for online experiences and supplements) to set people for success.

We also help brands create their own strategy, structure and systems with similar type platforms and press.

Questions You May Ask:

1) How Could You Grow?

2) What Value Could You Give?

3) What Item Could You Create Next?

4) How Could You Offer Online?

5) How Could You Offer Live?

6) What Promotion Could You Do?

7) How Could You Promote?

To help you with another example of growth with retreats - with Costa Rica for one of our retreats, this included professionals, specific fitness themes, studios, chefs, blogs, adventures, photographers. Technology insight can make it a lot easier for people. So landing pages and bookings, and I've included several examples as well and links, and you can look at our retreat page too. The examples that I included in addition are in the freebie guide.

Then you want to think about in general like what sites do you want to be on. Where can they find you? What type of reach and exposure do you want to get? What are the best sites for that, and I list some of those as well in the freebie guide.


Photo Credit: Carly @light.travels

Photo Credit: Leo Parias in Costa Rica

So we always, always, always include hands-on experiences with workshops - things like smoothie bowls, money making, social media, influencer marketing, and boss brand building to name a few! Here are some of our events and retreats!

We also integrate our monthly mastermind feature with creation clubs so that not only do they get, to attend our retreats and/or our live experiences, they get insight into our monthly mastermind and our content they also get post-event support which is huge. That's normally a charge, but we're including that in the retreat price because it's a higher ticket item.

We also expose people to be a referral source beyond the client, influencers and how to collaborate with influencers. We collaborate with influencers on over seven different platforms, and we're in the process of building a press army of over at least 200 by the end of the year. We've collaborated already this year with over 10 people.

Photo Credit: Rey_Cuba via IG in Cuba



I think we can all agree — creating a life and business you love involves elevating our energy when it comes to building. It involves changing our minds from all the lack, fears, and insecurities we have allowed when it comes to creating a life and business we love, making money, and giving back.


One of our focuses in our lifestyle platform is How to Scale Smart, and teach others how to do the same.


To Create a Life and Business We Love, we connect, create and cultivate.


What were your biggest takeaways from How to Scale Smart Step by Step.

What are you going to take action on?


Create. Transform. Inspire. You Were Born to.

Comment on what insight you had and share on social and tag a friend!


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