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HIFU Facial: Everything You Want to Know

Tulum, Mexico: HIFU Experience with Bio Spa Clinique

Calling All My Wellness and Beauty Lovers to Tulum, Mexico for more reasons than one!

I am no stranger to wellness and beauty experiences! In fact, I find as the years go by, my love and experience of both increases!

My beauty and wellness experiences have included Herbalife Nutrition, massages, facials, manis and pedis, hair treatments, nose job, fillers, preventative care like Botox , and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Facial for a non-invasive anti-aging treatment.

While in Tulum, Mexico in June 2021, I enjoyed a HIFU and a Botox Experience with Bio Spa Clinique.

HIFU Experience

This is my first HIFU experience. I learned about HIFU from Jacky, the owner of Bio Spa Clinique. I read about it in Medical News Today, finding out how heat applied at deep levels of targeted skin causes the body to produce collagen to aid in cell re-growth. If you didn't know, collagen gives our skin structure and elasticity.

Before my travel to Tulum, Mexico, I knew I wanted to do Botox again. Although I usually keep up with Botox treatments every 4 to 9 months, in 2020 I didn't. Earlier in 2021, I realized my last Botox injections were in late 2019.

When I reached out to Jacky and Dr. Belinda, she mentioned HIFU to consider for increased cell regrowth. After researching the benefits and results typically generated from HIFU facial, I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

Jacky and Niurca, the technician explained I would do the HIFU facial before Botox since I would be lying down for the treatment. Keep in mind, after receiving Botox you stay upright for 4 yo 6 hours to ensure the maximum results.

Prior to the HIFU facial, Niurca, the technician prepped and washed my face. She put gel on my face to aid in the heat generated from the hand-held device. Prior to starting the treatment, she took pictures and demonstrated where she would apply the treatment on the lower half of my face.

She explained I may feel a prickly like sensation on my face. I felt mild discomfort from the machine and the heat. The HIFU Facial lasted about 5 to 10 minutes leaving my face slightly red in the treated area for about 10-30 minutes or so.

When I started competing and dropped 55+ lbs in 2013 to 2014, the line on the side of my mouth developed. This is typical when your face gets slimmer and for bodybuilders. I decided to try the HIFU Facial Treatment.

All About HIFU

According to Medical News Today, HIFU facial uses ultrasound high energy waves to create heat at a deep level in targeted areas of the skin.

HIFU Facials help tighten skin, lift, smooth and tighten skin. Additionally, HIFU is used medically with tumors with sessions up to 3 hours in an MRI Scanner.

How HIFU Works Cosmetically

HIFU Facials using a hand-held ultrasound targets cells with high energy waves in facial areas. As a result, the heat emitted damages the targeted cells intentionally in order to cause the body to repair them.

The body produces collagen to repair the cells increasing cell regrowth. Collagen is a substance in the skin that gives it structure and elasticity.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, positive results are usually produced in 2 to 3 months post treatment. Getting and staying healthy like a boss, as well as great skin care may help maintain these results for up to a year.

HIFU Facials are nonsurgical ultrasound treatments which may:

  • tighten the skin on the neck

  • reduce the appearance of jowls under the chin

  • lift drooping eyelids or eyebrows

  • smooth wrinkles on the face

  • smooth and tighten chest skin

Before your HiFU Facial

It is important to note that sunburned or (recently) tanned skin cannot be treated with HIFU. Be mindful of applying any chemicals to your face that may irritate your skin. This is not the time to experiment with new skin products.

If you take any antibiotics that make you light sensitive, consult with your doctor and the spa.

For example, years ago I took Erythromycin for acne and my face is still sun and heat sensitive.

The implication is that your treatment may need to be postponed for two weeks after the completion of antibiotics treatment.

Additionally, on the day of treatment avoid any moisturizers and makeup.

HIFU Facial May Cause Discomfort During Treatment

The handheld ultrasound device uses high energy waves and heat to target your cells. During my treatment, the sensation reminded me of laser hair removal. It feels like tiny hot pricks poking your skin for a few seconds in each area.

Although I have a pretty high threshold for pain, it is somewhat uncomfortable. I would rate the discomfort a 2 on a scale of 1-10. At the same time, the end results outweigh the slight discomfort for me.

HIFU Facial is Relatively Fast

Although the treatment may not be the best feeling in the world, it is over pretty quickly. You will take before pictures for the doctor. You will share what you want to change. The Doctor and/or Technician will determine the focus areas.

With the lower half of my face treated with the hand-held device going over the area twice, the entire HIFU Facial lasted about 5 to 15 minutes.

After HIFU Facial: Potential Side Effects

You may experience redness, swelling, and numbness. After my treatment, I saw redness for about 10 to 30 minutes afterwards. In addition, a few days after the treatment, I felt tingling on my face.

HIFU Facial Results are Not Overnight

Do not expect to walk in, get the treatment, and have your face transform in a day or so.

The final results of HIFU Facial usually takes 2 to 3 months to take full effect.

It is important to note that HIFU is recommended for early to mild signs of aging. If you have significant wrinkles that you have had for years, HIFU may not create the results you want on its own. Depending on your history, circumstances, and desired results, your doctor may recommend fillers and/or other additional anti-aging or aesthetic treatments.

According to various medical studies, HIFU demonstrates over 80% improvement in skin elasticity within 3 months or less.

What Else Impacts HIFU Results?

So glad you asked! It is important to know that HIFU is sensitive to heat, irritation, and hydration. Some ways to potentially improve results includes avoiding the sun, hot showers, and alcohol while increasing intake of H20.

My Experiences with Bio Spa Clinique Tulum

Jacqueline, the epitome of beauty and wellness herself, started Bio Spa (branded differently originally) over 12 years ago in Cancun, Mexico after transforming many areas of her life.

Although she worked in tourism for years, she decided to immerse herself in the world of beauty and wellness with aesthetics and anti-aging. She returned to Switzerland to complete her studies in anti-aging and aesthetics initially before opening the first clinic in Cancun.

After experiencing success with the clinic in Cancun, a Playa Del Carmen location followed. As Bio Spa Clinique continued to grow, Bio Spa Clinique Tulum opened about six years ago

(approximately 2015-2016).

She loves empowering women to feel and look their best from the inside out.

Hear from Jacky in Her Word About Her Story

and Bio Spa Services.

How I Found Bio Spa Clinique Tulum

Bio Spa Clinique Tulum came up several times in my search online. After I reached out, Jacky personally responded beautifully from the start.

During our video chat with Doctor Belinda, we discussed Botox as well as

HIFU (High Intensity Ultrasound Facial). I ended up doing HIFU for the first time during my spa day.

I will see results in 1-3 months, and will be sharing more soon.

As you know, I love staying healthy like a boss from the inside out.

Before I knew it, my spa day to experience my mini spa day in Tulum, Mexico arrived!

Where is Bio Spa Clinique Tulum

They are located about a mile from Tulum Centro or the Ado Bus Station. Their location is Plaza Andador, Calle Ook-k'ot, Local Nr 38, atlas de Bodega Aurrera in Tulum. They are approximately half a mile from Super Aki and about .75 miles fro Chedraui Super Market.

They are easy to find with Google Directions and/or Waze App with "Bio Spa Clinique Tulum".

If you are driving, parking is right upfront.

How Clean is the Spa?

When I walked in, I saw right away how clean the spa is, as well as staff wearing masks and sanitizers readily available for use. The ambiance of the spa is peaceful and relaxing.

What is Their Team and Service Like?

From the moment I walked in, Niurca greeted me warmly right away.

She let me know she would be with me in a few minutes for my HIFU facial treatment

(I'll share more in a month with my first before/after)

She explained to me specifics, her education with aesthetics, what to expect with HIFU.

Any and all of my concerns were alleviated right away.

Once I finished with Niurca, I went to see Doctor Belinda for my Botox in Tulum!

What Were Your HIFU Results Like?

During my visit, she performed the facial passing over the lower part of my face and neck two times.

On the day of, I simply noticed some redness that faded within less than an hour. Within the first week, I noticed tingling on my face.

About a month after my treatment, I have noticed tightening around my month and on my neck. You may see more on my Instagram Reels. I will share a Before and After of my face demonstrating both the Botox and HIFU Facial Results at 2 to 3 months early September 2021.

What is the Price for HIFU at Bio Spa?

Your own price will depend on your own circumstances like the signs you show of aging, what area you are treating, and the results you want.

No matter whether you get Botox in your hometown or while traveling or living in Tulum, Mexico at Bio Spa Clinique or their nearby locations, the Doctor and practitioner should advise you of recommended non-invasive treatments.

If you didn't know, the average nonsurgical treatments like HIFU in the US are about $1,700.

In comparison, at Bio Spa Clinique the area I treated is approximately $300 USD.+

Yet another reason you want to get pampered in Mexico at a reputable spa like Bio Spa Clinique.

You may definitely want to have a spa day in Tulum, Mexico or nearby Playa Del Carmen or Cancun with Bio Spa Clinique because of their professionalism, team, locations, results, and prices!

They definitely had me at hello!

I cannot thank Jacky, Niurca, and Doctor Belinda and the entire Bio Spa Clinique team enough for my anti-aging and preventive pampering treatments!

Although my preventive and anti-aging Botox Injections and HIFU Facial are 100% sponsored,

100% of opinions are my own!

All shots are my own on my iPhone 12 mini and Canon EOSM100.

Everything You Want to Know with HIFU in Tulum, Mexico

My first experience with HIFU Facial in Tulum, Mexico with Bio Spa Clinique has added to my wellness discoveries in Mexico in countless ways.

Whether you decide to choose High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound Facial or not, Bio Spa Clinique has countless anti-aging, preventative, and beauty enhancement services to choose from.

Have you experienced HIFU, or similar nonsurgical treatments before?

If you haven't yet, would you do it?

Would you travel and get Botox injections and/or HIFU Facial?


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