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90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success: Q4 2020

Likely you have heard of a 90 Day Plan. You may do one regularly, and/or use a planner. A 90 Day plan is a road map giving you direction for your goals, and the actions to take to get there. Along the way, I often discover increased clarity and community. You will find our 90 Day Plans, and seven steps to success may be different than what you have experienced.

Until 2013, I practiced 90 day plans in college and corporate focusing on my performance and financial life. Like many of us, for years I neglected paying attention to my spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, relational and playful areas of life. My choices cost me in every way. At the same time, the transformation has given me immense gratitude for life.

Once I started focusing on my spiritual and physical areas of life in 2013, everything changed. As I lost over 55 pounds and kept it off, I began to see how changing and replacing 1-3 habits in an area leads to sustainable results over time.

Disclaimer avg. person loses .5 to 1 lb. a week with healthy active lifestyle with Herbalife.

My transformation story of a lifetime has led me to creating a life and business I love, and helping others. In 2016, I created a 90 day plan with seven steps to success helping myself and others. With each and every 90 day plan I complete, my clarity, community, and results increase.

With the 90 Day plan, your results will too.

Side note: I realized I didn't share my Q3 2020 plan. I have completed them faithfully using tools like Meister, Focus Matrix, and my journal for tracking and accountability. I will share insight here as well.

90 Day Plan Highlights

When I started my 90 Day Plan, I focused on spiritual and physical areas of life. Naturally, my emotional, mental and relational areas began to transform. Once I realized, I focused on 1-3 actions in each area. Of course, my beliefs and behaviors started impacting my playful and financial areas of life. I received divine downloads to focus on seven steps to success.

In 2016, I realized I felt the best when I focused on all areas of life. I saw my results increase exponentially. I regularly practice a 3 X 7 approach daily. This means I am tracking 3 actions in each area. Sometimes they overlap of course. I noticed how in different seasons depending on my goal for that quarter and year, I hyper-focused on one area more than any other.

By doing so, the focus spills over in other areas of life. What is really cool is once you focus in one area over time, it gets easy. For example, when I lost >55 lbs. after awhile it became second nature to choose to eat healthy all the time and not drink alcohol.

Now, 6+ years have passed with keeping the weight off and being alcohol free. Of course, what we eat and drink impacts every area of life. You will love experiencing 7 steps to success in our 90 Day Plan.

7 Steps to Success

I'm sharing 7 steps to success for a 90 day plan. You will learn to set yourself up for success in each area of life. Perhaps, you love the 3 X 7 approach. Yet, there is an area of life that requires more attention right now. I have found each year, I tend to focus on an area that needs tender loving care.

In 2013-2014, faith and health were a huge focus. In 2014-2015, wealth and mindset. In 2015 -2016, focus. In 2017-2018, faith and facing fears. In 2018-2019 - freedom and confronting anything I allowed to infringe on freedom. In 2019-2020 - it feels like a combination of all the above along with a focus on finances and joy.

If you haven't done our 14 Day Challenge, it is time to jump start transformation.

Jump start transformation helps you make momentum quickly in an area. It helps to jump start regularly to help you feel and see progress in an area rapidly to increase your confidence. We all need that from time to time.

I know I do especially in areas that take a lot of time and attention to transform. Each and every choice and action matter. You will become a momentum maker.

Let's get into the 90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success.


1. Spiritual

Over the last 7+ years, I've learned to put first things first. If my relationship with our Creator isn't aligned nothing is. My sacred 7 morning routine fills me up daily.

Since 2019, I have consistently woken up to:

I Ams







I've firmed up my foundation in faith exponentially. I am now reading the Bible the third time through. In Q3 2020, I completed the second time through. This year, I have completed 5+ Bible studies and written three of my own on Amazon and with our guides. I am involved in Transformation, Passion City, and Mount Paran Church as well.

Earlier this year, I made it a goal to attend Lifeway events and Woman Thou Art Loosed. In Q3 2020, I attend Lifeway Women Online Event. In October, I attended Living Proof online with Beth Moore and Fervent with Priscilla Shirer and Anthony Events.

In October, I added going through the Armor of God Bible Study a second time with a good friend of mine, as well as the David Study by Beth Moore as well. In addition, a Prayer Journal by Shannon Fuller where I focus on a weekly scripture and journal.

In addition, to my mornings I add in 2-4 breaks daily for quiet time. I spend a lot of time in nature now e.g. Chastain Park. I leave my phone at home a lot. Now, more than ever we all need to receive and give more love.

For Q4 2020, I am focused on maintaining my mornings, finishing the Armor of God and David Study. and increasing prayer daily.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Consider your routines

Add more self-love


2. Mental

Mental ties to aligning our thoughts. I pray daily to take my thoughts captive to Christ and regularly reflect on the thoughts I think. I speak I Ams daily over myself. I've increased time outdoors, dancing, as well as with praying and meditation.

In addition, I am finishing the Joy Challenge with Tommy Newberry for the third time with the 5 min daily videos in November.

This week, I completed the one year Unstoppable Course with Bethany Hamilton - yes - Soul Surfer - and her husband Adam and many other guests with topics on Identity, Forgiveness, Health, Goals and more.

Before the end of the year, I will complete a book Mentored by a Millionaire. I started this book during Q3 2020. It is incredible with activities with each chapter. I am currently on Session 14 with two more sessions to go. I typically complete a chapter every week and the related activities. Session 13 focused on aligning our time to our dreams and desires and tracking them.

Last, but not least, I am currently in Tommy Newberry's Achieving Optimal Monthly Program.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Think of 1 area to improve

Invest time in resources


3. Emotional

Our emotions now more than ever may reflect an area of healing. This year more than ever I have faced where I find my Identity. It has involved healing lies of finding my identity and worth in the external vs. eternal.

My old tendencies were to be a workaholic to the detriment of everything else including myself and my health. So, I make sure I have boundaries in place to guard against consuming myself with purpose to the detriment of my whole being. One of my daily I ams I focus on is "I am enough".

Psalms 139 is one of my favorites, and I added it as Wall Art several months ago. "You are beautiful and fearfully and wonderfully made" is the first thing I see when I open my eyes now each morning.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 daily practices

Think of an emotion to heal


4. Physical

How I focus on the physical area of my life has changed this year. I am eating healthy in every way. I drink my Herbalife shakes and tea daily and take my supplements. I make sure I am eating protein, complex carbs and healthy fats daily every 3 hours as usual. I thank God for my health.

My physical routine and workouts have changed. I make sure I am getting up every hour. I stretch in the morning. I do high intensity workouts sometimes I make up indoor and outdoors.

I am running 3+ times a week 2 miles and growing. I am now using the Peloton App since July of this year. In October, I completed over 9,000 minutes across stretching, meditation, yoga, strength, and cardio workouts.

The instructors from Robin Arzon to Rebecca Kennedy to Adrian Williams to Chelsea Jackson Roberts to Anna Greenberg and more are all amazing! I learn so much with workouts and my body. I am proud to say this year I have stretched more than I have my whole life - no joke!

I am walking to the park 2+ times a week. Last month, I completed 30+ miles. LA Fitness reopened months ago, but I have decided to limit exposure and workout from home or the gym downstairs or outdoors.

Last, but not least, this month I added in Steezy - a new dance app. I love to dance and move my body, and wanted more dance classes beyond what Peloton currently offers. I love the warm-ups and tutorials and choices of dance styles!

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 practices

and/or 14 Day Challenge

via Sneak Peek to Mastermind


5. Relational

My communication and relationships have improved. have focused on increasing in relatability, grace, calmness, peace, and forgiveness. I get opportunities to practice daily with both my family and a growing community.

I connect more with my family in Bulgaria and Austria. We chat a minimum of 2-3 times a week now. I make it a point to connect with friends more often and spontaneously whether online or in other ways.

In September, one of my good friends, Silvana gifted me a woman's retreat "Captivating" based on the book Captivating by Stasi Eldridge. I absolutely loved it and I am so grateful for connecting with 10+ women for 4 days near Dahlonega, GA.

I feel myself transforming daily with our growing community online and virtual assistants. In addition, I am meeting more new people online every day. Within the past month, I have noticed an increase in ease with scaling work with partners, community, and VAs.

I believe inspiring influence is important to spread love and light.

Tips for You:

Choose 1-3 activities

1-3 habits to transform


6. Playful

I am challenging myself to create more fun and laughter daily at home, outdoors and online. I challenge myself to create joy all the time.

Some of the ways I am doing this is dancing, laughter, and taking a huge leap of faith coming up in December 2020. My lease is expiring in January, and I have decided to increase freedom, joy, and adventure (while still being safe) by going to explore in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

I feel like it is worth the risk to travel with a shield and mask on one flight and explore Central America, as well as create co-living communities and our retreats coming 21-22. This year, more than ever, I have felt a desire to be surrounded by like-minded community. It has absolutely shifted online and it's time to shift it live.

I have absolutely appreciated this time of being grounded. At the same time, I am feeling it's time to fly literally. I will be back in Atlanta likely in 2022 again on a stable basis.

Tips for you:

Add Fun Daily

Take Leaps of Faith

Make Business Fun

Plan 1-3 Activities



7. Financial

Freedom in all forms is my focus for 2019 and beyond. Gal 5.1. This means expression, time, location and financial. For years, I allowed, accepted, and/or invited lies that do not align to faith, abundance, joy, love and freedom. Day by day, I reflect on my mindset, feelings and actions and transform them.

My word for 2020 came to me in October of last year as joy. It has absolutely transformed this year in many ways.

Within Q3 2020 and Q4 2020, I have increasingly simplified and amplified my focus to speaking, teaching and community. This year, I have delegated over 100 tasks via VA services. In addition, over 75% of our platform is scaled. This is a result of 4+ years of focus and action. I have outlined a next level scaling plan from now to 2022.

This has included focusing daily on 1-4 things and diving deep. My focus has shifted massively to needle-movers with community, retainers, sponsors, partners, and platforms.

Shifts since end of June:

  • Top Goal Focus & Top 3 Annual Focus

  • Simplifying focus with daily activities

  • Reprioritizing daily actions by impact

  • Time batching similar energy tasks

  • Delegating tasks not best use of my time

  • Increasing launches online and live

  • Summit shifted to January

  • Co-Living Communities & Travel launched

  • Amplifying community in several ways

  • Tracking metrics for community, creators. & creatives

  • Scaling tasks easier with community

  • Increasing outreach with proposals, sponsors, summits, travel

I simplified and amplified my block times and days by taking aligned action daily:

Mondays - Thursdays:

  • Project focus work & automation & delegation

  • Daily to Weekly Focus on: Wellness/Media/Travel

  • Accelerated Partner and Proposal Outreach

  • Increase in weekly proposals 7-15+

  • Like-minded community growth acceleration

  • Submitting for agents weekly for books

  • Contribution to Aligned >10+ FB Communities

  • Influencer management for brands and NOW for influencers

  • Weekly campaigns on platforms and communities

  • Weekly Series on Blog and Show - 5+

  • Submitting for paid media brand engagements

  • Increase in saying no to tasks that are not hell yes

  • Automate and Scale Business with 3-5+ tasks weekly

Released Recently

  • Order of Actions daily - weekly re-shifted

  • Less time on social media & delegated Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn

  • Increase in scaling & delegating impact tasks

  • Focus Shifted on FB Groups & Influencer Marketing Groups

  • Scaled Updates on WattPad Writing Platform

Weekly Activities Tracking:

Mondays - Tuesdays:

Launch Plans

  • Communities (Wellness, Media, Biz & Travel)

  • Creators (influencers, partners, speakers)

  • Online Courses (incl health, wealth & biz)

  • 1 hour (5 -30 min daily)


  • Community Outreach & Review

  • Sponsors, Speaker, Retainers, Partners, & Proposals

  • Investor & Speaker List Review & Applications

  • Travel & Bureaus & Brand Connections

  • Follow Up Meetings

  • 7+ Weekly Proposals & Tracking

  • 1-4 Hours Total


  • Outreach for Summit

  • Updates for Summit Page & Bios

  • Loads for Summit & Courses & Scaling

  • Promos for Summit & Partners & Speakers & Influencers

  • 2-4 Hours


  • Weekly Campaigns & Platforms Listings

  • Application Review & Follow Ups Creators

  • Send Newsletter T/Thur

  • 1-3 Hours

Clear & Scale

  • Emails

  • Automate

  • Delegate

Tuesdays - Thursdays


  • Blog & Show (2 min)

  • FB Groups & Communities

  • Agent Outreach

  • Platform scaling


  • Track

  • Lessons

  • Shift


AM Flex - PM

sometimes check e-mails / clear pending in PM


Currently in several communities for growth & accountability

Faith - Bible, Study, and Transformation Church. Passion City & Mount Paran occasionally.

Physical - Eating health & stretching & breaks & 5+ Weekly Workouts and Pics & Nature

Business - Herbalife Global Nutrition, Unstoppable, Mentored by Millionaire, Achieving Optimal, Rising Tide Society, She's Wanderful, Digital Nomads, Retreat Gurus, WeTravel, Influencer Platforms

Finances - Financial Peace University & serving

to name a few. I constantly evaluate ways I am loving my self and serving.

During any training I take, I come in with an intention of joy, love, and value. I assess each session for 3 takeaways and 3 action items. After today's training, I immediately reached out to contacts I received from our virtual assistants on creating opportunities in travel. After Rise Live, I will take action immediately including updating this post.

Monthly Goals Tracking

I set goals for the month and push myself to achieve them in a week and a day.

Weekly - Monthly - Daily Goals Tracking:

>3 Campaigns Weekly (Community, Creators, Creatives)

>2 New/Deeper Centers of Influence

>1-2 External Media Features

>7 Proposals for Brands

>7 Influencers Weekly

>7 New clients/VIP Members

>7 New distributors/Influencers

>7,000+ DVP with Herbalife

>$3,000 - $10,000 daily - weekly - monthly focus.

Even in times I have not yet hit those figures, I am training my brain to see opportunities that may lead to connection, community and results as well as actions taken. With years of being in corporate and focused on salary and bonuses, this has taken a huge mindset shift.

Money has been one of my most painful shifts integrating worth, value, identity and so much more. Even though for years, I helped others generate 6-8 figures annually, my own money was in chaos and I did not want to face it until 2011. Like many of us, I witnessed many fights and scarcity mindsets around money. Don't underestimate what causes pain and trauma inside of you. I am a huge believer of the biggest burdens often turn out to be the biggest blessings.

For example, within last week, I have connected with 50+ communities with one alone having millions on Facebook that is partnering on our summit. Even with a 1% conversion (which is very low) this may lead to $750,000.

On Friday alone, I submitted a proposal with Nike - Growth Marketer with an incubator - for $16,000+ monthly, as well as FreeUp - an online platform for freelancers and agency work with media, marketing, and project management with potential from $36,000 - $200,000+ annually as well. I have an interview tomorrow with FreeUp.

Without massive transformation and re-wiring of my brain, I would not have gotten here. We may often turn pain to purpose (side note - an upcoming book of mine in 2021!)

Tips for you:

Start your morning powerfully

Consider the 5 am club. strongly.

Give yourself freedom to flow too

Set up time and day blocking

Prioritize your time and tasks

Assess your time relentlessly

Get focused on 1-5 actions daily

Set up weekly goals or KPI's


Q4 2020 90 Day Plan

90 day plan helps you level up in all ways. By taking action in any of these steps, you will transform your life from the inside out. What will you take action on in the next 90 days or less?

If you love this post, you will love getting and staying healthy like a boss.


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